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Complete Waist Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that helps you to have a firm, slimmer, and youthful body shape that the ladies adore. This is done thanks to state-of-the-art technologies with the capability of getting rid of all the excess fat.

Complete Waist Liposuction
Complete Waist Liposuction

Unreasonable eating and exercising habits, pregnancy fat, etc. are the reason why the abdomen becomes fatter, saggier, and less firm. This not only affects one’s aesthetic look but also diminishes their confidence. However, this problem can now easily be solved with the help of a Complete Waist Liposuction

What is a Complete Waist Liposuction procedure?

Complete Waist Liposuction is a technique that requires well-trained doctors, as well as cutting-edge equipment. Therefore, not many facilities can meet the requirements of this procedure.

However, at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, we offer this service with a guarantee of removing all the fat at the marked regions. With our technique, your excess waist fat will be separated from your body without causing any pain, incision, or scar.

This is possible thanks to our advanced machinery and equipment like the endoscopic tools or the ultrasound waves. After just one session, you can witness a significant change in your body shape. As the result, you are no longer required to go through any tiring exercise or boring diet.

The advantages of a Complete Waist Liposuction procedure

This procedure is applicable for all people, the age of 18 or above, that are having abdomen fat problems. This method helps you to regain your slim and firm shape with many great benefits:

  • Remove all the excess fat at the waist region.
  • Improve the condition of saggy and wrinkled skin to form an attractive body shape.
  • Eliminate all the risks of having pains, scars, and complications.
  • Is done safely to prevent any infections and long recovery.
  • Offer a lasting result after a quick surgery.

The international Complete Waist Liposuction procedure

The duration of this procedure can be various depends on the amount of your excess fat. One session takes around 90 – 120 minutes on average. During this entire process, the doctors will make good use of innovative technology to ensure the precision and the safety of the procedure.

The entire sequence of actions takes place within a strictly sterilized and enclosed operating room.

  • Step 1: The client arrives at the hospital to consult the doctors and has their body fat analyzed. Thus a suitable procedure can be given.
  • Step 2: To undergo a Complete Waist Liposuction, the customer must meet the health requirements. For that reason, a general health examination will be conducted.
  • Step 3: At the abdomen, the doctors will mark the suitable areas for liposuction. At the same time, the details of the procedure will be presented to the patient.
  • Step 4: The exclusive anesthesia technology will be used to sterilize and anesthetize the waist. This is done not only to prevent any inflammation but also to make sure that the client will not feel any pain.
  • Step 5: At each marked region, a small puncture will be made to demolish the fat layer and extract them all out.
  • Step 6: Once the liposuction is done, the doctors then proceed to strengthen and improve the saggy skin.
  • Step 7: The guest will be moved to the post-anesthesia care unit for further care and result review. After that, the doctors will give home care guidance and prescribe the medications to fasten the recovery process.

Liposuction price list at Gangwhoo (USD)

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BMI from 22 – 22,9

Below 60cm 3,430
From 60cm – 70cm 4,720

BMI from 23 – 26

From 70cm – 75cm 5,150
From 75cm – 80cm 5,570
From 80cm – 85cm 5,990
BMI from 26 – 30 From 85cm – 90cm 6,420
BMI above 30 From 90cm – 95cm 10,270
BMI above 30 From 95cm – 100cm 13,700
BMI above 30 Over 100cm 13,700 + 440 USD/cm
Below 28cm 1,720
From 28cm – 35cm 2,150
Above 35cm 2,570
Inner thigh
Below 55 cm 4,280
From 55cm – 65cm 4,710
From 65cm – 70cm 5,140
From 70cm – 75cm 5,570
From 75cm 5,990
Tummy tuck 1,730 – 6,430
Nasolabial fold fat grafting  660
Temple fat grafting 870
Forehead fat grafting 870

Images of our customers before and after undergoing the liposuction

Why should you choose the liposuction procedures of Gangwhoo cosmetics hospital?

As one of the most reputable cosmetic hospitals, Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital has never ceased to improve our skills and update our technologies.

Our staffs are well-trained with many years of experience. Additionally, we always try our best to invest in new technology, keep our machinery up to date and improve our techniques to bring about the best services.

For these reasons, our procedures in general and the Complete Waist Liposuction method, in particular, have received numerous good feedback. Some even saw the impossible when their surgeries are over.

The shape of the body is what makes a woman special and beautiful to the eyes of a man. Hence come to Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital today to experience our Complete Waist Liposuction and get the body that you desire.

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