Eyelids surgery can help get rid of fatty and droopy eyelids causing inconvenience in people’s daily life. But non-incisional vs incisional blepharoplasty, which one is the ultimate choice to completely solve this problem? To answer this question, let’s find out via the article below.

non-incisional vs incisional blepharoplasty
non-incisional vs incisional blepharoplasty


Blepharoplasty consists of procedures related to eyelids such as creating double eyelids or correcting defects including removing excess skin, fat, and muscle, which helps the eyes become more captivating and fresher.

Currently, there are two main procedures: non-incisional and incisional blepharoplasty.

Non-incisional blepharoplasty: eyelid surgery that does not involve making incisions into the skin; Instead, it creates tiny holes on the upper eyelid to create a double eyelid, the suture is hidden inside the fold so it won’t be visible to the outsider’s eyes. It is also called the suture technique or scarless method.

Incisional blepharoplasty: This procedure involves making incisions into the skin to create a crease on the upper lids. The surgery also goes by the name incisional blepharoplasty or incision technique.

Whether it’s incisional or non-incisional blepharoplasty, their main goal is the same, it is to create a fresher and more captivating look for the eyes via alteration of the eyelids.


Even though these two procedures have the same goal, the target customers of non-incisional vs incisional blepharoplasty are different. Those who want to undergo either one should consider carefully and choose the more suitable procedure.

You’re a good candidate for incisional blepharoplasty if:

You Have Hooded Upper Eyelids: Incisional surgery is the right choice if you have hooded or thick eyelids due to excess skin and subcutaneous fat on them. The procedure will remove excess fat cells to enhance the beauty of the eyes.

You desire long-term results: You want double eyelids to be permanent because open surgeries create double eyelid creases that can last for a relatively long time.

A non-incisional blepharoplasty is a good option for you in case:

Have Thinner Upper Eyelids: Unlike incisional ones, non-incisional blepharoplasty creates double eyelids through stitching and connecting the muscle and cartilage, then maintains the integrity and strength of the sutures. This suture is hard to be maintained on a thick eyelid.

First-time trying blepharoplasty: Since the surgery can be redone if the results are unsatisfying, it is a preferred option if you’re new to cosmetic procedures.

Your skin is healthy: It is because the attachments made between the muscle and cartilage can be weakened and even removed when you rub your eyes due to skin problems or irritation.

Dove Eyes Non-incisional Blepharoplasty


At Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, every procedure must follow an order to ensure the safety and effectiveness of each surgery, blepharoplasty (non-incisional or incisional) follows the same policy:

Step 1: Consultation and Examination

First, all customers will have a consultation so the doctor can have a deeper understanding of what their customers desire and helps them set a realistic goal. After checking the actual condition of customers’ eyelids, customers will be provided with the most suitable solution. The consultant will also clear any questions and explain the details of the procedure.

In addition, you will have your health checked by the doctor to ensure complete safety during the whole operation.

Step 2: Measure the eyelid skin of the customer. Mark new and improved creases that are suitable for the client’s face.

Step 3: Disinfection and Anesthesia

All equipment used during the procedure will be thoroughly sterilized. To reduce the pain of the customer during the procedure, the doctor shall apply local anesthesia.

Step 4: Procedure

Depending on which procedure between non-incisional vs incisional blepharoplasty customers chose to undergo, the doctor will perform accordingly. The whole procedure of creating beautiful double-lid eyes normally lasts around 45 minutes. After this process, customers will take time to regain their health and receive instructions about how to take care of their newly created eyelids at home. There will also be a check-up schedule to monitor the healing process and how the result turns out.


All procedures involve a few side effects, they are parts of the recovery process. Just like other cosmetic procedures, the most common side effects of both non-incisional vs incisional blepharoplasty are soreness, discomfort, bruising/swelling, and pain.

These symptoms will subside in a few days following the operating date and the result can become more stable.

Other complications may include:

– Scarring

– Infection

– Eyelids over-correction and retraction

– Asymmetry


Even though blepharoplasty is relatively safe, if there are any signs of abnormalities during your recovery process, please contact your doctor right away to ensure there won’t be any serious problems.

To ensure your safety, it is recommended to attend all your check-up appointments as scheduled. All these follow-ups will help ensure your healing process is going the right way and reduce any possibility of serious complications happening, this is crucial for both non-incisional vs incisional blepharoplasty.


For both non-incisional vs incisional blepharoplasty, finding a reputable place to undergo your procedure should be one of the priorities.

Gangwhoo hospital has been one of the leading cosmetic hospitals in Viet Nam with the application of modern aesthetic technology achievements to serve domestic and foreign customers.

Customers will be served by experienced medical staff; paraclinical consultations and surgery are done by highly qualified and great expert doctors.

Gangwhoo hospital also updates modern technologies as well as let our doctors attend a seminar, and courses abroad annually to ensure the most prestigious aesthetic experiences for customers.

Coming to Gangwhoo hospital, customers are guaranteed the most satisfying services as well as archiving their desired results.

Above is basic information about how to archive captivating eyelids with non-incisional vs incisional blepharoplasty. For any further requests regarding this matter or other procedures, please leave your information below or contact our hotline/zalo to book a consultation with our experts.


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