“The Muse of Phalaenopsis” Trend At Gangwhoo Hospital

In order to show gratitude to the customers, Gangwhoo Hospital gave a special gift the beauty photoshoot named “The Muse of Phalaenopsis”. Only in April, This is also a big thanks to customers for choosing the hospital.

“The Muse of Phalaenopsis” Trend At Gangwhoo Hospital
“The Muse of Phalaenopsis” Trend At Gangwhoo Hospital

The phenomenon “The Muse of Phalaenopsis” is currently all the rage. The concept and makeup look follow the glowy and glass skin makeup style. Furthermore, combined with a Korean style mixed with a bit of douyin’s trend makeup.

At Gangwhoo Hospital, we also keep up with the latest fashion trends to send gifts to our customers. The gift is poetic and full of sweetness, recording the customer’s “transformation” after a beauty makeover.

Le Hien Founder shared: Gangwhoo possesses every trendy item, regardless of whether it’s hot or nice. When my customers come in for beauty treatments, I always want them to receive the most gratifying and professional care. I gave clients a huge thank you beauty picture shoot called “The Muse of Phalaenopsis” just in April. We are appreciative to all the patients who have previously trusted and selected the institution. Customers at Gangwhoo will receive several additional exceptional gifts in addition to this one spectacular present.”

Le Hien Founder

Under Ministry of Health requirements, Gangwhoo Hospital is not only highly regarded for its safety and quality, but it is also acknowledged as a professional service hospital. In recent years, the hospital has been ranked among Ho Chi Minh City’s top 5 high-quality cosmetic facilities.

After receiving beauty services, a lot of clients express their satisfaction and gratitude for the outcomes. It is competent when it comes to servicing, investing in cutting-edge machinery and systems, and comprehending the psychology of customers.

As a thank-you present to patients, our hospital hosts monthly customer appreciation activities. The hospital offers free photo shoots named “The Muse of Phalaenopsis” in this April, allowing clients to keep their memories as the transformation of beauty.

Our hospital provides a free, all-inclusive package so customers just need to come to Gangwhoo with a relaxed spirit and radiance. When you return, you will receive a beautiful and sweet set of photos that are not inferior to the Douyin’s models.

The hospital also finished Quynh Luong’s picture shoot recently. The hospital funded a young, attractive girl from Generation Z who wanted to shoot pictures to document her youth.

The hospital performed a 4D structural rhinoplasty on her earlier. Following the stabilization and beauty of her nose, she actively shared photos of it on social media. She enrolled in an appreciation activity in order to record her youthful attractiveness for the beauty photoshoot

Quynh Luong shares:“I’ve had my nose done at Gangwhoo for more than a year, and the results are very beautiful, I’m very satisfied. What I like most is the naturalness and harmony. On this occasion, the hospital gave me a photoshoot named “The Muse of Phalaenopsis” which was truly excellent, and beyond my expectations. Thank you to the hospital for giving me a chance  to take such an amazing photoshoot.”

Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, a pioneer in high-tech aesthetics, always tries to be able to perfect every day. The hospital invests in many modern technologies, such 4K endoscopy technology, AI X-ray, Harmonic scalpel, and Keller funnel,…Not only affirming its safe aesthetic unit but also focusing on customer experience.

According to Le Hien Founder, the hospital will continue to provide customers with many quality cosmetic and plastic services. Providing customers with high-class, professional, and satisfying cosmetic services.

Not only offering unique beauty photo gifts, the hospital will continue to organize many attractive gratitude programs. Giving customers a worthy investment not only in appearance but also in spirit.

What are you waiting for? register for “The Muse of Phalaenopsis” concept to not miss the opportunity to save beautiful memories this April only.

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