Thread lift has become more and more popular nowadays as a safe, minimally invasive, and relatively effective procedure. But how about thread lift aftercare? What to do and what not to ensure the success of the procedure? Let’s find out in this article below.

Thread lift aftercare
Thread lift aftercare

What is a thread lift?

Aging is a natural process nobody can stop but there are many ways one can undergo to improve the physical appearance. Among them, thread lift is one of the most popular choices thanks to its being an effective but minimally invasive procedure.

Medical thread material is inserted into the skin and then tightened to bring the lifting effect to your skin.

Choosing a reputable hospital to undergo the procedure and proper thread lift aftercare can bring back the youthful look one desires.

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Advantages of thread lift

As mentioned above, thread lift is a relatively effective procedure to restore your beauty. Its many good points can be listed below:

– Eliminate the saggy, wrinkled, and other aging signs of the skin.

– Prove to draw taut the facial skin by tightening the thread, restoring the elasticity and youthful beauty of the face.

– Painless and scar-free.

– Use dissolved bio-threads and leave no traces of cosmetic interference.

– Stimulate Collagen generation to maintain a youthful look and limit the deterioration of the skin.

– Fast procedure, shorten the recovery time and downtime.

– Long-lasting results, guarantee at least 10 years younger.

Thread lift aftercare instructions

Even though this procedure is considered safe and can minimize recovery time, there are still many thread lift aftercare regularities one should follow to ensure success.

  1. Things you Should do

– Resume your daily life.

– Rest well and eat well but be careful with the food and drinks you consume as some can cause irritation or be toxic.

– Tightness and soreness are common feelings after the procedure and they will eventually improve after a few days so you don’t have to worry.

– Mild swelling and bruising can also happen for a few days after the procedure. Do apply a cool compress as instructed by medical workers to ease the discomfort.

– Follow your doctor’s instructions on keeping the entry of thread dry and clean.

– Take proper medication as prescribed.

– Sleep face up (at least for the first week after the procedure) to lessen the pressure on the face and prevent movement of the thread.

– Minimize your facial expressions (frowning, angry, shouting, …) to avoid any movement of the thread.

– Take painkillers as advice from your doctor.

– Attend follow-up appointments as scheduled.

– Contact your doctor immediately if there are any serious symptoms.

Thread lift aftercare
Thread lift aftercare
  1. Things you should not do

– Avoid touching your face, especially the entry points of the thread lift.

– Avoid rubbing, scrubbing, or tugging when washing your face, that includes not massaging your face, and do not make any impact on the entry points of the thread lift.

– Avoid lying face down or on your side since it will apply pressure on your current-healing skin.

– There may be some tiny scabs forming on the entry points, do not peel them off. If you feel itchy, use a q-tip to gently clean it and ease the itchiness.

– Avoid taking hard food or alcoholic beverages (wine, beer…); only soft food and light liquid like water/mineral water are allowed, at least 1-2 weeks after the procedure. Be careful with the food that can irritate, be toxic, or scarring like seafood, water spinach, and red meat,…

– As mentioned above, avoid excessive expression. This also includes some excess facial movements like chewing gum and drinking from a straw, … for at least 2 weeks.

– No make-up or dental treatment for at least 48 hours or 2 weeks respectively.

You are also advised to not use any cosmetics so your skin can naturally heal.

– Avoid too much direct contact with water in the treatment area.

– No smoking

– Avoid prolonged heat exposure as it may raise your blood pressure and become a threat to your health as well as slowing down your healing process. That includes sunlight, sauna, hot shower, sunbathing, …

This principle also applies to extreme cold conditions. So make sure to keep your skin, especially the treatment area under normal temperature.

Thread lift aftercare
Thread lift aftercare

There may be some more notices on what to do and not do for thread lift aftercare, to guarantee the best result, you’d better consult your doctor for the most suitable healing plan for yourself since almost every person has a different healing process.

The best place for a thread lift procedure

Following a proper thread lift aftercare plan is recommended for every person planning to undergo the procedure. But choosing a reputable hospital to do it and get all the necessary advice both pre and post-procedure should be considered one of your priorities too.

For years, Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital has been on the top list of prestigious cosmetic hospitals thanks to thousands of customers choosing it each year to bring them they’re desired aesthetically pleasing look and get satisfaction in return.

At Gangwhoo, customers will always get to experience the international standard facilities and services from the moment they step into our hospital. There is also a team of professional doctors with years of experience and great expertise to ensure you get the best service and all the needed information about thread lift aftercare.

Above are general details on what needs to be taken notice of during the thread lift aftercare period. If you need anything more, please leave your number or contact our hotline/zalo for a free consultation with our doctors.


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