Lower Lid Spraying – Sharper Eyes For A More Flawless Beauty

A Lower Lid Spraying procedure helps bring depth to your eyes, making them look bigger and more attractive. Nowadays, more and more ladies and sisters are interested in this procedure to save time doing makeup every day. With this procedure, you can be more confident in your eyes. Let us all take a look closer at this technique in the article below.

The eyes are the window to the soul. Therefore, the lack of vigor and joy in the eyes can diminish the affection of others for you. Just by changing the look of your eyes with the Lower Lid Spraying, you will experience a difference in your appearance.

What is a Lower Lid Spraying?

Lower Lid Spraying is the method of using advanced technology to take the eyeliner makeup place. For this procedure, the doctors will use specialized tools with microneedles tip to spray the ink on the lower creases. This crease will be close to the eyelash area and thus create the big and deep eyes effect.

In Vietnam, Lower Lid Spraying is extremely popular. This is very suitable for those with small eyes, short and bland creases, or eyes that lack vigor.

Lower Lid Spraying
Lower Lid Spraying – For The Soulful Eyes

The advantages of the Lower Lid Spraying

Lower Lid Spraying is not a complex technique, however, it is done at the eyes area, which is a rather sensitive location. Therefore, this must be a certified method that guarantees the safeness. After one session, you will get beautiful and attractive eyes.

  • The Lower Lid Spraying technique has these outstanding benefits:
  • The creases are clear and natural without any sign of cosmetic interference.
  • The ink used in the procedure is the Biotuc ink with natural ingredients and great longevity.
  • The procedure takes only a small amount of time and causes no pain or swelling.
  • The result of this process is lasting.
  • The technique requires no invasion and thus doesn’t affect eyesight.
  • It also helps to create the depth and liveliness of the eyes.
Lower Lid Spraying – Boost The Attractiveness Of The Eyes

The Lower Lid Spraying procedure at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital

Since this technique is done in the eyes area, the specialists are required to have high dexterity and awareness. At Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, the Lid Spraying procedure is done with a safe and quality standard. The client will get to witness the before and after service simulation to feel assured about the result.

The Lower Lid Spraying Procedure At Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital:

  • Step 1: The doctors and the technician will inspect the eyes condition of the customers to give out the suitable technique.
  • Step 2: They will then clean and remove the makeup of the face thoroughly. After that, saline will be used to ensure the safeness of the procedure.
  • Step 3: Antibiotic ointment will be used to clean the eyes area and get rid of any sign of dust or bacteria that can potentially affect the spraying process.
  • Step 4: The exclusive anesthesia technology will be used to ensure that the customer will not feel any pain or discomfort.
  • Step 5: The technician will begin spraying the lid as the determined marking. The doctors will fill the spraying tools with specialized ink. The ink will then be sprayed by the creases to form sharpness to the eyes.
  • Step 6: The facial skin will be cleaned along with the lower crease. The client will be provided with home care guidance once the procedure is done.

Spraying and Sculpting price list at Gangwhoo (VND)

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Heaven Powder Brow Spraying 2,000,000
3D Effect Ombre Brow Straying 4,000,000
Perfect Particles Brow Spraying 5,000,000
Shading Luxury Brow Spraying 6,000,000
Physiognomy Brow Spraying 8,000,000
Faded Ink Correction 6,000,000
Brow Revision (For little damaged eyebrow) 6,000,000
Brow Revision 10,000,000
Upper Lid Spraying 2,800,000
Lower Lid Spraying 2,000,000
Diamond Lip Spraying 5,000,000
Pink Smile Lip Spraying 5,000,000
TBG Microneedles Lip Spraying 10,000,000
Nano Lippi Lip Spraying 7,000,000
Lip Lightening 5,000,000
Nipple Lightening 8,000,000
Multi-Line Brow Sculpting 3,000,000
Sculpting Revision (For little damaged eyebrow) 6,000,000
9D Meliora Brow Sculpting 6,000,000
Ordill Fiber Sculpting 9,000,000
Sculpting Revision 10,000,000
Lid Spraying – The Final Puzzle Piece For Your Eyes.

Why should you choose the Lower Lid Spraying procedure at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital?

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is a reputable cosmetic hospital that is highly recommended by many. Being a hospital that is up to international standards, Gangwhoo has always paid close attention to updating the latest and most trendy cosmetic procedures to please its customers.

Furthermore, at Gangwhoo, you will get to see state-of-the-art equipment that is 100% imported from foreign countries. The dedicated teams of doctors at Gangwhoo are always at our client’s disposal. Therefore, you can always have your flaws correct when visiting our hospital.

This is the information about the Lower Lid Sprayng service that will bring you big and attractive eyes. You will never have to worry about your sad and narrow eyes anymore once you have to reach Gangwhoo. Let Gangwhoo be your companion in making the better version of yourself today!

Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital’s contact information

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  • Email: info@gangwhoo.com
  • ☎Whatsapp: +84 938 788 236
  • Website: gangwhoohospital.vn
  • Fanpage: facebook.com/GangwhooHospital

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