Frenulum Breve Pain Treatment During Sex: Cherish Love to its Finest

Frenulum Breve Pain Treatment During Sex: Cherish Love to its Finest, An excellent way to ensure that guys can completely enjoy “intimate” times without experiencing any pain or discomfort. Is the therapy both safe and effective? Let’s find out straight away in the next article.

Frenulum Breve Pain Treatment

What is the foreskin frenulum?

The frenulum of the foreskin (penile ligament) is a thin strip of mucosa in an inverted V shape that lies tightly under the glans. It is the delicate connection between the glans and the foreskin.

Frenulum Breve Pain Treatment

The foreskin frenulum can be thick or thin, depending on each person’s individual constitution. Most importantly, regardless of thickness or thinness, the frenulum always plays an important role as a special sensitive area on the penis, bringing an “intense” emotional experience during sex for men.

What is the function of the foreskin frenulum?

The frenulum is a part of the male reproductive system. Its function plays an important role in creating intense sublimated emotions in men when “having sex”.

Frenulum Breve Pain Treatment

  • Foreskin retention: Prevents the foreskin from sliding too high up the shaft of the penis, keeping it stable in states ranging from flaccid to hard.
  • Sensitivity: Sensitive design, especially when touched lightly, creates a feeling of excitement during sex.
  • Aphrodisiac: Responsible for sexual stimulation, increasing desire in men when stimulated.
  • Flexible in adjusting the length: Adjust the length to ensure a comfortable sexual experience, avoiding problems related to pain or discomfort.
  • Limit short frenulums: Prevent frenulums being too short, causing pain and affecting sexual experience, ensuring comfort and sublimation in sex.

What is the foreskin frenulum?

A short foreskin frenulum causes the “little guy” to bend down, which will lead to pain and discomfort. The curvature depends largely on the shortness of the frenulum. It becomes serious when the frenulum is too short.

Frenulum Breve Pain Treatment

If the frenulum is too short, it can lead to injury during vigorous sexual intercourse. In the case of frequent problems, surgical intervention to correct the frenulum can be performed by a doctor to reduce unwanted effects and reshape.

Symptoms of short foreskin frenulum

Some signs you can easily recognize the condition of short foreskin frenulum through

  • “the “little guy” is bent downward, sometimes causing discomfort and pain. 
  • The more severe the shortening of the penile frenulum, the more obvious the downward curvature and the more severe the discomfort.
  • Other abnormal manifestations of the foreskin, such as long, narrow foreskin, or a combination of long and narrow, deviated or low urinary opening.

Causes of foreskin frenulum

The cause of short foreskin frenulum is affected by 2 main causes including congenital and trauma or infection.

Frenulum Breve Pain Treatment

  • Congenital: This is the main condition and often accompanies phimosis. From birth, some men’s penile frenulum is shortened, but it is often not detected until men enter puberty and adulthood. 
  • Acquired:  When men experience infection or trauma in the frenulum area, it will create a sticky scar that will recede over time. Especially if the repetition rate is high, it will cause burning and serious pain. Without early treatment, the frenulum becomes shorter and shorter over time

Harmful effects of a short penile frenulum

Short foreskin frenulum not only affects the quality of sexual life but also affects many other aspects of men’s daily activities. Some harmful effects when men do not treat a short frenulum early.

Affects the quality of sexual life

The “little guy” is bent down, making it difficult and even in severe cases, not being able to have sex. This condition causes men’s psychology to become stressed and reduce confidence, affecting the experience and pleasure of sex.

Frenulum Breve Pain Treatment

Difficulty urinating 

Short frenulum can increase difficulty urinating due to poor urine flow. If combined with phimosis, it can cause infection. This condition affects men’s overall comfort and health.

High risk of frenulum rupture

Short frenulum increases the risk of rupture during sex, causing bleeding and pain. If not treated promptly, it can lead to infection and bad scarring, causing penis deformity. This increases the risk of accidents in bed and affects men’s overall health.

Inferiority and psychological pressure

With a short frenulum, men often tend to feel psychological pressure during sex. Always being obsessed with feelings of pain, stress and loss of confidence greatly affects the relationship.

Frenulum Breve Pain Treatment

Impaired sexual health

Not treating a short frenulum promptly will lead to many health and psychological problems. In particular, it not only affects sexual health but also affects overall health.

Should I use the method to lengthen the frenulum foreskin at home?

Applying the method to lengthen the frenulum foreskin at home needs to be based on each person’s specific condition. If the technique and operation are not met, it can cause other serious problems.

For complete treatment to ensure safety and effectiveness, it is best to see a qualified specialist for examination and a suitable treatment regimen. You should not self-treat at home because this is inherently not recommended and can lead to other consequences.

What is the technique for treating short frenulum pain during sex?

Treating a short frenulum and pain during sex can be done in many ways, of which an effective method is to use the technique of cutting and lengthening the frenulum.

This technique is relatively simple and does not require complexity. In many cases of circumcision, specialists also encourage men to combine it with reshaping the frenulum to achieve good results. It not only limits pain during sex, but also limits inflammation and related diseases.

How does the treatment process for short frenulum and pain during sex work?

Treatment of short frenulum pain during intercourse is a simple surgery that is performed quickly. The basic steps will take place including the following:

Frenulum Breve Pain Treatment


  • Step 1: The doctor clinically examines the boy’s general health.
  • Step 2: Clean and disinfect the “boy” area to prepare for minor surgery
  • Step 3: Perform anesthesia to minimize pain and discomfort during the procedure
  • Step 4: Doctor Perform reconstruction of the short foreskin frenulum. This procedure is not too surgical and only takes about 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Step 5: Rest to recover after minor surgery and return the same day with prescription medication and home care instructions according to your doctor’s instructions.

How much does it cost to treat a short foreskin frenulum?

The cost of treating a short foreskin frenulum depends on the condition and severity of each case. At Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, the cost is usually around 40,000,000 VND.

To get detailed and accurate information about costs for your specific condition, a consultation and examination with your doctor is important. Come visit us now to receive an accurate quote for your problem.

Why should you treat short frenulum pain during sex at Gangwhoo Hospital?

Treatment of short frenulum pain during sex at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is the ideal choice for men. Overcome and thoroughly improve “hard to talk about” problems in men. At Gangwhoo, we fully meet the standards of safety and quality in surgery according to the Ministry of Health.

Frenulum Breve Pain Treatment

At Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, the team of doctors and experts is highly experienced. Dr. Dr. Truong Hoang Minh, an expert in andrology with extensive experience treating diseases in men. Professor Park Sung Hun, expert consultant specializing in the field of treatment of other men’s problems.

Frenulum Breve Pain Treatment

The hospital also uses modern equipment and machinery in surgical treatment of short foreskin frenulum. Modern 4K endoscopic equipment system helps observe and perform surgery accurately and safely.

The treatment process is designed to be safe and comply with advanced medical standards with an absolute 5/5 scale for safety and quality. The hospital is certified by the Ministry of Health, ensuring prestige and service quality.

When performing short frenulum treatment at Gangwhoo, you are always examined attentively and thoughtfully. Not only is there the companionship of the medical team, but also the support of the staff and nurses who always listen and offer solutions in every case.

Frenulum Breve Pain Treatment

Frenulum Breve Pain Treatment During Sex is an ideal solution for men. Bring the “love” experience of saying no to pain and discomfort. Do it today to improve your physiological health and quickly regain your masculine spirit.

If you still have many other questions that need to be answered, please connect to Hotline: 1900 5128 to receive CONSULTATION and SUPPORT as soon as possible.

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