Zose Line Rhinoplasty – A Natural Reflection

Rhinoplasty on the Zose Line A revolutionary technique created specifically for you, Generation Z. It is the first option for many young people today, with a natural high nose form that is in harmony with the face. In Korea, this is also a common nose shape. Find out right now!

What exactly is Zose-Line Rhinoplasty?

Zose-Line Rhinoplasty is a novel rhinoplasty technology transferred from Korea to Gangwhoo Hospital. This kind of rhinoplasty will employ biological cartilage to increase the dorsum of the nose and autologous cartilage to cover the tip. The doctor will also utilize septal cartilage to strengthen the columella. Create a nose shape that is proportionate and appropriate for each person’s face characteristics.
The Zose-Line form is distinguished by its somewhat high and natural flying nose tip, round and closed nostrils, and short length. The end outcome of rhinoplasty is a harmonized nose shape that retains the youthful, innocent, and energetic qualities associated with Generation Z. Today, this is regarded as the most prominent nose form for the genZ.

Zose Line Rhinoplasty


Suitable subjects for rhinoplasty Zose Line

With the Zose Line nose shape, according to experts at Gangwhoo Hospital, it is suitable for the following subjects:

  • Men and women who have rhinoplasty demand between the ages of 18 and 26 years old
  • People with short, upturned, flat nose
  • Want to own a high nose shape that is naturally beautiful and harmonious with the face
  • People who want to lift their noses rely on safe, uncomplicated method
  • Young people have stable health and no dangerous diseases

Benefits of doing Zose-Line Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty Zose Line in recent years is a method that is loved and chased by a large number of young Koreans. This is also completely understandable because this method brings many outstanding advantages that are completely different from other methods. That’s why, according to many experts, this is not only a beautiful and safe nose shape but also very suitable for the youth.


Simple and secure

Gangwhoo Hospital’s rhinoplasty Zose-Line treatment satisfies the norms of a high-class sterile operating room. Modern medical equipment is disinfected properly to ensure sterility, sterility, safety, and dependability. Without any issues, the end outcome will be a gorgeous nose shape.

The conventional golden ratio tip

The Zose-Line nose lift, with its basic golden-ratio nose shape design, helps balance and harmonize with other aspects of the face.

Make your own nose shape

In contrast to other nose forms, Zose Line rhinoplasty will be subject to the “Personalization” requirement. Gangwhoo’s doctors will study each situation and create a one-of-a-kind nose shape. Ensure harmony and balance, and match each person’s overall face.

Create a smooth, round, natural nose tip

The natural element is the highlight of the Zose Line rhinoplasty method. Not only is the nose tip covered with autologous cartilage, but also creates a smooth, round, closed, and natural nose tip, especially suitable for the youth.

Without long stay

The healing time after the Zose-Line rhinoplasty is shortened thanks to the minimally invasive surgical technique, which has little impact on the face. The closed incision on the inside helps to not reveal any traces, bringing confidence to the customers.

Cartilage is compatible with the body

High-quality bio-cartilage is used during the Zose-Line rhinoplasty, ensuring quick compatibility with the Asian body. In particular, it also enhances safety and efficiency.

Gangwhoo Hospital’s standardized Zose Line rhinoplasty treatment

Gangwhoo Hospital’s Zose Line Rhinoplasty is a regulated and professional cosmetic technique. Always do it to achieve the most natural and gorgeous effects. The Zose Line rhinoplasty procedure at Gangwhoo typically consists of the following seven steps:

Step 1: Visit and consult

At Gangwhoo Hospital, when performing rhinoplasty Zose Line, the doctor will conduct an examination. Rely on AI X-ray to accurately analyze the condition and provide solutions for rhinoplasty.


Step 2: Medical checkup

Before carrying out Zose Line rhinoplasty, the next procedure is to check the general health of the client to ensure that it is suitable for the rhinoplasty procedure and to minimize risks during the procedure.

Step 3: Measure and designable

Next, the doctor will make accurate measurements and sketches of the nose shape, optimizing the natural beauty and harmonizing with the client’s face. This process helps to ensure accuracy and achieve the desired nose shape.

Step 4: Disinfect and anesthesia during the surgery

Rhinoplasty at Gangwhoo Hospital will not be able to skip the surgical sterilization and anesthesia step. This is a step to help limit pain and ensure comfort during the Zose Line rhinoplasty procedure.

Step 5: Carrying out rhinoplasty surgery

With sophisticated and professional techniques, the doctor will conduct Zose Line rhinoplasty to create a perfect and natural nose shape, in accordance with the aesthetic requirements of each customer. Bringing the most natural and harmonious rhinoplasty results.

Step 6: Follow up, check up after surgery

After the surgery, the doctor will regularly monitor to ensure the best and safest rhinoplasty results for all customers.

Step 7: Re-examination and stitches removal

Finally, after the nose healing process, customers will be re-examined and removed stitches, bringing perfection and confidence to the Zose Line rhinoplasty process at Gangwhoo Hospital.


How much does Zose Line rhinoplasty cost?

The current Zose Line rhinoplasty on the market costs about 45,000,000 VND. This is a completely reasonable price and worth investing in. However, the price of rhinoplasty can vary depending on many other factors. To know the specific price of rhinoplasty you can come to be examined, and consulted. You can refer to the price list of rhinoplasty at Gangwhoo Hospital below.

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Korean Rhinoplasty 870 5 years
Cartilage Rhinoplasty 1,090 10 years
3D Sline – 3D Lline Structural Rhinoplasty 1,720 15 years
4D Sline – 4D Lline Structural Rhinoplasty 2,150 15 years
6D Sline – 6D Lline Structural Rhinoplasty 3,000 Permanent
3D Nanoform Rhinoplasty 1,720
4D Nanoform Rhinoplasty 2,150
6D Nanoform Rhinoplasty 3,000
Rib Cartilage Rhinoplasty 4,290 Permanent
Nose Revision (Cases vary) 230 – 310 Permanent
Alar Base Reduction 440 Permanent
Nasal Hump Removal 879 Permanent
Nose Tip Reduction (Soft Tissues) 1,080 Permanent
Nose Tip Reduction + Nose Tip Enhancement 1,300 Permanent
Nasal Bone Correction 870 Cases vary
Bio Rib Cartilage 1,470 Cases vary
Bio Ear Cartilage
Zose Rhinoplasty (Rhinoplasty for GenZ) 1890  

Why should carry out Zose Line rhinoplasty at Gangwhoo Hospital?

Zose Line rhinoplasty at Gangwhoo Hospital is an ideal choice for you. Gangwhoo fully meets the criteria of cosmetic safety, so it will ensure to bring you the most beautiful and satisfied results. So what are the advantages of rhinoplasty at Gangwhoo Hospital?

The Zose Line rhinoplasty method originated in Korea with leading experts such as Professor Dr. Jang, Professor Cheng, and Professor Choi. In, Professor Cheng is famous for the Zose Line rhinoplasty technique for young people and celebrities in Korean showbiz. During the practice in Korea, the doctors at Gangwhoo Hospital, including Dr. Phung Manh Cuong, were very fortunate to have Professor Cheng personally teach and impart rhinoplasty techniques because his experience has accumulated more than 20 years in the profession.

Dr. Phung Manh Cuong was also taught by Professor Youl with more than 30 years of experience in rhinoplasty, he is also a famous leading expert on Zose Line rhinoplasty. With the useful sharing and teaching of Professor Youl, he has specialized in transferring all techniques and implementation methods to young customers in Vietnam.

From drawing experience and techniques from experts in Korea, the doctors at Gangwhoo Hospital have meticulously and accurately used the right technique to perform Zose Line rhinoplasty for young customers who like the natural, harmonious nose shape.

Gangwhoo always invests in state-of-the-art technology to ensure high safety for all customers. Apply AI computerized X-ray technology to accurately analyze and evaluate the condition of the nose. Ensure the rhinoplasty process is defined specifically and meets the aesthetic demand of each customer.


The surgical painless technology in rhinoplasty transferred from Korea with the high-tech technology that Gangwhoo has applied, it brings great benefits. Painless, with a low prognosis compared to other technologies, helps to limit complications and other possible complications.

Another indispensable technology in the process of Zose Line rhinoplasty has been applied and brought perfect beautiful results for customers, This is the endoscopic rhinoplasty technique.  4K endoscopic technique that can remove the periosteum, put the nasal wave into the periosteum, which is fixed and firm, helping the nose not to be shaken. Limit bruising, not thin skin, red skin, red nose tip. Bringing aesthetic and uncomplicated results to customers.

Before and after customer pictures of rhinoplasty at Gangwhoo Hospital

You must understand how to properly care for your nose following rhinoplasty

    • Always follow the doctor’s instructions and advice after rhinoplasty to ensure a better recovery.
    • Take time to rest enough and create favorable conditions for the body to recover after the rhinoplasty procedure.
    • Use the correct swelling relievers and painkillers prescribed by a doctor.
    • Avoid touching the nose area to avoid injury and affect the healing process of the nose.
    • Use a cotton pad with saline solution to wipe the nose area and keep the nasal area clean.
    • Limit exposure to direct sunlight to avoid swelling and irritation.
    • Stay hydrated at all times to aid in the healing process and reduce nasal dryness.
    • Avoid smoking and avoid exposure to polluted environments to aid in the healing of the nose.
    • Avoid excessive exercise, especially activities that involve the nose.
    • Follow up with a doctor on a regular basis to make sure to monitor your nose condition and get the best results.
    • Limit hot, spicy, and salty foods, and drink enough water.
    • Temporarily stop using cosmetics in the nasal area to avoid irritation.

Zose Line Rhinoplasty is undeniably the perfect choice for GenZ. If you also want to change your nose but want a natural, harmonious result, don’t ignore this rhinoplasty method!

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