Pitted Scar Treatment Using Autologous Stem Cell

Pitted scar treatment using autologous stem cell is one of the most advanced skin treatment technology. This procedure involves directly affecting the damaged skin area and filling the scars by using autologous stem cells. This is considered the safest procedure that does not leave any complications on the skin.

Pitted Scar Treatment
Pitted Scar Treatment Using Autologous Stem Cell

Pitted scars are concave areas on the skin surface that cause the skin to lose its smoothness and firmness. if this condition becomes more serious, the scars will link with each other and form bigger patches that will affect the skin structure and destroy the aesthetic beauty of the skin.

There are many causes of pitted scars, nut acnes are mainly responsible. It is due to the wrong skincare process, and wrong acne taking that cause damage, infection to the skin, and leave small scars on the skin surface. In addition, pitted scars may appear due to the ultraviolet ray from the sun, accidents…

This facial defect causes everyone to lose confidence in daily meetings and communication. Therefore, many people seek for pitted scars treatment to have their smooth skin again.

What is pitted scar treatment using autologous stem cells?

The pitted scar treatment using the autologous stem cell method combines the autologous stem cells grafting on the skin area with the laser micro-needling technique. This method works on the inside and gives 2000 times more effective results than other methods that only work on the outside.

After only one course of treatment, the scar roots will be destroyed, the skin will be stimulated to reproduce collagen, the pores will be narrowed. Then the autologous stem cells will fill the pitted scars with new layers of skin. Your skin will become smoother and softer.

This is the most suitable method for eliminating severe pitted scars, year-old scars. Then a new beautiful face is reborn without any defects.

Pitted Scar Treatment Using Autologous Stem Cell

The advantages of pitted scar treatment using autologous stem cell

  • Completely cure severe cases regarding serious scars, year-old scars, and destroy scars to the root.
  • Regenerate the skin, fill the concave areas and make the skin smoother.
  • Narrow the pores, rejuvenate the skin, make the skin smoother.
  • Safe, non-surgical, painless procedure that does not cause bleeding.
  • The effective result after only one course of treatment without any side effects.
  • Applying advanced cosmetics technology with micro impact, so there would be no bruises or complications.
  • This method can be applied to different skin areas.

The procedure of pitted scar treatment using autologous stem cell

Step 1: Examine the condition

The doctor will examine the current pitted scars condition, then use a dermatoscope to analyze and check the effect of the pitted scars on the facial skin. The doctor will suggest the optimal treatment method.

Step 2: Cleanse the facial skin

The doctor will use the makeup remover to clean the skin, remove dirt, makeup leftover on the face. Then the skin surface will be clean, and the pores will be expanded.

Step 3: Sterilization and anesthesia

The doctor will perform the exclusive anesthesia to numb the customer’s face during the procedure. The doctor will simultaneously sterilize the skin to prevent infection during the procedure.

Step 4: Extract the pitted scars

The doctor will use a specialized scalpel to cut and eliminate the scars root on the face. Then the doctor will bandage soaked in physiological saline to clean the wound.

Step 5: Use laser ray to remove pitted scars

The doctor will apply laser rays with an extremely short pulse on the skin area suffering from pitted scars. The laser ray has a powerful micro wavelength needle that removes pitted scars quickly. Then the doctor will spray cold in 10 minutes to cool down the skin area.

Step 6: Apply moisture and do self-care at home

After the final step, the doctor will apply a layer of moisture on the skin surface and have the customer rest for 10 – 15 minutes. The doctor will prescribe painkillers and instruct the customer on how to do self-care at home. The doctor will also schedule a following check-up for the customer.

Why should you choose pitted scar treatment using the autologous stem cell service at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital?

This is a complex method that requires doctors with extremely high expertise, so not every cosmetics facility can successfully perform this technique. Therefore, you have to choose prestigious cosmetics facilities for the best outcome.

Gangwhoo is proud to be trusted by many customers and a place for millions of Vietnamese women and sisters to fulfill their beauty dreams. The pitted scar treatment using the autologous stem cell method is transferred directly to Gangwhoo and performed by the top specialists. The procedure ensures top-quality execution and result.

Moreover, the quality of the pitted scars treatment using the autologous stem cells method has been approved through many positive feedbacks from the customers. These feedbacks make our doctors more confident in helping girls and sisters to change their life.

If you are interested in the pitted scar treatment using the autologous stem cell method at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, come directly to our hospital for further examination and consultation. And you will soon have your smooth and young skin back.

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