Dental Filling – Tooth Cavity Treatment

A dental filling is the most optimal dental procedure to treat a decayed tooth, tooth cavity, and uneven tooth as well as prevent pulpitis, and gum recession… Although this dental procedure is not new, it still can be applied to keep your teeth healthy and aesthetic.

Dental Filling
Dental Filling – Tooth Cavity Treatment

What is Dental Filling?

A Dental Filling is a dental procedure in which the dentist will use specialized tools to remove the decayed teeth, tooth cavities, etc. The intrusion of bacteria is therefore prevented. In addition, the shape and function of the decayed teeth will also be restored.

The material used in the dental filling is also the safe substance allowed by the Ministry of Health. They can either be made from porcelain, gold, Amalgam, Composite, metal, or GIC, etc. Although they cannot match the quality of natural enamel and cementum, these materials are the best in restoring the beauty of the teeth.

The dental filling happens in a safe and painless manner without causing any long-term swelling. Depending on the amount of damage the doctor will use the appropriate amount of anesthetic to ease the client’s discomfort.

The advantages of a Dental Filling

At many dental clinics or cosmetic facilities, a dental filling is very much adored and chosen thanks to its benefits:

  • Greatly improve the states of a decayed tooth, tooth cavity, separated and uneven teeth.
  • Restore the original shape and chewing function of the tooth.
  • Bring about a beautiful, healthy, and aesthetic set of teeth.
  • Limit the weakened state of the enamel to prevent further intrusion from the bacteria and bad breath.
  • Minimize the risk of returning tooth cavity, as well as oral diseases like pulpitis, gum recession, etc.
  • Guarantee a painless, complications and swelling-free procedure
  • Offer fast recovery time and require little rest

The Dental Filling procedure

Step 1: Oral inspection

The dentist will inspect the client’s teeth to understand the severity and the locations of the decayed teeth. If there are only a few tissues and the pulp hasn’t been damaged, the filling will begin. If there are lots of tissues and the pulp is already damaged, the Root Canal must first be treated in order for the filling and the porcelain crowning can begin.

Step 2: Dental Hygiene

The dentist will cleanse the client’s mouth with saline to get rid of all the bad bacteria and plague on the root. At the same time, the areas that need filling will be sterilized to ensure safety and limit infection.

Step 3: Decayed teeth treatment

For cavities, the dentist will use specialized tools to clean and remove the food waste. If the condition has greatly affected the pulp, the pulpitis treatment will be done with an anesthetic that would ensure no pain.

Step 4: Aesthetic dental filling

The dentist will use a suitable drilling tool to make way for the filling. The liquid filling substance will be replenished inside the cavity. This filling will then become solid and firmly stick to the tooth. Finally, monochromatic light will be applied to the teeth to strengthen their toughness and stickiness.

Step 5: Teeth grinding and brightening

The dentist will adjust the filling, grind, and get rid of the abundance to balance the occlusion. The tooth surface will be brightened to complete the procedure.

Dental Filling price list at Gangwhoo (VND)

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Service Price (VND)
DENTAL FILLING Cosmetic Filling 300,000 – 500,000
Fuji Filling 200,000 – 300,000
Cosmetic Filling for the Tooth Surface 400,000 – 600,000
Trám răng sữa 100,000

Why should you choose the Dental Filling procedure at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital?

To own a strong and beautiful set of teeth is the greatest desire of many. For this reason, Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital offers a professional dental filling service to our customers. At Gangwhoo, we have many factors that make us a quality place for a dental makeover like:

– The team of exceptional doctors with great experience and expertise. They have studied and worked in countries with developed cosmetic industries.

– The professional team of consultants will always be delighted towards you whether you use our service or not. Additionally, a team of nurses that take great care of you like family.

– The state-of-the-art infrastructure with advanced equipment and machinery. We guarantee to make our customers satisfied with the use of cutting-edge cosmetic technology.

– The standardized procedure. Each step of the service happens in a sterile environment. The patient will be carefully guided about home care and diet when using our services.

In conclusion, dental filling is a safe and convenient method of bringing you beautiful results. If you are suffering from damaged oral problems, you should wait no longer and come to Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital for the best consultation today!

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