Heart Lip Shaping – Sexier Lips, Sexier Charm

The Heart Lip Shaping procedure is becoming the top choice of women and sisters. At Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, we have the most modern heart lip shaping technology, ensuring customers to have the most flawless heart lip shape.

Heart Lip Shaping
Heart Lip Shaping – For Sexy Lips

What is heart lip shaping?

Those who have heart lip means: their lips have a prominent cupid’s bow. This means that their upper lip has a pronounced dip in the middle. Their lower lip may have a small or deep wavy line in the middle, that gives a charming look to the overall face.

The heart lip is said to be the most charming and attractive lips. However, not everyone was lucky enough to be born with this lip shape. Hence the lips shaping techniques are applied to give our customers their dream lips.

The heart lip surgery is performed through short incisions on the lips to remove the excess fat and skin tissue for reasonable lip reduction, then proceed to form the heart lip. The techniques performed at the upper and lower lip mainly consist of:

  • Upper lip heart shaping: reduce the overall volume of the upper lip right under the cupids bow, and form curved lines similar to the heart lines.
  • Lower lip heart shaping: form reasonable small wavy lines in the middle of the lower lip.

This beauty makeover method can be applied to men and women in terms of:

  • Those who want to have heart lip.
  • Those who have unclear lip borders.
  • Those who have too thick or too thin lips.
  • The upper lip is asymmetrical lips with the lower lip.

The advantages of heart lip shaping

The process of heart lip shaping at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital brings customers lots of benefits as follows:

  • Having naturally curved lips which harmonize with the overall face.
  • The procedure is quick, safe, painless, and leaves non-complications.
  • The recovery time is quick and you can leave the hospital after the surgery.
  • Long-lasting cosmetics result.
  • Chewing and communication function are not affected after the surgery.
Heart Lip Shaping – The Feng Shui Way

The process of heart lip shaping

It only takes 30 minutes to perform heart lip shaping. To guarantee a successful surgery and limit the risks, the procedure below must be strictly complied with.

Step 1: Examination and Consultation

The doctor examines the customer’s lips and concludes where to perform the shaping technique. At the same time, the doctor will discuss the benefits and the risks after the surgery with the customer. After the customer had agreed on the surgery, the doctor shall suggest a suitable method.

Step 2: General health check

The doctor will ask about the medical history and medicines the customer is using. At the same time, the customer will go through several pre-operative tests such as blood pressure, heartbeat, general blood test,…to ensure stable health for the surgery.

Step 3: Sterilization and Anesthesia

The doctor shall sterilize the surgical tools. Then the doctor will anesthetize the surgical area so that the customer will not feel any pain. You will feel comfortable during the whole surgery.

Step 4: Performing the surgery

The doctor will make an incision and form the lips into the most suitable heart shape with the customer’s overall face. The wounds will be closed by using cosmetic thread after the surgery.

After the surgery, there will be some swells and bruises in the surgical area for a few days. They will disappear quickly if you follow the doctor’s instructions. Furthermore, the doctor may schedule a following check-up for the customer to evaluate the result.

Heart Lip Shaping Price List at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

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Service Price Discounted price
Cleft Chin Creation 14,000,000
Gummy Smile Fix 15,000,000
Korea Implant Genioplasty 20,000,000
USA Implant Genioplasty 25,000,000
Nasolabial Fold Augmentation 25,000,000
Cheek Augmentation 40,000,000
Forehead Augmentation 45,000,000
Temporal Augmentation 30,000,000
Cheek Receding 65,000,000
V-Line Mandible Trim 65,000,000
Malocclusion Correction 65 – 75.000.000
Enlarged Piercing Hole Correction 3,000,000
1-side Dimple Cheek 4,000,000
2-side Dimple Cheek 7,000,000
Lip Reduction & Lip Shaping (1 Lip) 8,000,000
Heart Lip Shaping 8,000,000
Wrinkles Removal & Face Adjustment 9,000,000

Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital – For A Safe Heart Lip Shaping Procedure

This is not a complicated procedure but it still demands precision, accuracy, and carefulness during the surgery. In addition, the heart lip shaping procedure must follow safety regulations like other methods. Only prestigious cosmetics facilities which are authorized by The Ministry of Health and have doctors with high expertise can meet the above requirements.

On the other hand, this procedure may cause complications such as infection, scars, severe bruises, non-stop bleeding at the surgical areas, failed surgery, asymmetrical lips, and deformed lips…if it is performed at illegal cosmetics facilities with inexperienced doctors.

Gangwhoo is proud to be one of the popular names in the cosmetic field with branches in every province in Viet Nam. Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital provides the best heart lip shaping service for customers.

Through years of development, Gangwhoo is proud to have:

  • Modern facility with full equipment.
  • Team of highly experienced doctors who constantly enrich their skills through many domestic and foreign courses and training.
  • Constant updates for the latest beauty trends.
  • Various makeover services that meet all clients’ desires.
  • The safe procedure complies with The Ministry of Health’s Regulations.
  • Thoughtful and dedicated post-operative care.
  • The post-surgery warranty policy is clear which ensures clients’ rights and interests.

The heart lip shaping method helps you have charming and attractive lips to impress the opposite. Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is always by your side to help you erase defects, and improve your beauty. Contact us now for the most thoughtful advice and consultation.

Images of our customers before & after heart lip shaping

heart lip shaping
Images of our customers before and after heart lip shaping

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