4K Endoscopy Technology: Advanced Equipment For Super Sharp Images and High Safety

4K endoscopy technology is a breakthrough in the field of beauty and aesthetics. With the perfect combination of cutting-edge technology and super-sharp image quality, the device delivers outstanding results that few other technologies can match. So what’s special about this technology? Let’s find out in this article now!

What is 4K endoscopy technology?

4K endoscopy technology is a technology that uses an endoscopy camera with a resolution 4 times higher than a conventional camera (Full HD). Allows you to see each blood vessel and each cell clearly and in detail. Thanks to that, doctors can dissect more gently and safely, minimizing the risk of bleeding, infection, scarring, or deformation after surgery.


Application of 4K endoscopy technology in aesthetics

Modern and advanced 4K endoscopy technology is undeniable. But one thing that few technologies can surpass 4K endoscopy technology is its very high applicability in aesthetics.


When using 4K endoscopy facelift will not leave scars, use a 4K endoscope to dissect the skin and facial muscles, then stretch the skin and cut off excess skin. This method helps remove wrinkles, sagging, and aging on the face, bringing youthful and natural beauty.

Breast augmentation

For breast augmentation, 4K endoscopy technology will help eliminate the need to operate on the entire chest area, just make 3 small holes in the area around the chest, use a 4K endoscope to create a space, and then place the implant. This method helps increase the size and firmness of the breasts, creating an attractive and harmonious bust.

Butt lift, butt implant

Similar to breast augmentation, gluteoplasty using endoscopic technology also does not require surgery on the entire buttocks. When performing the procedure, you only need to open 2 small holes in both sides of the hip, use a 4K endoscope to create space, and place the implants.


Rhinoplasty using 4K endoscopy technology is also an effective support tool. There is no need to operate on the entire dorsum; just open 2 small incisions on both sides of the nostrils, use a 4K endoscope to create a space, and place the cartilage.

Jaw reduction, cheekbone reduction

Of course, jaw surgery using 4K endoscopic technology will not require surgery on the entire jaw bone, or the cheekbones will only require 2 small incisions on both sides of the cheekbones. Only use the 4K endoscope to remove excess jaw bone. This helps reduce the size and width of the jaw, creating a V-line and slim face.

Advantages of 4K endoscopy technology compared to other endoscopy technologies

Super sharp images

4K endoscopy technology allows doctors to see every smallest detail of internal organs, every single one of blood vessels, cells, and tissue. This helps doctors diagnose more accurately, and detect abnormalities, infections, tumors, or other cell problems.

High level of safety

Thanks to the 4K endoscopic camera system, doctors can see the entire smallest microsurgical structure, avoiding damage to blood vessels and nerves, thereby limiting complications and damage to health.

Helps with gentle and safe dissection

The 4K endoscopic camera allows you to see each small blood vessel, allowing for gentle and safe dissection, and avoiding pain and swelling.

Helps with gentle and safe dissection to avoid pain and swelling

Diverse and specialized techniques

4K endoscopy technology is applied in many cosmetic procedures, such as facelift, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, gluteoplasty, jaw reduction, and cheekbone reduction.

Limit scarring and long-lasting results

4K endoscopic technology allows dissection of the smas – the facial muscle and skin layer – for muscle tightening and suturing. Helps cosmetic surgeries not leave ugly scars, providing natural and long-lasting skin-tightening

Gangwhoo Hospital transfers 4K technology in Korea

Gangwhoo TM Hospital’s transfer of Korean technology is not only timely but also ahead of the trend in beauty aesthetics in Vietnam. generally, doctors in Vietnam still have limitations in many aspects of endoscopy, especially the application of endoscopy in facelifts.

At Gangwhoo, luckily, while representing doctors to practice in Korea, Dr. Phung Manh Cuong had the opportunity to meet Professor Lee Sung Jung – who has more than 30 years of experience in facelift surgery.

Professor Lee Sung Jung, with more than 30 years of experience in facelift, imparted endoscopic facelift techniques to Dr. Phung Manh Cuong

Through the process, Dr. Cuong received training at Liting Hospital – a famous hospital specializing in facelifts in Korea. Here, Dr. Cuong was directly taught, guided, and shared experience and skills in performing surgery by the team and famous professors when applying 4K endoscopy technology.

From the process of learning with the guidance of professors, Dr. Cuong has trained and succeeded in performing 4K endoscopic facelifts for many customers. The beautiful, non-invasive, and safe results are appreciated and satisfied by many customers. Currently, many foreign customers are coming to Vietnam to get a facelift because they see the professionalism and quality at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital.

With the awareness of the times, always embracing technology in improving the quality and reputation of Gangwhoo Hospital in the field. As well as affirming its leading position and further proving that its position in the top 5 high-quality cosmetic hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City is completely worthy.


Many international customers trust to perform services at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital

Things to keep in mind before applying 4K endoscopy technology

Applying 4K endoscopy technology at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital There are always clear regulations to ensure good results and avoid unfortunate complications that may occur.

  • Inspect and evaluate the skin area requiring endoscopy.
  • Instruct clients to prepare before performing endoscopy, such as stopping taking anticoagulants, pain relievers, and birth control pills; stop smoking and drinking alcohol; Abstain from eating and drinking for 6-8 hours before.
  • Check general health before performing 4K endoscopy technology
  • Examine and determine whether the customer is pregnant or breastfeeding.

4K endoscopy technology is a step forward that opens a new level in the field of beauty and aesthetics. With methods performed using this technology, you will be completely assured about the results and aesthetic quality. Hopefully, through the above article, you will feel more secure when performing beauty services when applying this technology.


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