Milia Treatment – How To Get Rid Of Small While Bumps

Milia – tiny white or yellow cysts – is a big concern of many people as it results in rough and ugly skin, especially in the neck and around the eye areas. Therefore, to treat milia properly, let Gangwhoo help you with the following article discussing Milia treatment- a solution for better skin!


Milia around the eye are sweat gland tumors that are often under the eyelids. Usually, the size of these cysts is only as small as a grain of rice, but because it grows a lot and spreads, they will form an unsightly cluster. Over time, these cysts will gradually increase in size, become thicker, and easily spread to the surrounding skin areas. These skin areas will tend to appear more wrinkled and prone to aging than usual.

Milia treatment


In order to find the most effective milia treatment method, we must first understand the causes of milia. There are two leading causes of milia:

Milia will form due to factors inside the body:

  • Hormonal disorders: Milia will often appear in women and form during periods such as pregnancy, puberty, hormonal disorders, etc.
  • Sweat gland disorders: With the sudden increase in sweat that blocks and enlarges the sweat glands to form milia.
  • Genetics: Genetics will also affect whether or not your body will develop milia.

External factors that cause milia to develop:

  • An unhealthy diet is high in fat and lacks nutrients to nourish the skin. The skin will be weakened creating conditions for the development of milia.
  • Insomnia, prolonged stress, exposed to a lot of light from electronic devices make the skin age prematurely.
  • Not removing makeup thoroughly and improperly exfoliating the skin are also the causes of the stagnation of sebum causing milia.



  • Laser technology is a breakthrough in aesthetics, especially in milia treatment.
  • Using laser light to precisely affect the area of ​​the skin that needs to be treated, it penetrates deep into the root and the milia core, removing the core without affecting the surrounding skin or leaving any scars. 
  • Especially suitable for sensitive areas such as eye skin.
  • Regenerates skin cells, promotes collagen production to make the skin texture tight, and shrinks the pores.
  • Get rid of the milia completely, remove the milia around the eyes, and prevent the recurrence of milia.
  • Less invasiveness to the body.
  • Remove milia in all areas of the body.
Milia Treatment


Step 1: Skin examination and consultation

Step 2: Clean and disinfect the skin areas

Step 3: Numb the skin surface with the specialized gel.

Step 4: Apply laser to treat milia.

Step 5: Apply moisturize, finish the procedure


One of the most commonly applied methods to treat milia is to burn milia. On top of that, taking good care of the skin after milia treatment is extremely important:

1. Skincare after milia treatment

After having milia treatment, the skin will be slightly red, swollen, and mildly painful. In some cases, there may be additional signs of yellow discharge (or serum discharge) after milia treatment.

These are very normal and common symptoms after milia treatment, so you do not need to worry. if these symptoms do not subside or worsen, you need to contact a doctor for advice. To help prevent the bad effects on the skin after having milia treatment, it is necessary to remember a few issues as follows:

  • In the first 3-5 days, it is recommended to clean the skin gently: The newly treated skin is still healing, so it needs to be cleaned very gently with a physiological saline solution with a concentration of 0.9% to clean the skin and prevent infection. It is necessary to clean the treated skin regularly several times a day to prevent bacteria on the surface of the hair follicles that can cause infection and negatively affects the results of milia treatment.
  • Regularly use skin recovery creams: After milia treatment, the doctor will prescribe types of effective skin recovery creams, which will help the healing process to take place quickly. Skin recovery creams should be used 3 times a day by applying a thin layer to help the skin recover quickly.
  • Avoid peeling off the scabs: you should let the skin scabs fall off naturally, you must not arbitrarily use your hands to peel off the scabs or use force to let the scabs fall off.
  • Use strong sunscreen: UV rays in the sun or in electronic devices can create UV rays that can harm the treated skin area. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly apply sunscreen to better protect the skin. At the same time, if you use sunscreen regularly, it will also help prevent the risks of milia recurrence.
  • Use moisturizer after the skin scab fell off: After the skin scabs had fallen off, the young skin is not protected, so it is easy to dry and hyperpigmentation. Therefore, you must regularly moisturize the skin with products containing vitamin C to help balance skin tone with the surrounding skin.

2. What should you eat to treat milia?

  • Eat more vegetables and fruits that contain fiber and vitamin A such as gac fruit, carrots, pumpkin, peas, sweet potatoes, fresh milk, etc.
  • Drinking enough water every day will enhance the body’s metabolism and limit the secretion of sebaceous glands. Drinking enough water is also good for many internal organs of the body.
  • Eat foods rich in vitamin C such as guava, grapefruit, lemon, orange, kiwi, tomato, pineapple, vegetables, etc.
  • Eat a lot of foods that will help soften the skin such as spinach, collard greens, taro, avocado, etc.



Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is one of the most prestigious cosmetic facilities that bring the most effective and safest milia treatment services in Ho Chi Minh City. Gangwhoo hospital stands out with other beauty services such as orthodontics, body makeover, eye, and nose makeover, etc.

At Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, we not only invest in state-of-the-art infrastructure, machinery, and equipment but also applies the latest beauty trends to ensure the best experience for customers. In addition, we also have a team of professional, dedicated, and enthusiastic Vietnamese-Korean doctors who have years of experience in the field of cosmetology.

At Gangwhoo, we apply Laser technology for milia treatment. With this technology, it needs only 1 procedure to treat milia without causing invasiveness or damage to nearby tissues simultaneously. Coming to Gangwhoo, customers will be advised and examined carefully by doctors before and after the procedure.

The team of exceptional doctors at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital

At Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, we are bringing effective, painless, and quick milia treatment services without causing any invasiveness to the body, ensuring no milia recurrence. We also launch various promotion programs and discounts so that everyone will have an opportunity to have beauty treatment for themselves.

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