Structural rhinoplasty with ear cartilage is a modern technology incorporated into rhinoplasty to bring outstanding results. However, before deciding to have rhinoplasty or any cosmetic surgery, you should grasp a general view of it to make sure you are doing something right. Let’s find out more about structural rhinoplasty with ear cartilage via the article below!

Structural rhinoplasty with ear cartilage
Structural rhinoplasty with ear cartilage

What is structural rhinoplasty with ear cartilage?

Structural rhinoplasty with ear cartilage is one of the most chosen methods in rhinoplasty for customers desiring to have a Korean standard procedure. The outstanding feature of this method is the use of autologous cartilage, mainly ear cartilage, to intervene and fix defects at the tip of the nose.

Besides, this procedure adjusts the low bridge of the nose and other defects and restructures the nose shape to create a more elegant but also natural and harmonious nose by using high-quality artificial material. Therefore, this has been chosen by many people who wish to change the structure of their noses.

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Is structural rhinoplasty safe?

Structural rhinoplasty with ear cartilage is relatively safe thanks to modern techniques combined with a system of high-tech machinery and equipment. Besides, the entire procedure is carried out according to the standards of the Ministry of Health, so customers can be completely sure about its legibility of it.

However, every plastic surgery poses some kind of unavoidable or unexpected risks and complications. To ensure that there is no danger to your health when going for a rhinoplasty, customers should consider carefully all the factors that can affect the safety of their structural rhinoplasty as follows:

Cartilage material

The extracted autologous ear cartilage covers the nose tip and links to the artificial cartilage on the nose bridge, so it creates excellent compatibility with the customer’s body. Besides, the Korean bio-cartilage material used for the nose bridge is also the most advanced type which poses a low to zero threat to the customer’s health and reduces the potential damage to the nose. Possible risks involve redness, tearing, or perforation of the nose tip.

The skills of the surgeon

This factor has a great influence on whether rhinoplasty is safe or not. With great expertise and experience, surgeons can conduct the surgery safely and guarantee a great result, as well as minimize post-surgery complications.

Post-operative care

The way you treat your nose after the surgery plays an important part in determining how your final result will be. If you follow the doctor’s instructions closely, the results of rhinoplasty will turn out as expected and bring no harm to your body.

Advantages of structural rhinoplasty with ear cartilage

With the ability to completely reconstruct the shape of the nose, outstanding benefits of structural rhinoplasty with ear cartilage include: Raising the nose bridge of the nose, adjusting the nose tip and nasal columella, and reducing the nose wing. This is considered a superior point compared to other rhinoplasty methods.

  • The cartilage used in this method is extracted from the customer’s ear so it’s completely compatible with their body and reduce the risk of rejection, as well as guarantee the stability of artificial cartilage.
  • This method helps create a high, naturally beautiful S-Line or L-Line nose shape but still suits the customer’s facial proportions.
  • Structural rhinoplasty with ear cartilage also poses a low risk of complications such as red nose tip, exposed cartilage, or nose bridge, …
  • The elegant nose shape can be maintained for a long time without fail.

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Disadvantages of structural rhinoplasty with ear cartilage

  • As a method that requires many complicated techniques, structural rhinoplasty with ear cartilage requires customers to consider carefully before making a decision.
  • As stated above, this type of rhinoplasty poses the ability to restructure the nose shape so it’s more invasive and requires longer healing time than other methods.
  • In case the customer does not have enough ear cartilage to use, they will have to receive a consultant about replacement with another suitable cartilage material.

Should one choose to do structural rhinoplasty with ear cartilage?

If you are conscious about the appearance of your nose and wish to have a complete makeover, you can be a candidate for this procedure.

On the other hand, we have mentioned all the benefits as well as potential risk factors above so if you already weigh the pros and cons carefully, this procedure may be the best choice for you.

However, you also need to pick a reputable hospital to get your nose done so the success rate can be fully guaranteed.

Is the result permanent?

There are many factors determining whether the result of rhinoplasty is permanent or not. However, according to experts, if there are no problems arising during or after the rhinoplasty procedure, the surgery was carried out by experienced surgeons and there is proper aftercare as instructed, the freshly-shaped nose can last for a long time.

Will there be cartilage atrophy over time?

Most autologous cartilage after being removed from the body will tend to atrophy over time. However, the rate of atrophy will still depend on each case, usually, autologous cartilage material can be maintained for a relatively long time.

With modern technology and precise measurement in incorporating the best cartilage materials into the rhinoplasty procedure, after cartilage is inserted into the nose, it will gather and create a complex that makes the nose more beautiful.

Post-surgery care

Experts recommend that customers should pay close attention to post-surgery care to ensure a speedy and safe healing process without any serious complications happening.

  • Keep the wound dry and clean with physiological saline and topical ointment to prevent inflammation and infection.
  • Do not let the wound come into contact with water
  • Abstain from foods that easily cause scarring, festering, swelling, and pain such as sticky rice, water spinach, chicken, beef, etc.
  • Avoid stimulants such as alcohol, beer, tobacco, etc.
  • Abstain from excessive exercise and sports activities for about 1 month, instead, you should go for a light walk for good blood circulation.

Choosing a reputable hospital for the best structural rhinoplasty

Whether you want to restructure your nose for aesthetic or medical purposes, finding yourself a reputable and safe hospital should always be your top priority. Currently, Gangwhoo Hospital aims to bring customers elegant but natural nose shape by using advanced technology transferred directly from Korea – one of the roots of plastic surgery.

The 5-star facility at Gangwhoo
The 5-star facility at Gangwhoo

Most of the traditional rhinoplasty techniques fall under the impression that improving the shape of the nose is enough. However, few people know that over time, the nose can face some complications due to outdated techniques. Understanding that matter, Gangwhoo aims to not only bring customers a satisfying nose shape but also follow closely the strict safety standards set by the Ministry of Health.

The team of surgeons in charge of rhinoplasty at Gangwhoo Hospital is all experienced, well-skilled, and with great expertise, so customers can rest assured that their surgery is in good hands.

For structural rhinoplasty with ear cartilage at Gangwhoo hospital, customers can experience computerized AI X-ray technology before the actual surgery to determine the structure, shape, and current defects of the nose, thereby giving the most suitable method and increasing the success rate.

All the information about structural rhinoplasty with ear cartilage given in this article will help you have a better understanding of this advanced method and make the correct decision when applying for one. For more details about this or any other procedures, please contact Gangwhoo Hospital via Hotline at 0901.666.879 for more support from our experts.


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