Asia has experienced significant growth in the medical tourism sector in recent years. Getting a facelift in Asia has been one of the most popular choices among cosmetics surgeries for thousands of people. A few Asian nations frequently appear on lists of the top places for medical tourism! These Asian locations are stunning locations to recover from medical treatment, and the level of care is exceptional. But what are the reasons and which countries should people choose to entrust their expectations?

Why do people choose to do facelift in Asia?

Significant low cost

How much does a facelift cost if doing it in a developed country? There may not be an exact amount since it varies depending on which country and how invasive the surgical process is. Medical costs are quite expensive in those wealthy nations. Hence, patients experience a huge cost decrease by choosing these procedures in less developed countries.

Getting a facelift in Asia - Low cost
Getting a facelift in Asia – Low cost

They typically pay only a fraction of what they would in their native nations for the same procedure. Plastic surgery overseas is an alternative because most cosmetic treatments are not covered by insurance, therefore patients must pay the full cost on their own.

Asian countries’ medical expense, in general, is significantly low compared to other countries in the world so getting a facelift in Asia may help you save between 40 and 80% of the cost, even when you include other costs like airfare, accommodation, and sustenance fee.

The availability of procedures

Some countries do not offer certain procedures. In such cases, medical tourism is the best option because it offers locations where such treatments can be effectively carried out.

It’s possible that the work they want to be done isn’t available in their country. Or perhaps it is possible, but they’ve discovered the alternative of having the operation performed by a qualified surgeon abroad.

Another case is that there are limitations on cosmetic surgery in the native country of customers. They thus choose to visit abroad, where the necessary tools and procedures have already received approval.

Short waiting time

For the necessary cosmetic surgery, there may be a long wait that lasts months in nations like the US and the UK. Other nations severely cut back on it. Zero wait times occur frequently, which is a situation that many customers like.

Considering the working pattern and other factors, many customers may not be able to comply with the long waiting time, there is also a recovery time follow up so it’s quite inconvenient for some people.

In case you apply for a facelift in Asia, the best scenario is that your surgery can start right after taking a health check.


During surgery or while recovering, many people do not want their friends and family to know. They can always pretend to be on vacation when they fly abroad to get the necessary surgery done secretly and preserve their privacy.

When compared to undergoing plastic surgery in their native country alone, getting work done abroad might occasionally feel more private and provide better aftercare.

Getting a facelift in Asia - Privacy
Getting a facelift in Asia – Privacy

With a facial procedure like a facelift, getting it done abroad, preferably in an Asian country may lessen the staring eyes and questions from your acquaintance because facelift in Asia is quite normalized now and there are only strangers around so you don’t feel the need to explain anything.

Hence, be sure to conduct your research and pick the nation and facility that will provide you with the appropriate amount of aftercare for a full recovery.

A combination of surgery and vacation

Cosmetic surgery abroad has benefits, such as travel. Discovering a new place and culture considerably lowers stress and promotes both physical and emotional renewal. So, it is a distinctive combination that everyone seeks out. New doors of opportunity have emerged in every profession thanks to technology and communication.

Getting a facelift in Asia - A combination of surgery and vacation
Getting a facelift in Asia- A combination of surgery and vacation

Customers today have many options when it comes to plastic surgery, including a range of surgical options, prices, levels of experience, and locations. One can have complete control over all of these factors while also having leisure time by having cosmetic surgery performed abroad.

Considering the distinctive differences between the culture and atmosphere of Asia and other countries, also there may be a need for peace of mind after undergoing such major surgery as a facelift, getting it done in Asia can be the best choice.

Which Asian countries are the best choices for a facelift?


Thailand is a place where people visit cosmetic procedures because of its inexpensive cost of living. Thailand also boasts a lot of distinctive qualities and attractions that you shouldn’t skip.

The availability of more treatments in Thailand is also being boosted by the technology’s ongoing progress.

Thailand is best renowned for other procedures besides facelifts, such as breast implants, dental work, and gender reassignment operations.

South Korea

The world’s leading nation for cosmetic and aesthetic medical procedures is South Korea. They offer a variety of operations with the highest standards with simplicity thanks to their numerous highly qualified specialists and state-of-the-art technology.

South Korea is the ideal medical tourism destination for patients seeking purely aesthetic procedures. It should come as no surprise that South Korea has one of the best cosmetic surgery markets given that the country has a thriving beauty industry and thousands of beauty clinics.

The South Korean government has established facilities for international patients and makes it simple for travelers who are traveling to receive medical care to obtain visas, demonstrating how hospitable they are to medical tourists.


Singapore is a must-visit place for tourists. From a financial standpoint, including cosmetic procedures in a once-in-a-lifetime trip is wise. Although Singapore is known as the playground for the wealthy, there is much more to the city-state than upscale malls, gourmet restaurants, and opulent lodging. Traveling to and from the various historic and well-maintained public places is easy thanks to the city’s first-rate transportation infrastructure and the fact that the majority of signs are also in English.

Viet Nam

The world is pleased by Vietnam’s ability to prevent and defeat the COVID epidemic, and the country’s health sector has made advancements on par with those of other industrialized nations in this area. The medical tourism industry in Vietnam now has a fresh possibility thanks to this reality.

Facelift results at Gangwhoo hospital
Getting a facelift in Asia – Gangwhoo hospital in Viet Nam

Face reading and plastic surgery have a strong bond that is shared by many Asian nations, including South Korea, which has the largest plastic surgery market in the world, and China, which is its fastest-growing market. Vietnam was one of the most affordable nations in the world for plastic surgery, especially for those who want a facelift in Asia, even though it is not yet a refuge for the procedure.

Facelift results at Gangwhoo hospital

Ho Chi Minh city holds the largest market share for medical tourism in Viet Nam with significant growth in the medical tourism field.

Gangwhoo hospital, located near Tan Son Nhat international airport is one of the leading units in cosmetic surgery with thousands of customers coming every year, both domestically and internationally, seeking a facelift in Asia.

Getting a facelift in Asia – Gangwhoo hospital in Viet Nam

The facelift incision at Gangwhoo Hospital will be made behind the tragus and earlobes rather than in front of the ear. These incisions enable medical professionals to tighten the skin while also protecting the ear parts from any harm. The hairline will largely conceal the incisions that are left. Outsiders won’t notice the incisions without taking a closer look because these facelift incisions assist to conceal any visible signs of the treatment.

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For a facelift in Asia, these countries mentioned above offer very accessible and economical medical travel. Getting that long-desired surgery will only cost a small amount more for medical tourists—typically the working class from western countries with strong currencies—than the ordinary cost of an international vacation.

Getting a facelift in Asia – Gangwhoo hospital in Viet Nam

It’s fair to say that all of the locations mentioned in this article have excellent reviews about getting a facelift in Asia. They provide the same healthcare services as western facilities, if not better. Asia takes great pride in its medical prowess and works hard to innovate and enhance the healthcare it offers, with the bonus of always taking your comfort into account.

Above is basic information about why and where people apply for a facelift in Asia. We hope this information serves as a good starting point for further investigation.

If you have any further requests about getting a facelift in Asia or any other cosmetic procedures, please leave your information in the comment section or contact our hotline at (+84) 901 666 879 to book a consultation session with our experts.


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