Rhinoplasty is a relatively safe and simple procedure, but many are still afraid to do it due to fear of invasive surgery. That’s why they choose nose filler without surgery, especially among young people. Unlike traditional rhinoplasty, this method brings good results even without invasive intervention. However, is this the best choice?

What is a Nose Filler?

Nose filler is one of the modern non-surgical beauty methods, chosen by many women in recent times. This method is performed by injecting fillers with hyaluronic acid as the main ingredient into the nose through a syringe using a fine needle.

Why do many people choose to nose filler?

Nose Filler
Nose Filler – What you should know about

The first reason many people choose nose filler is that this method does not require surgery, which can help minimize the level of invasiveness for customers. Moreover, the time to perform filler injection only takes about 5-10 minutes and does not require downtime like rhinoplasty.

With the ability to increase collagen production and help the skin be smoother, Filler injection to lift the nose has been favored by many aestheticians to improve low and wide nose shape to make it taller and more elegant.

Some Notes When Choosing Nose Filler

Candidates for Nose filler

Cases that can choose the method of nose injection such as:

  • People with low nose bridge
  • People with large and unbalanced nose wings
  • People with short nose tips, big and unattractive nose
Nose Filler

A few notes when choosing nose filler

If you are planning to choose a nose filler injection, do your search carefully before deciding whether to do it or not to limit the potential risks and complications. You can refer to the notes that experts at Gangwhoo Hospital suggest as follows:

Be careful with cheap fillers, use high-end ones

Choosing a reputable cosmetic facility and using high-quality fillers with clear origin and approved safety after injection into the nose is the top factor to protect your health and get good results. Complications from cheap, poor-quality fillers are extremely dangerous and greatly affect the nose. Therefore, you should consider this issue carefully.

Choose the right filler

Not only is the issue of origin important, but it is also crucial to listen to the advice of experts to choose the right type of Filler that is most suitable for the nose. It is also an important issue to avoid irritation and keep the beautiful nose shape longer.

How long can nose filler injections last? Is it forever?

With a fairly reasonable cost, many people have chosen to alter their nose shape without surgery by injecting fillers. Depending on where the nose filler was injected and how customers take care of it after, the elegant nose shape can be kept for 6 to 12 months. After that, if customers want, they can continue to inject new filler to keep the nose shape.

Nose filler injection cannot be maintained permanently, because the structure of the nose is formed from tissue, cartilage, and nasal bone into a fixed structure. Therefore, after injecting, the filler will only be able to maintain temporarily and will quickly dissolve, then the nose will return to its original shape.

What is the current price of nose filler injection?

With nose filler injection, it will make the nose higher and more delicate. Usually, you will need to use an average amount of filler from 2CC to 3CC to archive the desired results. The cost for each injection usually ranges from 7 to 15 million VND for 1CC.

Safe nose filler at Gangwhoo Hospital

For customers who want nose filler injections, Gangwhoo Hospital with a team of highly qualified and licensed doctors will focus on importing the highest quality Filler, helping customers feel secure in getting a new appearance at a prestigious hospital.

In addition, for customers who want to own a high, beautiful, and long-lasting nose shape, the hospital also applies modern rhinoplasty surgery methods such as structural rhinoplasty, cartilage rhinoplasty, Korean rhinoplasty, etc., which have successfully brought satisfaction and best results to patients in need.

Using computerized AI X-ray image technology in the rhinoplasty procedure, doctors at Gangwhoo Hospital will determine the nasal structure in the form of 3D images, then they will offer the best treatment plan for the customer. Thereby helping them archive the beautiful nose shape as they desire with long-lasting results.

If you need more information about nose filler injections or other cosmetic procedures to improve your current appearance, please contact Gangwhoo Hospital via our hotline at 1900 5128 or 0901.666.879!


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