Non-surgical facelift offers an alternative to traditional facelift procedures as they can be carried out without any incisions made. Many patients are wanting to have a youthful look but are too afraid to go under the knife; a non-surgical facelift is a suitable choice for them in this case. Let’s find out more about these procedures via the article below.

Non-surgical facelift
Non-surgical facelift

What is a non-surgical facelift?

Non-surgical facelift is a procedure with the same goal as facelift surgery, it’s to draw taut the wrinkled and sagging part of the face. The difference is that non-surgical facelift results are just temporary and it is carried out in a painless and minimally invasive way.

Depending on which method customers choose to do, they will eventually have to repeat it if they want the results to last.

Who is a candidate for a non-surgical facelift?

Anyone desiring a new youthful look in a minimally invasive way can be a candidate for this procedure.

Usually, the skin will become saggy and wrinkly after turning 30. If your health is relatively good and have no serious health issues, you can always apply for a facelift procedure, be it surgical or non-surgical depending on your health condition and how you wish your procedure to be carried out.

With how the technology and facility have developed, whichever way you choose to do it, if it’s done in a prestigious hospital, the results will be guaranteed.

How is a non-surgical facelift performed?

There is a variety of non-surgical facelifts for your choice according to how much “lifting” you want, your financial status, and how long the results will last.

That’s why it’s better to discuss it thoroughly with your doctor before deciding to go for it.

– Botulinum toxin injections: or in short Botox, these injection helps relax tense muscles leading to wrinkles. Most people have botox injections in the glabella, forehead, or at corners of their eyes. Results can be maintained for up to three months then you can redo it.

– Dermal fillers: injections of substances such as hyaluronic acid or gel to add volume back to sunken or shallow areas of the face. Dermal fillers bring back the fullness to your cheeks and lips, they can also fill in deep wrinkles. Results from dermal fillers last from six months to several years, after that, you need to repeat the procedure.

– Fat injections: this procedure uses fat extracted from your body to fill in sagging areas of your face. These types of injections are more invasive than dermal fillers due to the characteristic of the procedure is to perform liposuction first, but they tend to last longer.

Thread lift: medical bio-thread is inserted into the skin and then tightened to lift the sagging skin. Thread lift can also help promote collagen production to increase the elasticity of your facial skin and prolong the youthful results of the procedure. How long the effect of thread lift will last depend on which bio-thread your operators use, but it can somehow be comparable with traditional facelift surgery.

Non-surgical facelift
Before and After Images of Non-surgical facelift

Potential side effects of a non-surgical facelift

Potential risks of complications after performing a non-surgical facelift depend on which type of procedure you choose to do. As most non-surgical facelift procedures are considered safe and have minimal risks of complications, but some side effects may happen, including:





Itchy skin (pruritis).

Lumps or asymmetry in your face.



In rare cases, botulinum toxin injections and dermal fillers can lead to Fever, Headache, Nausea, vomiting, or Skin rash.

To avoid these symptoms, you should follow all the aftercare protocols that medical workers provided and attend check-up appointments as scheduled so that they can monitor your condition closely.

Price list

The cost of non-surgical facelift procedures differs depending on which types of procedures and what material the operators use. Below is the price list of some non-surgical facelift procedures at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital for your reference:

Forehead Reduction
SMAS facelift 4,080
Facial excess skin removal 2,150
Surgical neck lift 2,580
Surgical forehead lift 2,150
Face + neck Thermage rejuvenation
Face Thermage rejuvenation 650
Neck Thermage rejuvenation 440
Face + neck Hifu rejuvenation 650
Face Hifu rejuvenation 570
Neck Hifu rejuvenation 220
Deep Smas Laser (small areas, based on the description table) 1,290
Deep Smas Laser For Face (not including forehead) 2,570
Firin Nano Collagen Thread Rejuvenation (small areas, based on the description table) 860
Collagen Thread Lift (small areas, based on the description table) 1,290

The best place for any facelift procedure

According to many customers having done facelift procedures and experts, to know exactly which types of non-surgical facelifts to undergo, choosing a reputable hospital should be one of their top priorities. Because there have been many cases where customers put their trust in some “shady” establishments due to their greed for cheap prices and misleading advertisements, resulting in sad situations more than just losing money.

For many years, Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is still standing strong as a prestigious facility, with safety standards and 5-star quality (Korean standard).

Coming to “Gangwhoo”, you will experience a professional environment according to international standards with a team of highly skilled, reputable, and well-trained doctors. Every year, the doctors here are invited by leading cosmetic organizations in the world (such as Korea, Germany, USA, Japan, and India…) to attend seminars and research to update all the trends and technologies in the beauty field. That has helped the quality and reputation of Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital to be greatly confirmed.

Before and After images of the facelift at Gangwhoo hospital

We have reached the end of this article providing basic information on non-surgical facelifts. If you want to know more about non-surgical facelifts or any other procedures, please leave your phone number or contact our hotline/zalo to book a free consultation with our experts.


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