For both domestic and international clients, Korean structural rhinoplasty is one of the most widely used Korean standard procedures nowadays. Please hold off on skipping the following article if you share any interest in this aesthetic trend.

Korean rhinoplasty is a term used to define the posterior nose shape achieved through structural rhinoplasty, not to be confused with Korean rhinoplasty. Korean nose shapes are more likely to have a delicate, beautiful S-line and give a specific softness to facial features.

For this procedure, autologous cartilage will be used in conjunction with high-grade biological cartilage from Korea or some other nations that specialize in the manufacturing of high-quality cartilage, such as the US or Germany.

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To correct facial flaws while maintaining the contour of the nose, cartilage materials will be used during the process to reconstruct the whole nose shape, including the bridge, tip, columella, and wings with a low risk of complications and a high success rate.

Who is a good candidate for Korean structural rhinoplasty?

You could say that the subjects for Korean structural rhinoplasty are not particularly selective. Therefore, any customers who want to alter their appearance, especially the shape of their current noses can apply this technique. Therefore, if you are in good health and fall into the conditions listed below, you can go for Korean structural rhinoplasty:

  • Low, rough, deviated nasal bridges, big nose wings, and upturned nose tips are among the deformities that the subjects have.
  • An injury- or accident-suffered, distorted, or bumped-up nose
  • Complications resulted from a failed rhinoplasty procedure.
  • Customers desire to fix flaws to make their noses more delicate and elegant.

Although many customers can use this procedure, in some circumstances the customers’ health is not assured, which could affect the results of the surgery. Customers should undergo a health check before surgery to ensure that the rhinoplasty procedure proceeds smoothly.

Is Korean structural rhinoplasty safe?

Modern technology used during the rhinoplasty procedure also helps to guarantee patient safety and reduce post-rhinoplasty problems.

The safety of Korean structural rhinoplasty is still dependent on several variables, the most crucial of which is whether the hospital you choose to do the procedure fully complies with the requirements in order not to pose any harm to your health.

Customers should carefully research the details of this procedure, the requirements for selecting a reputable hospital, and how to care for the nose after rhinoplasty to avoid complications before deciding to undergo the surgery.

As with any other facial surgery, there may be unfortunate side effects that occur following rhinoplasty so customers better grasp all the information they can have.

Korean structural rhinoplasty benefits

The following exceptional benefits of Korean structural rhinoplasty have been effectively delivered to consumers thanks to Korean standard techniques:

Bring a lovely, stable nose shape

The ability to alter the complete structure of the nose, rather than just lifting the nose bridge, is the most unique aspect of structural rhinoplasty in comparison to other procedures.

Along with the upgraded beauty provided by this technique, having a Korean structural rhinoplasty is relatively guaranteed no worry because it uses a combination of autologous cartilage and Korean biological cartilage that provides exceptional nose protection as well as limits the occurrence of exposed nose bridge, red nose tip, and cartilage loss/atrophy.

Sustainability maintaining time

The sustainability and long-term maintenance time is the distinguishing aspect of structural rhinoplasty that many people appreciate. The nose shape can even be kept for as long as you can if you take good care of yourself, follow the doctor’s instructions, and your surgery was handled by doctors with great expertise.

Low risk of complications/The ability to correct past defects

For clients who have undergone rhinoplasty in the past but had issues afterward or the surgery failed. Korean structural rhinoplasty can be efficiently restructured it using the advanced technique.

What is the price of structural rhinoplasty?

There are many factors determining the cost of Korean structural rhinoplasties, such as the cartilage material, and the prestigious medical unit that can ensure all the requirements (technology, equipment…) in rhinoplasty.

The price of structural rhinoplasty performed at top hospitals nowadays varies between VND 30mil and VND 75mil. The doctor will estimate the cost after assessing the patient and learning about their aesthetic goals.

The cost of S-Line and L-Line rhinoplasty at Gangwhoo Hospital is currently as follows:

No. Rhinoplasty service  Cost (VND)
1 Structural Rhinoplasty Sline 3D – Lline 3D 40,000,000
2 Structural Rhinoplasty Sline 4D – Lline 4D 50,000,000
3 Structural Rhinoplasty Sline 6D – Lline 6D 70,000,000

Korean-standard rhinoplasty service at the top hospital – Gangwhoo hospital

The entire system of facilities at Gangwhoo Hospital is assembled to comply with international standards and surgical techniques certified by the Ministry of Health, bringing customers satisfying results that are harmonious with their facial features.

Team of skilled medical specialists

In terms of knowledge and skills, there is no need to be concerned because the surgeons at Gangwhoo are guaranteed high professional qualifications, have graduated from renowned universities both domestically and abroad, and have spent years receiving professional training abroad.

They also continue to update their skills annually via training courses and seminars to ensure the best experience for every customer.

Korean-standard rhinoplasty procedure

The structural rhinoplasty technique conducted at Gangwhoo Hospital is transferred directly from the Korean top plastic hospital. It includes a full examination, computerized AI x-ray imaging, and surgical steps in a closed, sterile setting to ensure customer health safety.

Currently, structural rhinoplasty at Gangwhoo Hospital consists of a variety of 3D, 4D, and 6D procedures. Customers will be photographed using computer AI X-ray technology to precisely assess the nose structure and provide a preview of the final nose form before the surgery so that customers can be at ease. Only a small number of aesthetic units are now using this crucial phase in the process.

Post-operative care and warranty policy

To ensure customers the best service experience, Gangwhoo Hospital has a good warranty policy that ranges from 10 years to forever. Additionally, the medical staff at Gangwhoo always provides post-operative instructions in detail and follow-up appointments to monitor the healing process of every customer.

The information about the Korean structural rhinoplasty that you are interested in is shown above. This procedure has incredibly exceptional effectiveness. If you’re interested in finding out more, please call our hotline at 0901.666.879 for additional support about rhinoplasty or any other procedures.


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