How Much Does It Cost For The Tip And Alar Reduction?

How much does it cost to reduce the tip and the alar of the nose and where should it be done reputablely to get the most satisfactory results compared to the cost spent? Therefore, Gangwhoo will send you specific details through the following article!

Review of the nose tip and alar reduction

Not everyone is lucky to have a perfectly beautiful, delicate, and elegant nose shape that helps add highlights to the face. In some people, the tip of the nose is too big and round, and the nostrils are horizontal, making the overall nose shape unbalanced and not beautiful compared to the proportions of the face.

According to physiognomy, if the tip of the nose and nostrils are large, the nostrils are oversized and wide, it will cause people with this characteristic to encounter many bad things in life and lose property. In aesthetics, this nose shape is not highly appreciated.

According to the advantages that this method brings, you will be able to quickly own a beautiful and good-looking nose while still ensuring harmony with the Asian face. Therefore, there is no doubt that this is a method that brings about changes that many people will prioritize. However, How much does it cost to reduce the tip and the alar of the nose? This is a question many people ask to consider before deciding to do it.


What is nose tip and alar reduction?

This method is performed through a simple minor surgery at the tip of the nose and the alar of the nose, just enough to improve the defect of the rough, big  tip and wide nostrils. Depending on the current condition, the doctor will advise the customer whether to choose the appropriate alar cutting or alar rolling technique.

To reduce the tip of the nose, the doctor will proceed by dissecting the tip of the nose and removing the soft tissue and cartilage at the tip of the nose to make the tip slimmer. Excess alar will be treated by trimming the alar cartilage to create perfection and harmony between the alar and tip of the nose.

In what cases should the tip and the alar of the nose be reduced?

It is a combination of techniques including correcting the large round tip of the nose and improving the unsightly horizontal alar. In addition to how much it costs to reduce the tip and the alar of the nose, the method also focuses on the following subjects:

  • The client has a large, round nose that is out of balance with the face
  • The bridge of the nose is high and clear, but the tip of the nose is deviated, and large, and the wings of the nose are thick and horizontal
  • People who want to have a slim A-shaped nose
  • People who have had the tip and the alar of their nose corrected  as desired

How much does it cost to reduce the tip and the alar of the nose?

Currently, the cost of reducing the tip and the alar of the nose is probably what you are most concerned about. Regarding this issue, Gangwhoo wants to remind you that the most important thing is not to be subjective when choosing to reduce the alar nose and nose tips at cheap facilities, forgetting that quality is extremely important to have a beautiful nose shape.

The cost of nose tip and alar reduction often depends on many factors, the most important of which is how reputable the cosmetic facility you choose is. Professional qualifications of the surgeon and safety factors according to standards set by the Ministry of Health,…

Currently, the cost of nose tip and nose wing reduction on the market usually ranges from 20-30 million VND for both methods. This price will vary depending on the customer’s nose shape during the examination and the above criteria from the cosmetic unit.

How much does it cost to reduce the tip and the alar of the nose at Gangwhoo Hospital?

Nose tip and alar reduction surgery at Gangwhoo Hospital are performed with high quality by highly qualified doctors. Here, customers can rest assured of experiencing services at the specialist nose aesthetics Separate from the Korean standard process and modern investment in all aspects.

With the nose tip and alar correction techniques transferred by Gangwhoo from leading cosmetic hospitals in Korea, it is less invasive and less damaging to the nose structure. These methods have all passed the most stringent quality inspection and testing process according to the standards of the Ministry of Health to help customers have a naturally beautiful nose shape that meets the “golden ratio” standard.

The team of doctors currently working in rhinoplasty surgery at Gangwhoo have all undergone professional training and honed their professional knowledge. Along with that, support from the computerized AI x-ray system and Plasma helps increase accuracy and reduce invasiveness, thereby effectively shortening recovery time.

The cost of the nose tip and alar reduction at Gangwhoo Hospital is usually around 30 million VND for the combination of these two techniques. Besides, the hospital always opens many attractive preferential policies to help customers get the best prices.

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Nhận ưu đãi


Korean Blepharoplasty

350 3 years

Dove Eyes Blepharoplasty

440 5 years

Permanent Blepharoplasty

520 Permanent

Perfect Blepharoplasty

1,080 Permanent

Eyelid Method Blepharoplasty

440 5 years

4 in 1 Blepharoplasty

700 Permanent

Eyelid Excess Skin Removal

440 Cases vary

Endoscopic Fat Removal

220 Cases vary

Plasma Dissection


Perfect Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty

620 Cases Vary

Endoscopic Eyelid Fat Removal

360 Cases vary

Endoscopic Eyebrow Lift

660 3 – 5 years

Upper Lid Excess Skin Removal Through Eyebrow

440 3 – 5 years

Mini Medical Canthoplasty

310 Cases vary

Medical Canthoplasty

660 Permanent

Lateral Canthoplasty

870 Permanent

Single Lid Ptosis Correction

660 Permanent

Asymmetrical Eye Correction

870 Permanent

Eyes Enlargement Surgery

1,300 Permanent

Images before and after tip and alar reduction


How much does it cost to reduce the tip of the nose and the wings of the nose? Gangwhoo Hospital Always has the best policies and reasonable costs so customers can feel secure without fear of additional costs. Call hotline +84 901.666.879 immediately to receive information from experts if you are interested in this method.

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