Structural Rhinoplasty – Nose Defects Are No Longer Your Concern

Structural Rhinoplasty helps customers to have a tall, slim, and natural nose. The structural Rhinoplasty method has become a choice of many customers at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital. Let’s find out how Structural Rhinoplasty is attracting the beauty community.

Structural Rhinoplasty

What is Structural Rhinoplasty?

Structural Rhinoplasty is also known as Structural Rhinoplasty which is a high-skilled demanding technique, that combines artificial and autologous cartilage to form a new structure for the nose tip. After performing this technique, the tip of the nose shall be raised higher, and the defects of the tip of the nose shall be removed simultaneously.

Structural Rhinoplasty is the latest technique applying state-of-the-art technology, and it requires considerably high-skilled doctors. Therefore, if you want to have this method performed, you need to find big, reputable cosmetic facilities to assure safety and positive results.

Nowadays, Structural Rhinoplasty includes different types such as Sline 4D, Sline 6D, Lline 4D, Lline 6D… Most of these techniques are relatively the same. It is the combination of biological and autologous cartilage to raise the nose dorsum, coat the nose tip, and construct the nose pillar. However, the 4D S-Line Structural Rhinoplasty uses 40% of autologous cartilage to form the nose structure, whereas 6D S-Line Rhinoplasty uses up to 60% of autologous cartilage to form the nose structure.

Cartilage Used For Structural Rhinoplasty

Cartilage for a nose job is the main material for performing nose augmentation, and reconstruction. Its main purpose is to raise the nose dorsum, and structure the nose tip and nose pillar to cover and improve nose defects in the first place.
Nowadays, the cartilage for Structural Rhinoplasty consists of artificial and autologous cartilage.

Autologous cartilage: rib cartilage, ear cartilage,… has 100% of compatibility without any elimination activities from the body. Using autologous cartilage will reduce the healing time and form a block with the old bone and tissue structure. These cartilages exist permanently in the body and it’s ideal for use in aesthetic techniques that can give good results and natural beauty.

Artificial cartilage: Nanoform, Surgiform,…are made from safe, benign, and non-toxic artificial materials. After implanting artificial cartilage into the nose, it is capable of existing for 3-50 years without causing any side effects or complications.

The advantages of Structural Rhinoplasty

The structural rhinoplasty technique uses state-of-the-art technology that is trusted by experts and customers in terms of the following advantages:

  • Restructuring the nose as well as improving defects such as big rough nose tip, short nose tip, crooked nose tip, large nostrils,…
  • Improving nose form, forming nose into most popular forms such as S-Line or L-Line.
  • Using next-generation, highly compatible, and safe biological cartilage that leaves neither exposed dorsum nor elimination activity from the body.
  • Overcoming nose redness, giving natural beauty, serenity, and golden ratio to the nose.
  • Highlighting facial lines which give long-term effective results.


Who should choose Structural Rhinoplasty?

Facial lines such as eyes, nose, and mouth…are extremely important, and reflects an individual’s life and characteristic, especially in anthropology. However, most Asians tend to have quite short and unattractive nose dorsum so cosmetics methods are a choice of many people.

Structural Rhinoplasty is a suitable technique for anyone who is facing defects as follows:

  • Low nose, flat nose, short nose, and snub nose,…
  • Bumpy nose dorsum, saddleback nose or crooked nose, concave nose…
  • Thin nasal skin that reveals the veins.
  • Rough and big nose wing and tip.
  • A deviated and crooked nose that is not symmetrical with the face.

Aside from the defects mentioned above, you must meet all the following requirements if you want to have the surgery performed:

  • Being 18 years old or above
  • The nose tip does not have too many defects.
  • Having the desire to change the nose form and improve its beauty.

How to choose a suitable nose form for your face

Each person will have a unique face feature. However, most clinics and hospitals do not care about the appropriate nose shape for the customers. Therefore, some customers may obtain a nose shape that doesn’t fit their face. That is why you should only seek a reputable hospital such as Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital to receive consultation on the most suitable nose shape for yourself.

The Structural Rhinoplasty Procedure at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

To have a structural rhinoplasty, you need to fully follow every step instructed by the doctor. This is a technique transferred directly from Korea to assure a closed process and highly expected result.

Step 1: Examination and Consultation

Firstly, the doctor will examine the conditions and the defects of the customer’s nose. Then the doctor will give advice and listen to the customer’s desire to make a suitable treatment regimen.

Step 2: General health check

Before the surgery, the doctor will make a general health check for the customers to decide if they are qualified for the surgery or not, as well as to avoid unnecessary risks.

Step 3: Giving Rhinoplasty Regimen

Based on the customer’s face and desire, the doctor will show the rhinoplasty regimen generated by 3D technology so that the customer would see a clear image of the new nose shape after the surgery.

Step 4: Facial Sterilization and Nasal Anesthesia

This technique uses exclusive anesthesia to assure safety, non-inflammation, and painlessness during the operation.

Step 5: Performing Structural Rhinoplasty.

At this step, doctors with high expertise shall start extracting autologous cartilage and restructuring the nose. Every step shall be done accurately, safely, and completely to give the desired nose form. The customer would not have to worry about the pain or discomfort during the operation.

Step 6: Post-operative care.

After the surgery, the customer shall be moved to the post-operative care room for being rechecked and given the doctor’s advice on how to self-care at home.

Rhinoplasty Price List at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

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Korean Rhinoplasty 840 5 years
Cartilage Rhinoplasty 1,050 10 years
3D Sline – 3D Lline Structural Rhinoplasty 1,680 15 years
4D Sline – 4D Lline Structural Rhinoplasty 2,100 15 years
6D Sline – 6D Lline Structural Rhinoplasty 2940 Permanent
3D Nanoform Rhinoplasty 2520
4D Nanoform Rhinoplasty 2940
6D Nanoform Rhinoplasty 3780
Rib Cartilage Rhinoplasty 4,200 Permanent
Nose Revision (Cases vary) FREE Permanent
Alar Base Reduction 420 Permanent
Nasal Hump Removal 840 Permanent
Nose Tip Reduction (Soft Tissues) 1,050 Permanent
Nose Tip Reduction + Nose Tip Enhancement 1,260 Permanent
Nasal Bone Correction 840 Cases vary
Bio Rib Cartilage 1,470 Cases vary
Bio Ear Cartilage
Zose Rhinoplasty (Rhinoplasty for GenZ) 1890  


  • Nanoform Cartilage: an extra 10 million VND;
  • Korea VIP Cartilage: an extra 3 million VND;
  • USA Implant Cartilage: an extra 10 million VND;
  • Megaderm Cartilage: an extra 5 million VND;
  • USA Sugeron Cartilage: an extra 20 million VND;
  • Autologous Fat from Dermis: an extra 5 million VND;
  • Temple Muscle: an extra 9 – 10 million VND;
  • Abdomen Wall Muscle: an extra 9 – 10 million VND;

Sedation: an extra 15 million VND;

Photo of our customers before & Structural Rhinoplasty

Post-surgery Caring for Rhinoplasty

To recover and have a good nose shape, you need to pay attention to the self-care process at home. This process shall be explained carefully, you will soon have your desired nose if you strictly comply with the instruction.

Keep the wound dried and use physiological saline to gently clean it during the first few days.

  • From 1-2 first weeks after the operation, you need to avoid touching or pressing your nose.
  • Increase water intake, do not eat beef, water spinach, sticky rice, kinds of seafood,…and stimulants.
  • Walk constantly and gently so that your blood circulates well, and avoid sitting or lying down for too long.
  • Taking medicines and following check-ups according to the doctor’s instructions.

How long would the new nose last?

The most obvious result after performing structural rhinoplasty is the reduction of the defects, and a taller, slimmer nose is created. However, no matter how long the procedure will take, beauty is what people are interested in

According to the doctors, after the procedure, the occurrence of bruising and swelling marks are inevitable so the customer needs not be concerned much. After 5-7 days, the wounds shall heal and the thread can be removed. It will take 2-3 weeks for a nose to recover and gain natural beauty. Over time, the nose will become more and more perfect and natural.

However, this period will depend on each customer’s body. It also depends on how the customer does self-care, has a diet, and attends the following check-ups.

Where to find a safe and trustful place to have Structural Rhinoplasty?

To have safe structural rhinoplasty at a prestigious place, customers can visit Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital. Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is built based on the criteria of an international cosmetic hospital, with state-of-the-art technology as well as modern machinery systems.

Visiting Gangwhoo, customers also have the opportunity to interact and be treated by leading domestic and exotic cosmetologists with years of experience and excellent certificates. This is also a place with international standards working, examination, and surgery environment, which brings a lot of benefits and comfort to every customer.

With all this information, we hope that customers will have a better understanding of the Structural Rhinoplasty technique and the positive result it brings. If you have questions and need further details about this technique, please contact or come directly to Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital so that the doctors can give you the right advice.

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