Dr. Selena

Dr.Selena is an expert in the field of medical aesthetics. With her expertise and 15 years of experience, Dr.Selena not only practices with her mind but also with her passion.



Dr.Selena graduated from a regular general education system and has achieved many certificates and degrees related to the field of cosmetology. Including Certificate of Medical Practice, Certificate of Basic Thread Tightening in Skin Aesthetics, Certificate of Filler Injection in Skin Aesthetics, Certificate of Knowledge and Skills of Botulinum Toxin Injection in Aesthetics, Certificate of Laser Application and light in cosmetic dermatology, and certification in basic procedures and minor skin surgery.


In addition, Dr.Selena also has a certificate of “Lip rejuvenation and shaping with fillers” from Ho Chi Minh City Dermatology Hospital. These degrees and certifications demonstrate a doctor’s ability and competence to provide high-quality cosmetic services.


With her efforts and continuous cultivation to develop her skills and abilities, Dr. Selena has increasingly gained a strong foothold. As well as further affirming skills and applying expertise to bring beautiful aesthetic results.


Dr.Selena has experience working at many clinics, dermatology clinics, and large hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City. Currently, the doctor is working as a dermatologist at Gangwhoo Hospital. All skin-related cases are answered by the doctor and contribute to providing a treatment regimen for each customer’s case.

Currently, with accumulated knowledge and experience, Dr.Selena has held many concurrent positions from Dermatology Doctor as well as Doctor in charge of Clinic expertise. The doctor also works as a professional consultant and directly teaches at major academies in Ho Chi Minh City.


As a good doctor, Dr.Selena possesses many certificates, along with practical experience, which has helped Dr.Selena become one of the most skilled doctors in the field of cosmetic dermatology in Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh City.


Dr.Selena is not only a good cosmetic dermatologist but also a person dedicated to her profession and her customers. Doctors always care and listen to customers’ wishes. Through understanding and good workmanship, customers have peace of mind in treatment and satisfaction with quality.

Doctors can skillfully apply techniques such as Thread Tightening, Filler, Botox, PRP, Mesotherapy, and high-tech machine treatments such as HIFU, Thermage, Laser, etc. Along with the ability to solve the Skin problems such as acne, melasma, freckles, and scars show that Dr.Selena has extensive knowledge and experience.


With friendliness and dedication. In the future, Dr.Selena is a doctor who will always be passionate about what she is pursuing. As well as applying knowledge to bring more comprehensive beauty to all customers.

Dr.Selena is a good doctor, dedicated to her profession and her customers. An expert in the field of dermatology will certainly always be a more and more successful doctor in the field of beauty and aesthetics.

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