Porcelain Crown – For A Smile You’ve Ever Wanted

A Porcelain Dental Crown procedure can bring a perfect white set of teeth, making your smile look more elegant. This procedure is extremely popular and has become the top choice for those who are in need. Additionally, a single porcelain crown can last up to 10 years with good dental care.

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A smile can greatly influence the opinion of another person. Thus, it is obvious that everyone wants a beautiful smile to appear more attractive in people’s eyes.

However, not everyone is born with a white and beautiful set of teeth. Regardless of the care, you give to your teeth, they will somehow get discolor. Some unlucky individuals with separate and uneven teeth are not very confident in the way they talk or smile.

However, for whatever the problems above, you can always rely on the Porcelain Dental Crown procedure. This is considered to be a well-rounded, safe, and quick method of Dental Correction.

What is a Porcelain Dental Crown?

A Porcelain Dental Crown is one of the Dental cosmetic procedures in which the new set of teeth will be white, straight, and natural. The size of the old teeth will be reduced and coated in porcelain cover to increase the durability and chewing capability. With this method, flaws like separated (diastema), decayed or discolored teeth can be easily treated.

A Porcelain Crown procedure helps to form beautiful, secured, and natural-looking teeth. This procedure requires tremendous dexterity and precision to ensure a harmonious and proportionate set of teeth. Moreover, this entire method of dental correction must follow an extremely strict procedure to guarantee that our customers will not suffer from any pain or discomfort.

Understanding the structure of the aesthetic dental crown

The dental crown is made of 2 components:

  • The substructure is made from various materials like porcelain, metal, or alloy.
  • The crown of the tooth is covered in a layer of porcelain to bring the aesthetic look of a real tooth

How many types of crowns are there at the moment?

Although they are various, they can still be listed into these 3 categories:

Total Porcelain Crown

A total porcelain crown has a very high aesthetic nature with the color and chewing function being the same as a real tooth. In addition, it also has very high durability and is capable of not getting stained or gum black spots.

This type of crown also offers a wide range of options like Cercon, Zirconia, Lava Plus, etc.

răng toàn sứ
Total Porcelain Crown

Total Metal Crown

A total metal crown used in aesthetic crowning is a type of crown with a substructure made out of metal while the crown is coated in porcelain.

This type of crown has a relatively low price as it doesn’t offer much longevity and aesthetic look like a porcelain dental crown. Furthermore, the metal crown doesn’t bring about tastiness when eating and tends to show gum black spots.

Total Metal Crown

Titan-Porcelain Crown

This is the type of dental crown with the substructure made out of alloy and a porcelain layer coated on the outside. This type of crown is light, durable, and brings a comfortable chewing feeling.

Additionally, the tian-porcelain crown is very compatible with the body as it can adapt to the jaw bone and tissues of the tooth easily. The only drawback of this kind is that it can get gum black spots like a metal crown.

Titan-Porcelain Crown

The advantages of a Porcelain Crown procedure

The Porcelain Dental Crowning has become a very popular procedure chosen by many. Although this technique is not very complicated, it still requires great expertise and dexterity of the dentist. These are some of its noticeable benefits:

  • Fix the state of discolored, separated, or malocclusion teeth.
  • Improve the chewing function of the decayed, broken teeth or pulpitis.
  • Form a white and even set of teeth to make the smile looks brighter.
  • Make use of safe and non-toxic porcelain material to prevent the risk of allergic reaction.
  • Guarantee no pain, inflammation, or swelling.
  • Require a relatively quick procedure with a lasting result.
  • Retain the chewing sensation.


Candidates for a Porcelain Crown

  • People with a broken tooth that cannot be fixed with a dental filling or dental veneer.
  • People with many dental gaps.
  • People with a bad infection that cannot be treated with dental whitening.
  • People that had a root canal treatment or dead tooth.
  • People with congenital unaesthetic teeth or weak teeth tissues.
  • People with a slight occlusion.


What to consider when choosing your crown?

Getting a dental crown is a rightful need of many. However, before getting yourself one, you must consider this:

  • Think about your aesthetic need clearly.
  • Seek a reputable facility with experienced dentists.
  • Listen and consider the options given by the dentist carefully.
  • Follow the guidance provided by the dentist.

The Porcelain Crown procedure

At Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, a Porcelain Dental Crown is done within a completely disinfected environment. In addition, it will also be supervised and performed by leading dentists. Here are the steps of a standard Porcelain Dental Crown procedure:

Step 1: Consultation

The patient’s teeth will be inspected by the doctors to thoroughly understand the state of the oral area and offer the most optimal solution.

Step 2: Dental Hygiene

You will need to clean your mouth carefully with a specialized mouthwash to get rid of all the bacteria within the mouth cavity. The dentist will then conduct the Tartar removal and scale the dental plaque.

Step 3: Anesthesia

The experts will use exclusive anesthesia technology to bring about the customer’s most comfortable and gentle feeling. Each tooth then is ground for 15-20 minutes.

Step 4: Porcelain molding

Each tooth has a different shape; thus the mold must be made individually to ensure the crown fits the teeth perfectly. The dentist will collect the shapes of the teeth, choose the suitable color for each tooth and send them all to the laboratory for porcelain molding.

Step 5: Tooth installment

To make sure that the chewing function and the movement of the mouth are not affected during the crown-making period, the dentist will install a denture for the customer. This denture will ensure both the aesthetic and the function of the oral region.

Step 6: Porcelain Dental Crowning

The dentist will install the crowns on the foundations of the old ground teeth and make some adjustments to not cause any discomfort. Once this is done, the natural look and function of the set of teeth will be brought back.

Step 7: Post-operative care

The customer and the dentist will take a second look at the results. Further guidance on the care and protection of the teeth is given to ensure their longevity.

How long those it take to finish getting a dental crown?

  • Generally, the time takes to finish crowning 1-2 teeth is between 2 to 3 days.
  • An entire set of teeth will obviously take longer, between 2 to 4 days.
  • After that, the customer is required to return 1 to 2 times to get their teeth aligned for the best mastication.

Will a dental crown cause any pain?

A dental crown, if done at a reputable place with experienced dentists, and supported by advanced equipment, will not cause any pain.

However, pain can in fact still occur when having a dental crown as this procedure require the tooth to be ground. This grinding process can cause pain, especially if done by the hand of an inexperienced dentist.

How to take care of your teeth after getting a dental crown?

  • Take painkillers and strictly follow the guidance given by the dentist. Do not use any types of medications without getting approval from the dentist.
  • Maintain the sanitary of the teeth by brushing your teeth twice a day or after every meal and brushing your teeth vertically.
  • Use dental flush instead of a toothpick.
  • Get your teeth checked twice a year.
  • Eat more food that is rich in calcium and vitamin such as egg, milk, dairy products, dark green vegetables, fruits, etc.
  • Drink 2-3 liters of water every day.

The consequences of getting a dental crown at a non-prestigious facility

Some noticeable complications that can happen when having a dental crown at an unreliable facility.

  • Gingivitis
  • Bad breath
  • Pain
  • Numbness
  • Teeth gap

Why should you choose the Porcelain Dental Crown procedure at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital?

A Porcelain Dental Crown procedure is the most renowned dental cosmetic procedure in many centers. The customers also show great enthusiasm for this technique. However, choosing a reputable facility for this procedure is very crucial.

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is an international facility with many modern and trendy services. A Porcelain Dental Crown at Gangwhoo is renowned for its safe, enclosed procedure that brings about great and lasting results.

This is all thanks to the exceptional team of doctors and cosmetic specialists who have received training from many countries. Additionally, the hospital also possesses many modern types of machinery and advanced equipment to ensure that the procedure happens safely, quickly, and effectively.

In conclusion, a Porcelain Dental Crown is the most effective solution for anyone who wants to have a gorgeous smile. Our method is guaranteed to bring only safety and quality to our customers. Come to Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital and let our doctors take care of your teeth today!

Dental crown price list at Gangwhoo

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IMPLANT IMPLANT IPM Dentium Implant (Korea) + Post 18,000,000
IPM Dentium Implant (US) + Post 19,000,000
IPM Tekka Impalnt (France) + Post 21,000,000
IPM Strauman Implant (Swiss) 29,000,000
Bone Grafting 15,000,000 – 20,000,000
Single Bone Grafting 3,000,000 – 5,000,000
Dental Tray (Bone tray) 3,000,000
COSMETIC CERAMIC Dental Veneer (good) 5,000,000
Porcelain Veneer (thin – transparent) 7,000,000
Metal Porcelain 1,200,000
Titanium Porcelain 1,700,000
Full Porcelain Zirconia 3,000,000
Full Zirconia 3,500,000
Full Porcelain Cercon 4,000,000
Full Porcelain Cercon HT 5,000,000
Full Porcelain LAVA 7,000,000
Full Porcelain INLAY_ONLAY 5,000,000
Full Porcelain Titanium 1,000,000
Full Zirconia Porcelain 2,500,000
Metal post 500,000
Carbon post 1,000,000
Normal metal post 500,000
Titanium post 700,000
Zirconia post 1,000,000
Temporary crown 100,000
16 Zirconia Full Porcelain Teeth 48,000,000
16 Full Metal Teeth 27,000,000
16 Cercon Porcelain Teeth 64,000,000
16 Lava Porcelain Teeth 112,000,000
16 Veneer (good) 80,000,000
16 Veneer (thin – transparent) 112,000,000
ORTHODONTICS – DENTAL BRACES Invisalign Invisible Braces 50,000,000 – 140,000,000
Metal Braces (Level 1 – 3) 25,000,000 – 30,000,000
Automated Metal Braces (Level 1 – 3) 30,000,000 – 40,000,000
Ceramic Braces (Level 1 – 3) 40,000,000 – 50,000,000
Automated Ceramic Braces (Level 1 – 3) 50,000,000 – 60,000,000
DENTURE (FALSE TEETH) Vietnam Denture 250,000
Japan or US Denture 300,000
Composite Denture 400,000
German Vita Porcelain Denture (1 – 3 dentures) 1,200,000 – 1,600,000
German Vita Porcelain Denture (more than 4 dentures) 1,200,000 – 1,600,000
German Vita Porcelain Denture (more than 12 dentures) 1,100,000 – 1,300,000
Dutch Porcelain Denture (1 – 3 dentures) 1,200,000 – 1,500,000
Dutch Porcelain Denture (more than 4 dentures) 1,200,000 – 1,500,000
Dutch Porcelain Denture (more than 12 dentures) 1,000,000 – 1,300,000
Tempered denture frame 1,400,000
Tempered plastic denture frame 1,600,000
Flexible denture frame 800,000
Full flexible denture frame 1,200,000
Metal denture frame (not including false teeth) 1,600,000
Titanium denture frame (not including false teeth) 2,200,000
Attachment denture (chromium or titanium) 2,600,000
Attachment denture (ceramic teeth) 3,500,000
CANAL TREATMENT (ENDODONTICS) Canal treatment for kids (milk tooth) 400,000
Canal treatment for permanent single-rooted teeth 600,000
Canal repeated treatment for permanent single-rooted teeth 800,000
Canal treatment for permanent multi-rooted teeth 800,000 – 1,000,000
Canal repeated treatment for permanent multi-rooted teeth 1,500,000 – 2.000,000
PERIODONTAL DISEASES Tartar Removal and Teeth Whitening 200,000 – 400,000
Tartar Removal and Teeth Whitening for kids 100,000
Pericoronitis treatment 200,000
Periodontitis treatment 300,000
TEETH WHITENING Led or Laser teeth whitening 2,500,000
Teeth whitening tray at home 1,500,000
Teeth whitening strips 500,000
DENTAL FILLING Cosmetic filling 300,000 – 500,000
Fuji filling 200,000 – 300,000
Cosmetic filling for tooth surface 400,000 – 600,000
Dental filling for milk tooth 100,000
Tooth root extraction 200,000 – 400,000
Loose permanent teeth 300,000 – 500,000
Permanent tooth extraction (simple) 500,000
Permanent tooth extraction (complex) 700,000 – 1,000,000
Wisdom tooth removal / upper jaw 1,000,000 – 1,300,000
Wisdom tooth removal / lower jaw 1,500,000 – 2,000,000

Gangwhoo’s Porcelain Dental Crown procedure to the eyes of the press

Dan Sinh News: https://baodansinh.vn/hon-98-khach-hang-cuoi-tuoi-khong-can-tuoi-sau-khi-boc-rang-su-tai-benh-vien-tham-my-gangwhoo

Questions about dental crown

Do you need root canal treatment when getting a dental crown?

Based on the customer’s conditions that the dentist will decide if a root canal treatment is required. If the canal is too severely damaged or is having a major infection then the dentist will have to conduct treatment beforehand.

I’m pregnant, can I get a dental crown?

According to the dentists, a pregnant woman should not get a dental crown as the procedure requires the use of certain medications that can negatively affect the health of both the mother and the fetus.

Will a dental crown affect my health?

A dental crown procedure doesn’t require any invasion into the important structure of the teeth, as well as the surrounding gum tissues. Thus, your health in general and your oral health in particular will not be affected.

Can I get an installment payment?

At Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, you can get your dental crown through installment payment.

Is a dental crown permanent?

If the procedure is done at a reputable place with experienced doctors then the crown longevity can reach from 10 to 20 years. Although it is not permanent, it still can last for a very long period.

Will I get bad breath if I get a dental crown?

These complications will only happen if the customer gets a dental crown at an unreliable facility with improper dental sanitary.

Can my dental crown be braced?

This depends on the diagnose provided by the dentist. But you can still check out the procedure HERE.

Can a dental crown fix my occlusion?

This is possible as the doctor will grind the teeth that cause occlusion into the standard size. A dental crown will then be put in to correct the occlusion.

Will the crown bulge?

This complication will only be caused due to the hand of an inexperienced dentist as the size is not correct. In addition, bad oral sanitary is also a factor that can make the crown bulged.

Feedback from the customers on the dental crown services at Gangwhoo

Ms. Nga (Binh Thanh, HCMC): “I have had a dental crown at Gangwhoo for several months. The result is very satisfying. My set of teeth is very beautiful, allow me to smile confidently.

Ms. Anh (Binh Tan, HCMC): “Back then, my teeth are not proportionate. I cannot smile confidently due to my 2 big incisors. After much research, I had chosen Gangwhoo dental crown services. The result is very pleasing.”

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  • Email: info@gangwhoo.com
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