Choosing to undergo facelift surgery is already a big step for anyone who wants to look younger. But there’s another concern, it’s facelift recovery time – when will they archive their new aesthetically pleasing appearance? How can they fit the procedure into their schedule? Let’s find out via this article below.

Facelift recovery time
Facelift recovery time

Facelift definition

Facelift surgery remains as one of the most remarkable and long-term rejuvenating procedures nowadays thanks to its ability to fix most of the aging flaws on the face such as wrinkles, jowls, and sagging. However, as it is considered major surgery, there needs to be a long time for recovery than other less invasive methods.

Facelift recovery time - Before and after images
Facelift recovery time – Before and after images

Is facelift surgery painful?

Facelift surgery is performed under local or general anesthesia depending on the decision of the surgeons. But either way, it can be guaranteed that customers won’t feel any pain during the operation.

Once the anesthesia wears off, there will be light or mild pain due to the characteristic of this procedure which includes one of the most sensitive parts of the body but it can be managed by painkillers.

Facelift recovery time

When considering undergoing a facelift, it’s important to know how the procedure will be carried out and what will happen after that. The final aesthetically pleasing result may take several months, but the facelift recovery time is considerably shorter.

It’s hard to state an exact number for the facelift recovery time because it depends on many factors such as genetics, age, health status, aftercare, and what method was used during the surgery. That’s why, to shorten this period, let the wound heal faster, and prevent the risk of complications, patients should follow closely all the protocols and advice that were given by medical workers.

Below is a general timeline of a facelift recovery time:

– 1st week

Right after the surgery, there may be bruising and swelling but these are normal reactions of the body during the healing period then will eventually subside within a few days. Customers will likely be provided with needed medication for this period.

Follow a check-up schedule to change the dressing and evaluate the healing status of the incisions as well as check for any signs of infection.

Medical workers will provide a list of foods that are good for wound healing and what are not. Complying with all the advice for a better healing process.

Refrain from any physical activities to not put any pressure or stretch the incisions.

It’s best to take some time off work but if you want to return to the office, better ask for advice from your surgeon.

– 2nd week

Suture removal will likely happen during this period depending on the characteristics of each procedure.

Swelling and bruising are significantly improved by this time; there may be a feeling of numbness, and tightness around the incision areas but these symptoms should not cause any concern as they will subside over time.

Some light activities like walking are allowed by the end of this period to keep the body healthy.

By the end of this period, it’s totally fine to return to the workplace but still need to be mindful not to put pressure on or stretch the healing area.

– 3rd week onward

Patients will begin to notice the improvement in their facial contour.

All swelling and bruising may be gone in this state, patients will feel much better and refreshed.

If patients chose to do the procedure at Gangwhoo hospital, the incisions will be almost invisible after reaching this state thanks to the special way surgeons use to carry out the procedure there. There won’t be any noticeable traces of cosmetic surgery so no one can recognize that customers had gone under the knife unless they choose to tell.

Most exercise and daily activities can also be resumed now.

There may be casual check-ups from your surgeon from time to time to closely monitor the results and how the facelift recovery time going.

After the 4th week, customers now can enjoy life with their new aesthetically pleasing appearance. There may be a minor feeling of tightness or swelling but these can only be noticeable by yourself.

Please note that the above is just a relative time frame. Each patient may have an individual timeline and all must follow the aftercare protocol provided by medical workers to experience a fast healing process.

Facelift recovery time
Facelift recovery time

Tips for facelift recovery time

  1. Follow the check-up schedule

Complying with the aftercare schedule provided by the hospital you chose to do the procedure to clean the wound and check the healing process of the incisions.

You should also clean them at home as instructed and monitor the condition yourself.

  1. Sleep face up

Keep your face up when sleeping instead of side way to avoid putting pressure on the area of the incision.

You can use pillows to build forts on both sides of your head so that your head won’t roll over during your slumber.

  1. Eat healthily and stay hydrated

Get advice from your surgeon about what to eat and what not.

Follow a balanced diet to provide enough nutrition as well as avoid food that can interfere with the healing process.

Drink lots of water to keep yourself healthy and hydrated.

  1. No sun exposure

Sunlight is harmful to newly healed wounds.

Limit your time under the sun.

Use a larger-brimmed hat or better stay in the shade. Once your wound is healed, apply sun cream to further protect yourself from the sun.

  1. Stop smoking and drinking alcohol

Tobacco and alcohol are proven to be bad for wound healing so be careful not to smoke or drink during the facelift recovery time.

  1. Rest well and exercise when possible

Resting is crucial, especially during the first week after the procedure.

You can also go walking and then do some light exercise to keep fit and guarantee a better healing period.

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The best place for a successful facelift procedure

The 5-star facility at Gangwhoo
The 5-star facility at Gangwhoo

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital has been a go-to place for customers who want a new aesthetically pleasing look via facelift procedures thanks to all the modern facilities and a team of professional doctors with years of experience and high expertise.

Medical workers will make sure to provide all patients with needed information about the procedure and the procedure as well as what to notice during facelift recovery time for a speedy healing period.

Above is basic information about facelift recovery time. If you have any further questions regarding the facelift or any other procedure, please leave your phone number or contact our hotline/zalo to book a free consultation with our specialists.


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