Eyebrow Correction – Proven to Fix Your Eyebrow in 8 Steps

Eyebrow correction shapes new and sharper eyebrows. This is the fastest method to eliminate worries about damaged, misaligned, and unbalanced eyebrows on the face. So how does this technique work and how effective is it?

In the past few years, eyebrow lamination has become more popular and attracts hundreds and millions of women. However, it is worth mentioning that not all cases are as successful and durable as advertised. Many women are worried because their eyebrows have been damaged and sagging for a while, making the face unnatural.

Understanding that concern, Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital has just updated the technique of eyebrow correction to correct defects as quickly as possible. After only 1 use, you will get the new eyebrow shape you want.

Eyebrow correction

What is eyebrow correction?

Eyebrow correction is a method that combines fixing the old eyebrow shape and laminate a new, more beautiful, and sharper eyebrow shape. In this method, the specialist will proceed to use laser technology to erase the ink strokes and break the connection so that the old aesthetic marks are no longer visible, then use new ink to spray to create a more balanced and harmonious eyebrow shape, creating delicate contours for the face.

When dealing with a bad eyebrow shape, peeling ink, skewed, unbalanced, and unsuitable eyebrows, the method of eyebrow correction is the most effective remedy. In just a short time, you will have a satisfactory eyebrow without pain, inflammation, or any other complications.

The advantages of eyebrow correction

The eyebrow correction technique uses advanced technology, giving accurate and durable effects after only one implementation. With a micro nozzle size of only 0.2mm, the ink color is even, clear, and as natural as possible. This method offers the following advantages:
  • Fix badly colored eyebrows, damaged eyebrows, faded ink, skewed, or unbalanced eyebrows.
  • Correct and shape new eyebrows that are balanced, match the skin and hair color.
  • Use modern laser correction technology and specialized injection machines imported 100% from foreign countries.
  • The ink color is beautiful, durable.
  • Safe, non-invasive, and non-inflammatory.

The eyebrow correction procedure

Eyebrow correction requires high concentration and, the meticulousness of the operator because it directly affects the results a lot. Therefore, at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, eyebrow correction is done by skilled estheticians. The procedure consists of the following steps:
Step 1: Inspect the customer’s eyebrow defects to advise on the most suitable eyebrow contours after correction.
Step 2: Clean the eyebrow area and disinfect it before laminating it again to ensure safety.
Step 3: Sketch the new eyebrow shape after correcting it to suit the face. At the same time, determine the correct position of the areas on the eyebrows that need to be corrected.
Step 4: Sterilize and disinfect tools and machines that will be used to spray eyebrows and repair damaged eyebrows.
Step 5: Anesthetize and disinfect the eyebrow area so that the customer does not feel painful and uncomfortable when undergoing.
Step 6: Use modern laser technology to get rid of the faded ink.
Step 7: Put the specialized ink into the sprayer with a 0.2mm small needle to create a new eyebrow shape according to the outlined markings. This step requires the concentration and ingenuity of the esthetician, showing how quality the workmanship is.
Step 8: Clean the new eyebrow area, review the results and guide the clients on how to care for the eyebrows after the implementation.

The price list for lamination and eyebrow correction at Gangwhoo


Heaven Powder Brow Spraying 2,000,000
3D Effect Ombre Brow Straying 4,000,000
Perfect Particles Brow Spraying 5,000,000
Shading Luxury Brow Spraying 6,000,000
Physiognomy Brow Spraying 8,000,000
Faded Ink Correction 6,000,000
Minor Eyebrow Revision 6,000,000
Brow Revision 10,000,000
Upper Lid Spraying 2,800,000
Lower Lid Spraying 2,000,000
Diamond Lip Spraying 5,000,000
Pink Smile Lip Spraying 5,000,000
TBG Microneedles Lip Spraying 10,000,000
Nano Lippi Lip Spraying 7,000,000
Lip Lightening 5,000,000
Nipple Lightening 8,000,000
Multi-Line Brow Sculpting 3,000,000
Sculpting Revision (For little damaged eyebrow) 6,000,000
9D Meliora Brow Sculpting 6,000,000
Ordill Fiber Sculpting 9,000,000
Sculpting Revision 10,000,000

Why should you have eyebrow correction at Gangwhoo?

As we all know, whether a procedure succeeds or not depends on the facility that performs it. Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is always known as a leading prestigious cosmetic facility that is trusted by many customers:

– Owning a team of good, experienced, and professionally trained doctors. The doctors here have a high sense of responsibility, good skills, and always listen to customers’ needs.

– Modern equipment systems that are imported 100% from countries with the most advanced background.

– Regularly update advanced aesthetic technology and modern beauty methods so that customers can try out and experience.

– Dedicated customer care service and international standard examination environment.

Eyebrow correction is the only and extremely effective solution that you should refer to to get yourself new natural and more durable eyebrows. If you are still worried about this method, please come to Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital for expert advice and answers.

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