Dr. Victor is an expert in the field of anesthesia and rehabilitation at Gangwhoo Hospital. With many years of experience, he has participated in a series of successful cosmetic surgeries, helping customers achieve natural beauty and confidence.

1. Qualifications

  • Anesthesiologist and Rehabilitation Doctor

2. Current position

  • Anesthesiologist and Rehabilitation Doctor

3. Specialties

  • Anesthesia and rehabilitation

4. About

Dr. Victor has a strong interest in medicine. Dissimilar to his friends, Dr. Victor decided early on in high school that he wanted to become a doctor.

The doctor has consistently trained to have a strong understanding during his years of study at Ho Chi Minh city University of Medicine and Pharmacy, all with well-planned objectives.

The doctor was obviously inclined to pursue the specialization of anesthesiology and rehabilitation after six years of relentless study and effort. After more than two years of study and practice, the doctor received recognition and admiration from the university’s master’s and PhD programs.

Currently, Dr.Victor is working as an anesthesiologist at Gangwhoo Hospital.

The doctor’s work process runs really easily and helps to provide clients with safe cosmetic outcomes because of his enthusiasm for the field and readiness to learn.
At the moment, Dr. Victor is a member of the Vietnam Association for Anesthesia and Rehabilitation. a committed participant who never skips an association function or special event.
The doctor not only developed into a skilled physician but also made significant contributions to medicine as a result of his curiosity, enthusiasm, and deep love for his work. The physician has made every effort to do study and finish a worldwide scientific report.

Experts praised the exceptional topic, and it was published in the magazine Bangladesh Journal of Medical Science vol. 23 No. 01 January ’24 Application of Laryngeal Mask Airway (LMA) in Medium and Short Period Traumatic Othopedic Sugeries Ta Duc Luan MD.PhD, Nguyen Tan Phong MD.

5. Training process

  • 1998: Graduated with specialist level 1 in otorhinolaryngology, at Ho Chi Minh City of Medicine and Pharmacy University.
  • 2019 – 2021: Specialist level 1 in  Cosmetic & plastic surgery at Pham Ngoc Thach University of Medicine

6. Member of medical organization

  • Member of Vietnam ENT Association
  • Member of Vietnam Cosmetic Surgery Association

7. Achievement

  • Medal for protecting people’s health.

8. Research project

Domestic scientific report

  • Report on research work at the ear, nose, and throat conference in the southern region.

9. Language 

  • English

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