Collagen and elastin structures become less solid, weaker, and age-related due to the unceasing cycle of time. And now that the Deep Smas Laser 5.0 facelift procedure has been developed, women have a fantastic chance to quickly “regenerate” their skin without needing to have any invasive surgery.

The following article from Gangwhoo Hospital will provide you with an outline of the Deep Smas Laser 5.0 facelift so you can better comprehend its workings and why both domestic and foreign clients are so happy with this procedure!


The degree of aging skin can only be slightly reduced by conventional face rejuvenation procedures. The effect lasts for a few years due to technical restrictions, and for individuals over 40, it may get less and less.

To stimulate the aging muscles responsible for wrinkles, sagging, and loose skin, Deep Smas Laser 5.0 rejuvenating facelift first penetrates the skin’s surface before progressively moving deeper into the epidermis and dermis. As a result, the skin becomes firmer, more elastic, and smoother. It also aids in increasing the production of collagen and elastin.

Deep SMAS laser 5.0
Deep SMAS laser 5.0


Successful research has led to the development of Deep Smas Laser 5.0, which is a highly effective treatment for the following defects:

  • The skin around the mouth, forehead, nasolabial folds, and lower eyelids are particularly prone to developing wrinkles.
  • After having undergone a facelift, I still have shallow scars from my acne treatment.
  • The face appears older than it is because of sagging facial skin.
  • The skin can be improved using non-invasive techniques.

DEEP SMAS LASER 5.0 Operating system

Traditional lasers and electromagnetic waves operate based on imparting impact to the skin from the outside. The deep SMAS laser facelift has the opposite result in that it tightens and rejuvenates the skin from the inside out without requiring any invasive procedures.

The depth to which the diode laser is used during this operation penetrates the skin from the outside inward to that of a surgical facelift. The skin’s ability to tighten and rejuvenate will be enhanced by the ultrasonic energy to the fullest extent possible. It will also encourage the production of new collagen and elastin. This strategy will always have the greatest impact with the least amount of discomfort.


Deep Smas Laser 5.0’s launch represents a significant advancement in high-tech aesthetics because it requires no invasive surgery, has no recovery time, and is safe. More precisely, this procedure was mostly used in facelift treatments in the US, where it swiftly won the approval and acceptance of many women.

For ladies who want to improve their lifeless skin and restore smooth skin similar to their twenties, the Deep Smas Laser 5.0 facelift is the ideal option. This is a result of the following exceptional benefits:

  • It is simple to move to many different places of the body without having to make incisions thanks to the combination of ultrasonic waves and laser beams 1,470 nm imparting impact deep inside the skin assistance by FTF cable technology.
  • Enhance the density of collagen and elastin by 100 times. The skin will smooth out as a result.
  • It is easier to avoid “blind manipulation” with the use of the laser aiming beam, which lowers the risk of harm or negative side effects from the process.
  • Women are interested in this procedure because there is no requirement for intrusive surgery.
  • There was no discomfort, no scarring, and no recovery time.
  • On the cheeks or other parts of the skin, wrinkles and deep lines will go swiftly.
  • Minimizes the possibility of developing grin lines around the lips
  • Increases elasticity and hydration to maintain tight, smooth skin while also improving skin tone and texture.
  • Instantaneous effects after just 60 minutes of implementation, and effects that continue for three to five years.

More specifically, specialists said that the Deep Smas Laser 5.0 facelift procedure can be used on its own without requiring the use of any other treatments. Consumers can choose to improve collagen and elastin production by 100 times by combining them with a thread lift. The Deep Smas Laser 5.0’s ability to significantly improve the efficacy of conventional thread lifts and innovatively produce long-lasting skin firmness is the cause.

Procedure using the Deep SMAS Laser 5.0

Several women could prioritize this non-surgical skin tightening technique anytime they want to tighten and renew their skin. This method is popular because of its high efficiency as well as its rapid treatment time through a routine process that involves the following steps:

Step 1: To assess the degree of aging and the state of the skin, the doctor will do an examination. Next, they will discuss the Deep Smas Laser 5.0 facelift procedure in depth so that the clients can get a broad notion of how it will be carried out.

Step 2: It involves cleaning the skin and sterilizing the equipment.

Step 3: Using a specific Diode Laser and the professional method previously described for patients, the doctor performs the facelift procedure.

Step 4: The skin area will receive further care with creams once the Deep Smas Laser 5.0 facelift procedure is finished.

Step 5: The consumer will be advised on skincare regimens to follow the procedure to get the desired outcomes.

Deep Smas Laser 5.0 facelift price list at Gangwhoo

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Frown lines
Facelift Revision (Extra Fee) 1,261
Facelift Scar Fixing 1,289 – 2,941
Endoscopic Facelift 420
4K Endoscopic Facelift 1,261
Forehead Reduction 2,941
Facial excess skin removal 2,101
Surgical neck lift 2,569
Surgical forehead lift 2,139
Face + neck Thermage rejuvenation
Face Thermage rejuvenation 650
Neck Thermage rejuvenation 440
Face + neck Hifu rejuvenation 650
Face Hifu rejuvenation 570
Neck Hifu rejuvenation 220
Deep Smas Laser (small areas, based on the description table) 1,290
Deep Smas Laser For Face (not including forehead) 2,570
Firin Nano Collagen Thread Rejuvenation (small areas, based on the description table) 860
Collagen Thread Lift (small areas, based on the description table) 1,290

Images of Deep SMAS laser 5.0 facelift customers at Gangwhoo


Dethe ep Smas Laser 5.0 facelift is one example of the innovative technology that Gangwhoo Hospital is a pioneer in bringing to Vietnam from Europe. You may relax knowing that Gangwhoo’s technique is FDA-approved for both safety and efficacy. Many ladies may turn to this method as the answer to regaining their youthful beauty.

Customers can be entirely confident in the quality and expertise of the Deep Smas Laser 5.0 facelift treatment at Gangwhoo Hospital because it is conducted by a team of Vietnamese – Korean specialists who have undergone extensive training in famous institutions both domestically and abroad.

Regarding the outcome of the procedure, the diode laser that emanates from the machine’s tip will continuously generate energy under the direct control of the mechanical system, stimulate the synthesis of collagen, and reinforce elastin to correct all skin imperfections, get rid of wrinkles, and sag. You can immediately see a significant change in your skin with just one session.

A Deep SMAS laser facelift will quickly eliminate the telltale symptoms of aging to restore your youthful skin if you’re searching for a way to “rejuvenate” your skin. Please contact Gangwhoo Plastic Surgery Hospital with the following information for further information about this procedure:


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