Posing with Latex Compression Undergarments After Abdominal Liposuction

Wearing a latex compression undergarment is unquestionably required for assisting cells and muscle tissue to firmly cling to each other. Customers’ recuperation time after liposuction is therefore shortened. So, how long do you have to wear latex compression after liposuction of the abdomen?

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Latex Compression Undergarments


Wearing latex compression undergarments after liposuction will help prevent the impact of vigorous activities causing unwanted injuries. At the same time, wearing latex compression helps cells and muscles firmly attach to each other… enhancing the recovery process.

Latex Compression Undergarments

Furthermore, using latex compression will assist to fix the form of the belly, avoid muscular contraction risks, and prevent the reaccumulation of extra fat.

The extra fat under the skin and above the cell tissues is immediately removed from the body during the liposuction operation. As a result, following abdominal liposuction, you must wear a latex compression garment to ensure that the skin and tissues in the body cling securely to one other… can make the recuperation process proceed more smoothly.

WIt is critical to use latex compression after abdominal liposuction. This will assist consumers in avoiding symptoms such as extra skin, contour inconsistencies, and drooping skin… after reducing a significant quantity of fat from the body. But how long should you wear latex compression undergarments after abdomen liposuction?Let’s find out in the next segment with Dr. Park Sung Yong (now employed at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital).


Latex Compression Undergarments

Dr. Park Sung Yong provides the following response to the query, “How long should you wear latex compression after abdomen liposuction?”

The consumer must wear a latex compression garment for about a week following liposuction. Because now is the ideal moment to assist the skin and muscles attach to each other more securely and effectively.

For about 1-3 months, you should keep on wearing a latex compression. Thereby ensuring the best result after abdomen liposuction and helping customers to take the follow-up visits as scheduled by the doctor.

For a great fortune you’ve spent on the liposuction service, you should strictly follow the below instructions to ensure the best result besides wearing a latex compression after abdomen liposuction.


1. Adequate wound hygiene

To keep the liposuction region clean, use cotton to absorb bodily fluids and change the dressing on a regular basis. As a result, infection, edema, bleeding, or necrosis are avoided.

Latex Compression Undergarments


2. As directed by the doctor, use cold and warm compresses

You should also use cold and warm compresses to reduce inflammation and swelling. Warm compresses can successfully improve blood circulation, cell regeneration, and recuperation time.

Latex Compression Undergarments


3. Balanced and nutritious meals

Customers must follow a balanced and nutritious diet in addition to wearing a latex compression after abdominal liposuction. A nutritious diet will improve your body’s resistance and minimize your recuperation time.

– For 1-2 days following abdominal liposuction, divide your meals into tiny portions and eat mashed oatmeal, cereals, smoothies, or fruit juices…

– For the following 3 to 14 days: Although you can eat normally at this period, you should supplement your diet with stews, green vegetables, fruits, almonds, cereals, soybeans, black beans, and so on to tighten up the skin and shorten the healing process.

– About half a month to 1 month: You need to maintain your daily diet as well as supplement with foods rich in vitamins and natural micro-minerals.

Latex Compression Undergarments


4. Diet research

You should also avoid items that promote itching and wound infection, such as alcohol, beer, tobacco, water spinach, steak, poultry, and sticky rice.

To minimize fat reaccumulation, avoid soft beverages, quick eats, and fatty foods; restrict starch intake from rice, vermicelli, noodle soup, pho, and bread…

Latex Compression Undergarments


5. Avoid strenuous workouts

After abdomen liposuction, customers should not do intense exercises to avoid causing unwanted impacts to the liposuction area. However, customers should do light exercises as instructed by the doctor will help shorten the recovery process.

Latex Compression Undergarments


6. Stay comfortable and get enough sleep

It is essential to get enough sleep (8 hours/day) to avoid stress. Because your mental health also influences greatly the recovery process. Stay noted – physical health has a very close relationship with mental health.

7. Follow the doctor’s instructions on medications and follow-up appointments

Always remember to take the medication at the proper time and amount, and to attend the doctor’s planned follow-up visits. As a result, you may avoid unnecessary risks and get sound guidance on what you should and should not do during the recuperation process.

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