Health Top 50 KR Reporting Gangwhoo Doctors Attending KSAS Conference

Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is honored to have Health Top 50 KR news site reporting Gangwhoo doctors attending the KSAS Conference. We are proud to receive the recognition by a foreign newspapers.

Health Top 50 KR on the 42nd KSAS International Cosmetic Conference

Health Top 50 KR Reporting Gangwhoo Doctors Attending KSAS Conference
Health Top 50 KR Reporting Gangwhoo Doctors Attending KSAS Conference
As planned, Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital doctors attended the 42nd KSAS International Cosmetic Conference in Korea. This is a grand event featuring the participation of cosmetic experts from many countries around the world.
What’s more, Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital attended with the honor of presenting multiple research topics
Gangwhoo Doctors at the 42nd KSAS conference presenting their researches
  • Dr. Trần Kim Thạch – On Structural Rhinoplasty in Gangwhoo Hospital 2021 – 2023.
  • Dr. Phùng Mạnh Cường – On the Surgical treatment for facial ptosis in Gangwhoo Hospital, Vietnam.
  • Dr. Phạm Văn Nam – On Breast lift: Experience from Gangwhoo hospital.
During this conference, our doctors have the opportunity to learn, exchange and expand their expertise. We deeply appreciate the opportunities for our doctors to meet with the leading experts in the industry, especially in Korea.
In particular, there was Professor Jong-Seon Yoon, MD and director of urology, who also had an excellent topic to report at the conference. A famous person in cosmetic surgery even amongst Korean doctors whom we are honored to talked to and learned a lot from.
MD and Professor Jong-Seon Yoon presented a section specializing in andrology on the topic of “Autologous fat grafting onto the penile corpora cavernosa”. His topic received high praise from the KSAS board of plastic surgery.
Gangwhoo Doctors and Jong-Seon Yoon meet at the conference
We are honored by the news site Health Top 50 HQ for reporting our meeting with Professor Jong-Seon.
The news site Health Top 50 Korea featuring doctors at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital

Founder Lê Hiền shared: “I am proud of the team of doctors at my establishment, not only for their experience and skills but also for their eagerness to learn. Every year, they actively participate in training, scientific researches and conferences. This time, the doctors attending the 42nd KSAS conference are honored to present their findings and affirmed our ability to the world, proving that Vietnam cosmetic medical industry can stand among giants.”

Our doctors interacting with experts around the world

According to the policy and direction of Founder Le Hien, the hospital since it first began operating until now regularly update cosmetic trends, techniques, and technology according to Korean standards. We are willing to spend and invest on modern machineries such as 4k endoscopy, computerized AI X-ray technology, harmonic scalpel, Keller funnel,…

Every customer who comes to the hospital receives professional and thoughtful service. Not only the doctor’s special techniques but also the application of modern, advanced Korean technology. As well as new and advanced aesthetic trends in beauty aesthetics.
For any inquiries about cosmetic and plastic surgery services, reach via Hotline: 0901.666.879 for a FREE CONSULTATION now!

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