Laparoscopic Buttocks Augmentation – Bigger Butt, Happier Life

A Laparoscopic Buttocks Augmentation is considered to be one of the most effective methods of bringing a charming bottom and beautiful body shape.

Laparoscopic Buttocks Augmentation
Laparoscopic Buttocks Augmentation– The Key To An Attractive Bottom

What is Laparoscopic Buttocks Augmentation?

Laparoscopic Buttocks Augmentation is the solution for the flat bottom problems using the Korean technique. In this procedure, implants will be grafted into the butt to make it look naturally bigger.

The implants used in the procedure are made from silicone. These silicone implants are imported from world-class silicone manufacturers to ensure safeness and compatibility. As the result, the implants are capable of remaining inside the body for a long period without causing any negative health problems.

They are bag-shaped with elastic and durable outer layers to make sure that the silicone will not leak.

Any procedure related to the bottom part must be done with extreme dexterity and precision as this area contains a lot of muscle tissues, blood vessels, nerves, etc. Thus only the laparoscopic method using a tiny camera can be used when grafting implants into this area. With the help of technology, doctors can accurately determine the exact location of the muscle tissues and nerves to make sure that the grafting won’t affect the body’s function.

Laparoscopic Buttocks Augmentation

The advantages of a Laparoscopic Buttocks Augmentation

  • The silicone material can change its shape flexibly; therefore, it is very suitable for anyone with a flat, saggy, withered bottom.
  • Additionally, as the material is high quality, soft and durable, the result of the Augmentation can last for a long time. Thanks to the material’s high elasticity, the client can work normally and freely without fearing that the implants will break or leak.
  • Furthermore, with the advanced technology, the surgeons can operate precisely without affecting any surrounding areas and hence offer customers great safeness.
  • The incision will be made in the middle of the intergluteal cleft (butt crack) to prevent any sign of scar exposure when wearing a bikini.
Laparoscopic Buttocks Augmentation


The Laparoscopic Buttocks Augmentation procedure

A Laparoscopic Buttocks Augmentation includes the following steps:

Step 1: Consultation

The doctors will analyze the client’s buttocks to offer the best implant option and surgery solution.

Step 2: General health examination

The patient must go through a series of health examinations to ensure that they meet the surgery standard.

If any signs of cardiac conditions, hemophilia, high blood pressure, or diabetes are shown, the surgery will be canceled.

Step 3: Anesthesia

The doctors will apply an anesthetic to the customer before the operation to make them feel comfortable and painless for the entire procedure.

Step 4: The Laparoscopic Buttocks Augmentation surgery

The surgeons will make a small incision at the butt crack. The laparoscopic equipment is used to dissect the region and place the implants in the cavity between the gluteus maximus and the gluteus minimus. This is the most optimal area for the implants as it will not cause any damage to the nerves, the blood vessels, or other regions’ functions. Additionally, this implant placement will allow the guest to sit normally and prevent any effect on the body’s activities.

After some adjustments, the surgeons will close the incision with cosmetic threads carefully to hide the scar.

Step 5: Post Laparoscopic Buttocks Augmentation recovery

Once the surgery is complete, the client will have to stay at the Post-anesthesia care unit for 1-2 days for monitoring.


Buttocks Augmentation price list at Gangwhoo cosmetics hospital

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Laparoscopic Breast Augmentation – Gsoft Implant 2,149
Laparoscopic Breast Augmentation – Nano Implant Without Chip 3,159
Laparoscopic Breast Augmentation – Nano Implant With Chip 3,639
Laparoscopic Breast Augmentation – Ergonomix 4,710
Laparoscopic Breast Augmentation – Arion 3,629
Nipple lightening (Free cream) 650
Nipple Reduction on both sides 870
Areola Reduction on both sides 1,080
Accessory Breast Removal (1 – 2 breasts) 1,520
Gynecomastia treatment 1,730
Breast Reduction 1,940 – 2,790
Breast Lift 1,940 – 2,790
Laparoscopic Buttock Augmentation – Polytech 4,280
Laparoscopic Buttock Augmentation – Ergonomix 3,000 – 4,290
Breast Fat Grafting 2,150
Buttock Fat Grafting 3,000 – 4,290

Images of our customers before and after having Buttocks Augmentation


How to take care of your bottom after an augmentation

After a buttocks augmentation, the customers must follow the health guidance from the physicians to fasten the recovery and ensure the result.

  • For the first few days, the bottom might suffer swelling and mild pain. These feelings can be lessened by either cold or heat therapy.
  • Compression band and compression garments must be worn for the first 3 days and 1 month, respectively.
  • The customer should sleep on the back to maintain the butt shape, not the other way around. After one week, the guest can lie on the stomach, however, buttocks contact with the bed must be supported by a pillow.
  • The client should avoid consuming any keloid scar-forming food like beef, seafood, and water spinach. Additionally, any use of stimulants is also forbidden.
  • Supplementing Vitamins from vegetables and drinking more water are recommended.
  • Any intake of painkillers or antibiotics must be approved by the doctors.
  • If any sign of abnormality shows ups, the client must seek the doctors at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital immediately.

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