Keloid Scar Treatment – Get Rid Of 90% Of Keloid Scar

The keloid scar treatment (injection) applies mesotherapy technology to quickly remove ugly scars on the body and give back the shiny, smooth skin. The procedure is safe, non-surgical, and non-invasive which leaves no complications.

Keloid Scar Treatment
Keloid Scar Treatment– Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

Keloid is the biggest skin defect, it might be caused by genetic reasons or due to failed acne or injury treatment. Keloid scars are formed and become bigger due to the great increase of collagen in the skin tissue area. Keloid scar can cause pain and itch. Although it does not affect your health, it can negatively affect the aesthetic.

To remove keloid scars, other normal methods are mostly not effective; thus cosmetics methods are more necessary than ever. Nowadays, keloid scar treatment (injection) is the safest and quickest method for you.

What is keloid injection?

The keloid scar treatment (injection) applies Mesotherapy technology by using a microneedle to transfer nutrients deeply into the epidermis layer where the keloid grows and restores the skin. The transferred essence will destroy the bonding structure of the scar tissues, and simultaneously stimulate the keratinocytes transformation, collagen, and elastin production to fill the wound.

This method not only eliminates keloids but also balances the moisture and reduces skin defects. The essence injection process is not only quick but is also safe, painless, non-surgical, and effective. After the procedure, there would be no complications or effects on the surrounding tissue area.

The advantages of keloid injection

The keloid scar treatment (injection) at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is one of the most trusted beauty methods by customers. This method brings to you outstanding advantages as follows:

Eliminate keloid, acne scar quickly

Compared to other cosmetic methods, the keloid scar treatment (injection) has a different way of removing scars. This method not only destroys the structure of the scar but also stimulates collagen production to generate new cells and heal the wound. Then it will quickly remove scars on the skin, even with the years-old scars.

Regenerate new smooth and shiny skin without revealing scars.

Thanks to the natural collagen production after essence injection, the skin that has scar will become smoother. After the procedure, there will be no cosmetic traces.

Quick procedure without having to rest afterward

The procedure only lasts no more than 30 minutes. After the procedure, the customer needs not to rest at the hospital.

Keloid Scar Treatment – Smooth and Soft Skin

Painless, non-invasive procedure without any complications

This method uses a microneedle to directly affect the keloid scars without affecting the surrounding tissue area. The procedure does not leave any scars or cosmetics traces. In addition, the essence used in the procedure also has vitamins and nutrients that help regenerate the skin cells better. Thus this method is safe and suitable even for sensitive skin.

Can be performed on any skins area

The keloid scar treatment method can be applied to different parts of your skin areas. You can have this method performed on your arms, legs, back, and even your face…without having to worry about any dangers.

The keloid scar treatment procedure

The keloid scar treatment procedure is executed by experienced doctors and experts in a sterile room. The procedure will be divided into these steps:

Step 1: The doctor will examine the customer’s current keloid scar condition and its positions. Then the doctor will use a dermatoscope to scan the scars and their effect on the skin. Finally, the doctor will suggest the most suitable solution.

Step 2: The doctor will carefully clean the skin area, and scrub the dead cells before the procedure.

Step 3: The doctor will sterilize and anesthetize the customer to ensure safety, with no pain and invasion. The doctor will specify the right position for the injection.

Step 4: The doctor will inject the Mesotherapy essence by using a microneedle. This will directly affect the scars and remove them.

Step 5: The doctor will instruct the customer on how to do self-care at home for the wound to heal quickly.

Why should you choose the keloid scar treatment service at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital?

Possessing many essential factors of a professional and reputable cosmetic hospital, Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital has gained the trust of many customers. The keloid scar treatment (injection) service is trusted and chosen by many customers.

At Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, we focus on the quality of our staff as well as updating the latest machinery system and beauty service. Our customers can experience every kind of cosmetic service here.

In addition, clients can come to Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital to receive thoughtful consultation. After every service, you will receive a special caring service, which does not require you to be accompanied by your family during surgery.

In conclusion, the keloid scar treatment (injection) is safe, and painless that can give you the best result. If you are not confident in yourself, you must visit Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital and give us a chance to help you.

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