Advanced Technology-Assisted Surgical Scar Revision at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

Surgical Scar Revision, for firm face skin, surgical scar correction is a great way to properly treat the cosmetic effects of flaws. One of the top service providers using state-of-the-art technologies to help patients restore confidence and improve their appearance is Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital.

Surgical Scar Revision


Causes for the Formation of Facial Scars

Cosmetic surgery gone wrong can result in the production of facial scarring. The primary causes of this ailment are frequently linked to treatments carried out by physicians with insufficient training and ability at subpar facilities.

Expert in cosmetic surgery, Dr. Phung Manh Cuong has successfully completed hundreds of facelift procedures. He says: “Residual masses that are stimulated and whose skin tension is not adequately addressed lead to the formation of facial scars.” Poor technique and lack of expertise among surgeons often lead to improper execution and inadequate Smas layer intervention.

Surgical Scar Revision


Based on the analysis of cases, clients have turned to Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital for facial scar revision. Under the scrutiny of our doctors and experts, two primary factors contributing to these consequences have been identified:

  • Lack of Proficiency in Facelift Techniques:
    • Some surgeons merely cut and pull the skin without adequately separating the Smas layer or lifting the underlying tissues. Initially, the results may appear beautiful, but over time, the Smas layer underneath exerts gravitational force, causing skin sagging and scar formation due to increasing tension.
  • Insufficient Expertise and Handling Skills:
    • Outdated facelift techniques involve minimal Smas separation and subsequent suturing. However, these techniques do not precisely address sagging facial skin, leading to fiber stretching and scar formation. Combined with individual predisposition, scars may become more pronounced and unsightly.

Technology for scar repair at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital has seen a lot of situations recently where patients have wanted their face skin scars to be corrected. A lot of these individuals say they regret not doing more research on reliable facelift addresses in advance. Regretfully, some people have paid more for scar correction without getting the intended outcomes.

According to Dr. Phung Manh Cuong, a renowned cosmetic surgeon: “When it comes to facial scar revision, we can either simply address the scar or perform a comprehensive facelift along with scar revision. However, based on my extensive experience, I always encourage clients to opt for a full facelift. The results from facelift surgery yield beautiful outcomes. I meticulously separate the Smas layer, remove scars, and precisely tighten the surface skin. Basic scar revision alone often leaves the skin aesthetically compromised.”

The skilled facelift surgeons at Gangwhoo employ a combination of cutting-edge technologies, including 4K endoscopy, and the harmonic scalpel, to meticulously revise scars and achieve optimal skin tightening. These powerful tools significantly reduce the risk of unsightly scars and scar tissue formation.

Surgical Scar Revision


  • 4K Endoscopy Technology:
    • This modern equipment provides super-sharp images, up to 4 times more precise than conventional methods. It allows our doctors to examine and analyze individual blood vessels and cells with exceptional clarity. By accurately dissecting scar tissue, we minimize complications and surgical scar formation.
  • Smas Layer Mobilization with Minimal Trauma:
    • Our technology enables surgeons to mobilize the Smas layer without damaging nerves or blood vessels. Consequently, we achieve precise dissection and secure sutures, effectively eliminating residual tension caused by sagging tissue. The results of scar revision are rejuvenated skin with minimal scarring.
    • Additionally, we incorporate Nano-thread sutures for optimal outcomes without leaving visible scars.

Combining meticulous and skillful surgical techniques, our highly competent doctors at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital can effectively conceal scars along the hairline. This approach not only helps camouflage scars but also ensures that over time, they gradually fade away and become virtually imperceptible from an aesthetic standpoint.

Before-and-after images of clients who have undergone scar revision at Gangwhoo showcase remarkable improvements

Cost of Surgical Scar Revision at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

The cost of Surgical Scar Revision at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital varies depending on the specific condition. Generally, it falls within the range of 30 million to 50 million VND. For detailed pricing information, feel free to connect with our toll-free hotline: 1900 5128 for FREE CONSULTATION. Alternatively, you can refer to the updated price list below.

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Forehead 2,089
Temple 839
Frown lines 1,879
Cheekbone 1,879
Cheek 1,879
Jowl 1,879
Neck (7) 2,089
Neck (8) 2,089
Neck (9) 2,089
Facelift Revision (Extra Fee) 1,259
Facelift Scar Fixing 1,259 – 2,089
Endoscopic Equipment 419
4K Endoscopic Equipment 1,259
Forehead Reduction 2,919
Facial excess skin removal 2,089
Face + neck Thermage rejuvenation
Face Thermage rejuvenation 629
Neck Thermage rejuvenation 419
Face + neck Hifu rejuvenation 629
Face Hifu rejuvenation 549
Neck Hifu rejuvenation 209
Deep Smas Laser (small areas, based on the description table) 1,259
Deep Smas Laser For Face (not including forehead) 2,509
Firin Nano Collagen Thread Rejuvenation (small areas, based on the description table) 839
Collagen Thread Lift (small areas, based on the description table) 1,259

Gangwhoo’s Commitment to Scar-Free Aesthetics

Choosing Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is a wise decision to avoid the anxiety associated with facial scar revision. Our hospital stands out as one of the rare institutions recognized and highly rated by the Ministry of Health as a top-quality cosmetic hospital in Ho Chi Minh City.

When you place your trust in Gangwhoo, rest assured that you won’t have to worry about unsightly scars or compromised aesthetics. We adhere strictly to safety and quality criteria as stipulated by regulations.

  • Our team of facelift surgeons and facial skin tightening experts boasts over 15 years of experience. They continuously update their skills through training and participation in major events worldwide. Notably, Dr. Phung Manh Cuong has attended cosmetic events in New York, South Korea, and other countries. 
  • Investing in our system, including the cutting-edge 4K endoscopy technology, allows us to precisely dissect the Smas layer and expertly tighten excess skin. This minimizes invasiveness, avoids damage to blood vessels and nerves, and ensures scar-free results. Unlike other providers, our procedures do not compromise the earlobe.
  • Our standardized, meticulously executed procedures take place in a sterile and bacteria-free environment. Our operating rooms are fully sealed, and surgeons wear sterilized surgical attire at elevated temperatures to maintain absolute cleanliness.
  • Attentive and Dedicated Postoperative Care: At Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, we prioritize thorough and attentive postoperative care. Our commitment extends to providing transportation services for international clients. Additionally, we offer medical tourism opportunities, allowing our international clients to explore Vietnamese culture while undergoing aesthetic procedures.

Surgical Scar Revision


  • Successful Scar Revision Cases at Gangwhoo: Our track record includes over 1,000 successful facelift surgeries that have left a lasting impression on international clients from countries such as Australia, the United States, Canada, Singapore, and Cambodia. These clients have highly praised and expressed satisfaction with the results.

Peace of Mind with Scar-Free Aesthetics: With the advanced scar revision technology at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, you can rest assured even if you encounter the unfortunate occurrence of unsightly scars due to facelift surgery. Our technique swiftly restores youthful beauty and confidence, aligning with your desires.

Don’t hesitate to connect with Gangwhoo for FREE CONSULTATION if you have any other questions or concerns!

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