What Exactly Is a Nose Thread Lift? Should You Have This Procedure?

Nose Thread Lift? When discussing non-surgical rhinoplasty, one of the most common methods is nose thread lift. But, what exactly is nose thread lift? Is it safe? Let’s find out in the article below.

nose thread lift

What exactly is nose thread lift?

A painless method of raising the nasal dorsum that does not need surgery or invasion. To accomplish a nose thread lift, the doctor must enter the biological threads into the dorsal to raise it with a specialized instrument with a needle-like tip.

Methods of nose thread lift

Ultra V Lift threads

A nose thread lift using Ultra V Lift threads is a technique that enhances the shape of the nose. It involves placing these threads into the superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS) of the nose. This tightens the skin around the nose, resulting in a naturally elevated and aesthetically pleasing nose shape.

The use of Ultra V Lift threads in a nose thread lift is highly safe. These threads have received approval and certification from both the FDA and KFD. Due to their high compatibility with the body, the likelihood of complications is significantly reduced.

Korean Collagen threads

The nose thread lift utilizing collagen threads is a Korean method. It is highly recommended due to the safe, natural, and excellent aesthetic effect that does not cause pain.

24K gold threads

The V-lift nose thread lift is another name for the nose thread lift that uses 24K gold threads.

This approach employs a particular biological thread composed of 24K gold that is designed to be very compatible with the human body.

Misko threads

The nose thread lift with Misko threads is a relatively new rhinoplasty treatment. It inserts, tightens, and elevates the nose using Misko threads with V spikes. Misko threads are extremely compatible, lowering the risk of infection following the procedure.

nose thread lift

Suitable candidates for nose thread lift

  • People with a low dorsum seek to enhance the natural beauty of their nose.
  • People who are terrified of surgery or have keloid scarring following surgical rhinoplasty.
  • People who are not permitted by doctors to get rhinoplasty surgery.
  • People who desire to have a lovely nose for a short period of time.

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The nose thread lift procedure

The non-surgical nose thread lift procedure consists of the following steps:

  • Step 1: Consultation
  • Step 2: General health examination
  • Step 3: New nose shape marking
  • Step 4: Nose sterilization and sedation
  • Step 5: Operation
  • Step 6: Follow-up appointments
Nose thread lift
Nose thread lift procedure

The pros and cons of the nose thread lift procedure


  • Require no surgery, invasion, or open wound.
  • Offer aesthetic and natural nose shape.
  • Can be done quickly.


  • Has short result’s longevity.
  • Has a high risk of complication.

Nose thread lift vs. rhinoplasty surgery comparison

The table below compares the two nose makeover methods: rhinoplasty and nose thread lift procedure

The technique Insert biological threads to elevate the dorsal Open up the nose for cartilage placement
The safety High complication risk Low complication risk
The longevity Can not last for a long time Offer lasting result
The cost Relatively low price Much higher price
The operation time Can be done quickly from 5 – 20 minutes Can last from 30 – 60 minutes depends on the case
The recovery period Require no resting or a new diet Follow the doctor’s guidance for post-operative care

Should you have a nose thread lift?

According to rhinoplasty experts, the procedure has many advantages; however, this approach still has certain complications that we shall discuss later.

That is why we should not prefer this nose elevating approach over rhinoplasty surgery.

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nose thread lift
Nose thread lift comes with many risks

Complications that can occur after having nose thread lift

There are numerous causes of nose thread lift problems. The most noticeable is the result of bad cosmetic facility selection, untrained surgeons, and low-quality threads. The complications are as follows:


When the nose thread lift is performed in a shady facility with no operating license or non-sterile operating rooms, a portion or the entire nose can become infected, resulting in nose necrosis.


When low-quality threads that are incompatible with the body are used, the body can grow allergic to them after a while. Body rejection is another cause of allergies.

In certain circumstances, you must undergo surgery to have all of the threads inside your nose removed.

Where to get a safe and beautiful nose thread lift?

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital offers a team of skilled and experienced doctors who have received training in developed cosmetic industries such as Korea, America, and France. Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital adheres to Korean standards, with contemporary infrastructure, hygienic operating rooms, and equipment that fulfill all rhinoplasty requirements, resulting in the greatest results for consumers.

Related question

Is nose thread lift painful?

Before the operation, the doctors will apply an anesthetic, ensuring the painless procedure for the customers.

How long does nose thread lift result last?

Nose thread lift cannot give you a lasting result. You will have to get a new procedure every 6 – 12 months to maintain the gorgeous contour of the nose.

Is nose thread lift safe?

Nose thread lift has relatively high risks of complications; therefore, if you are considering this technique, make sure to choose a reputable facility that uses high-quality threads to ensure your safety.

Final words

The preceding article introduced the nose thread lift technique, a novel and popular non-surgical rhinoplasty approach. We hope you now have a better understanding of the nose thread lift procedure!

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