Journey To Find Perfection: Hot TikToker Minh Quay Phom with Perfect Nose Shape

The tiktoker Minh Quay Phom has made the online community admire with his recent journey to find perfection. Success with an excellent nose shape has sparked a “phenomenon” that many people are very excited about. Let’s follow the story of Hot Tiktoker in the article below!

Tiktoker Minh Quay Phom: Behind the glory of a million-view clip is confidence in nose shape

Mention to tiktoker Minh Quay Phom, people will immediately think of impressive video that attracts hundreds of thousands of views. Currently, his channel has reached more than 289k followers, he has created a fever on social networks with hundreds of million-view clips. However, behind that bright light is a hidden sadness in appearance.

Especially with his big nose, it made him extremely lose confidence. Even though we have learned about feng shui, a big nose is usually a lucky nose. But is it true or just a theory?

Contrary to expectations, in reality, he received harsh comments even though they were unintentional. But this also made the hot tiktoker share: “I often receive judgment about my nose, especially people who say my nose is too big, don’t stand close to me and suck all the air out of me”. 

Tiktoker Minh Quay Phom realized that appearance is equally important without considering the feng shui aspect. The nose makes an important contribution to the overall appearance, accounting for 1/3 of the face, and is the central highlight when “catching the eye” of others.


Rhinoplasty at Gangwhoo Hospital, find the perfect version: Hot Tiktoker shares

Being a wise and prudent person, Tiktoker Minh Quay Phom was also very wise when he decided to get a nose job at Gangwhoo – Top 5 prestigious and high quality cosmetic hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City. Achieved an absolute score of 5/5 on safety and surgery.

With the expertise and experience of doctors with more than 15 years of experience at Gangwhoo, detailed and careful analysis and evaluation were performed. From computerized AI X-ray technology, Hot Tiktoker’s overall nose condition was partly to help him understand better and partly to confirm that his decision to have a nose job was completely wise. Rhinoplasty not only helped him improve his aesthetics but most of all his health.

Doctor at Gangwhoo hospital commented: “The nasal base is very enlarged, and this enlargement causes the nostrils to become narrower. In particular, it also makes it difficult for me to breathe and causes my nose to be flat.”

When performing rhinoplasty at Gangwhoo, it fully meets the technical requirements. Especially with 4K endoscopy technology, it has helped give Minh a naturally beautiful, uncomplicated, and highly safe nose shape. Along with a very careful and methodical process, carefully prepare each step in the examination, assessment, and health check. Combining the skills of a team of experienced and highly specialized medical doctors has brought him hot Tiktoker an outstandingly beautiful nose shape

After rhinoplasty, Minh Quay Phom has an excellent nose shape, straight, soaring, and masculine. As soon as the 60 minutes ends, your appearance changes. The Tiktoker guy couldn’t hide his happy expression and expressed himself, “After rhinoplasty, I’ve changed a lot and I feel like I’ve become a more PERFECT version.”

Maintaining his form after rhinoplasty: Hot TikToker made a clip with more than 100,000 views

With a natural high nose structure, it was done by doctors at Gangwhoo hospital. Hot TikToker Minh Quay Phom has a beautiful nose shape that looks “attractive” but also very natural. In particular, there are almost no aesthetic traces. If many people have never met him before, they might guess that this is a “heavenly gifted” nose shape.

Too excited and happy with his current nose shape, Minh Quay Phom immediately showed off his new nose shape on livestream and TikTok clip. He also teased fans saying “I got punched so I had to put a bandage on my nose”. Many people are also half-trustful and skeptical.

And then the guy went on the clip to admit that he was nose lift, and the results are so natural that many people don’t believe it. Still maintaining its form, and feng shui is still “prosperous” the clip has reached more than 100,000 views after just 1 day and received many positive comments, praising the new beauty of the nose shape and the incredible beauty ranking. your surprise.


Hot Tiktoker Minh Quay Phom has proven that perfection is not a destination, but a process of constantly trying and self-improvement. He rediscovered the perfect version of himself through the decision to have a nose job at Gangwhoo. This story is especially a source of encouragement and encouragement for those who are self-conscious about their appearance to be bold and improve themselves to a better version in the future.

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