Liposuction is certainly not a stranger to those who seek cosmetic surgery to manage their appearance. But what is so special about liposuction at Gangwhoo Hospital – a plastic hospital in Viet Nam? There are a few remarkable good points that you may take an interest in.

What is liposuction?

Accumulated body fat is one of the most prevalent physical problems that women, and even men, encounter every day. It does have an impact on one’s self-esteem and makes it uncomfortable for them to wear the clothes they like.

Yet fat, particularly visceral fat, is difficult to remove; even with exercise, a healthy diet, or weight-loss medications, there is a good chance that the obstinate excess fat will persist.

When compared to arm, thigh, or stomach tuck procedures, liposuction is a safer alternative, especially if the patient has flexible skin in the desired area. Using cutting-edge technology, it is less intrusive and can eliminate extra fat to produce a unified appearance.

Why people should choose Liposuction at Gangwhoo hospital

What are the remarkable reasons you should choose liposuction at Gangwhoo Hospital?

Lipo Ultrasound – Exclusively Advanced technology

Liposuction is no longer a taboo subject among those interested in beauty thanks to the advancement of numerous modern technologies and the popularity of cosmetic surgery for body contouring. Despite this, many patients still feel the need to worry about any potential after-surgery side effects.

The Gangwhoo Hospital’s liposuction process is supported by innovative Korean technology called Lipo Ultrasound as well as equipment that has been brought from abroad.

We use a unique cosmetic procedure called Lipo Ultrasound at Gangwhoo Hospital. This technology has received great results from international certification and is given straight to users without the use of a middleman.

This method melts away extra fat by directly impacting the fat layer beneath the skin at a microscopic level using convergent ultrasound.

Liposuction at Gangwhoo hospital
Liposuction at Gangwhoo Hospital

Because Lipo Ultrasound doesn’t need surgery, involves no incisions or separations, and doesn’t harm our clients, it is superior to the conventional fat removal technique. The extra body fat will become liquid and be expelled through the sweat glands.

Moreover, Lipo Ultrasound will also help firm and tighten the skin by removing some of the inside toxins. Moreover, this technology will encourage the skin’s collagen production.

Less invasive and Short recovery time

The old technology of liposuction is quite invasive since it uses a pipe that generates ultrasound to break down the fat and then suction out from the body.

By using ultrasonic waves to fragment and liquefy fat cells, Lipo Ultrasound offers a safer and less invasive alternative to traditional surgical methods. In contrast to traditional liposuction, the liquefied fat can subsequently be extracted by a needle or cannula with minimal harm to the surrounding tissues.

Liposuction at Gangwhoo Hospital

It ultimately shortens the recovery time; in contrast to traditional liposuction, it is significantly gentler on the skin. You could be able to go back to work in as little as 2-3 days, depending on the severity of your treatment.

A variety of procedures

Old-technology liposuction is quite invasive and sometimes damages the surrounding areas so if you want to do a full-body liposuction, including thigh, abdominal, hip, waist, and arm liposuction, it will leave quite a burden on your body.

Liposuction at Gangwhoo Hospital

Is arm liposuction worth it?

In the case of using Lipo Ultrasound for Liposuction at Gangwhoo Hospital, you can combine all these procedures and perform them once. You may feel sore and there are bruising for a couple of days, but they will subside significantly after that.

Fat grafting can also be integrated into these liposuction procedures to utilize the extracted fat.

Liposuction at Gangwhoo Hospital can perform together with other cosmetic procedures without any worry such as rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, or tummy tuck.

An international standard procedure

Several various sorts of clients, particularly those who struggle with weight issues and excessive fat, can benefit from liposuction at Gangwhoo Hospital. Several regions of fat can be treated simultaneously with this treatment. Burn off all the fat to achieve a lean body form.

At Gangwhoo Hospital, we place a great emphasis on Lipo Ultrasound because it not only qualifies as a unique surgery to us but also calls for specific tools and methods. We will therefore carefully monitor our clients during this procedure to make sure that nothing goes wrong.

Step 1: Assess the health of each client and look for any areas of excess fat. Check the general health of the clients next to see whether they are eligible for the procedures.

Step 2: Measure the weight and physical measurement. Determine the amount of fat that needs to be removed while also providing answers and confidence following the Lipo Ultrasound.

Step 3: The medical professionals will gently clean the area of fat that has to be eliminated with warm cloths and ventilate the sweat glands.

Step 4: Apply pressure and massage with essential oils to the acupuncture sites. To dissolve the structure and the bond between the fat tissue, this procedure will dilate the skin, soften it, and create a pathway for the essence and ultrasound to enter.

Step 5: Deeply penetrate the fat tissue with Lipo Ultrasound technology to force it out through the body’s sweat glands.

Professional medical staff and experienced doctors

To ensure customers the best experience and guarantee the most satisfying results possible, surgeons at Gangwhoo Hospital often attend seminars, courses, or meeting domestically or internationally to continuously improve their expertise.

Medical staff is trained professionally to serve customers with utmost care and hostility so that their experience with liposuction at Gangwhoo Hospital will be positively memorable.

There will be instructions on how to care for your body post-surgery to maintain and boost the results of liposuction at Gangwhoo Hospital so you can have a beautiful body for a long time.

The reasons people should inquire about liposuction at Gangwhoo Hospital have been summarized above. We believe that this material will be a useful starting point for more research.

Please leave your details in the comment area if you have any additional inquiries regarding liposuction or any other cosmetic treatments, or call our hotline at (+84) 901 666 879 to schedule a consultation with one of our experts.


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