Christmas holiday is just around the corner and the festive atmosphere has been everywhere, many have considered undergoing some Christmas beauty procedures to don their best look for the holiday. Let’s find out what procedures are best to be chosen for this holiday via the article below.

Christmas Beauty procedures
Christmas Beauty procedures

People always want to look good for the holiday, not to impress anyone, sometimes it’s just to feel pleased about themselves. There’s not much time left until the holiday spirit comes knocking on our doors so the priority of Christmas beauty procedures these days is non-invasive or minimally invasive so they can heal and look their best on the big day.

Below is 6 Christmas beauty procedures recommended for the holiday

1. Non-surgical facelift

Non-surgical facelift

A facelift is one of the most popular plastic surgery and has been the go-to procedure chosen by thousands to archive they’re desired aesthetically pleasing appearance. But to perform this procedure, doctors need to make strategic incisions and then alter the facial skin, muscle and tissue. That’s why there are relatively long downtime and strict aftercare.

Non-surgical facelift offers an alternative to normal facelift with comparable results in a painless and minimally invasive way.

There are a few non-surgical facelift procedures in the market. Which one to choose depends on the extent of lifting you want, how much your budget is and how long you desire the result to last. Below is some well-known non-surgical facelift you can consider for Christmas beauty procedures this holiday:

– Botulinum toxin injections (Botox): these injection helps relax tense muscles which can help smooth out wrinkles, deep lines, or jawline contouring. Most people have botox injections in the glabella, forehead, corners of their eyes, or jawline. Results can be maintained for three to twelve months depending on which procedure you choose.

– Dermal fillers: injections of substances such as hyaluronic acid or gel to add volume back to the face. Dermal fillers bring back the fullness to your sunken cheeks and lips, they can also fill in deep wrinkles. Depending on what type of filler is used, results last from six months to several years, after that, you need to repeat the procedure.

Ear Filler Makeover of Luck and Fortune

– Fat injections: this procedure deploys your own body’s fat to fill in sagging or sunken areas of your face. These types of injections are more invasive compared to dermal fillers due to the characteristic of the procedure is to perform liposuction first, but the results are longer.

Thread lift: medical or collagen bio-thread is inserted into the skin and then tightened to draw taut the sagging skin. Thread lift can also help promote collagen generation to increase the elasticity of the facial skin and keep the result for a longer time. It can also be done together with other procedures like Thermage or HIFU for a better outcome. How long the effect of thread lift will last depend on which bio-thread your operators use, but it can be comparable with traditional facelift surgery.

2. Liposuction

Fat reduction has always been the most chosen cosmetic procedure, be it surgical or not because weight issue is one of the most concerning problems for many.

There are many types of fat reduction with different levels of invasiveness you can choose for the Christmas beauty procedures to archive a more fit appearance. At Gangwhoo hospital, we offer a safe and minimally invasive liposuction procedure – Lipo Ultrasound, which results in shorter downtime and recovery time. Fat tissue will be liquefied and then extracted from the body via specially made small incisions.

With that being said, as this technology doesn’t put much pressure on your body and the risk of complication is quite low, you can combine various liposuction into a one-time procedure and make it a full-body liposuction. The results will be fantastic and you can archive a desirable body for the holiday. If post-operation care is followed right, you can maintain that body for a long time.

Moreover, the compression garment can be hidden perfectly under the layers of clothes so you don’t have to worry about outsiders’ opinions. It can also become your motivation on following a more healthy diet and exercise to maintain that perfect figure.

3. Breast surgeries

The Christmas holidays can be a perfect time to recuperate from invasive surgery. Many people decide to get have a breast makeover such as augmentation, reduction or lift. People usually need to take a couple of weeks off work after these procedures but since it’s already the holiday season, you can relax at home and won’t have to take extra time off work. Some women also choose to have a complete body makeover, which combines breast surgery with liposuction and tummy tuck as full-package Christmas beauty procedures.

4. Mesotherapy

Christmas beauty procedures - PRP Mesotherapy
Christmas beauty procedures – PRP Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy (or meso in short) is a powerful anti-aging non-surgical treatment that includes an injection with vitamins, enzymes, hormones, and plant extracts to the skin layer just below the surface to rejuvenate the skin and improve its health and appearance in a less painful and minimally invasive way.

You can also combine mesotherapy with PRP – which stands for Platelet-rich plasma and uses your blood as an injectable, then mixes with a small dose of other injectables to inject into the targeted areas and enhance the effects for outstanding results.

Combining PRP and mesotherapy stimulates the natural mechanism of healing and leads to results that outlast those of traditional mesotherapy procedures, lasting up to six months or more before you need to redo the process. This is one of the perfect choices between all the Christmas beauty procedures thanks to those convenient benefits.

5. Laser rejuvenation

Christmas beauty procedures - Laser rejuvenation
Christmas beauty procedures – Laser rejuvenation

You can consider getting a laser rejuvenation treatment to improve the tone and texture of your skin. It will essentially remove the outermost layer of the skin and even promote the production of collagen, leaving your skin smoother and plumper. Depending on the type of laser that’s been used (CO2 or Erbium), it will take 1-2 weeks for you to recover. You can also use cosmetics to help your facial skin heal faster as well as nurture the new skin.

6. Brow and Lips makeover

This is the ideal non-surgical cosmetic gift for yourself or anyone in your family or group of friends. Be it lip shaping, lip augmentation, or brow sculpting, the process is fast and the result can be visible immediately or in a few days and then lasts for a relatively long time. The healing period is short so you don’t need to take any time off work. What Christmas beauty procedures can be more suitable than this?

Choosing a prestigious place for your Christmas beauty procedures

Christmas beauty procedures are extremely popular for many reasons. Other than having more time and space on their hands to recuperate, many patients can also benefit from the holiday discounts that hospitals and clinics offer. Usually, there’s a Christmas or New Year’s discount going on, which can make these procedures more affordable.

However, in an attempt to find the most affordable hospital or clinic, you should not make any compromises on the standards of healthcare that they provide.

For years, Gangwhoo hospital has made its name in the plastic surgery field as one of the most reputable places for any beauty procedure.

Housed of a team consists of many doctors who have high expertise and years of experience in the plastic surgery field. They also continuously update the trends of beauty and new technologies every year to make sure their customers get the best services at Gangwhoo hospital.

Above are the top 6 Christmas beauty procedures you can consider choosing for this big holiday. This basic information can come in handy if you are still reluctant about what is suitable for you. If you need further assistance on other Christmas beauty procedures or any plastic surgeries, feel free to leave your phone number in the comment below or contact our hotline/zalo to book a consultation.


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