Carving Rhinoplasty – The Amazing Nose Job Technique

Carving rhinoplasty is one of the perfect choices for women wanting an excellent nose shape at a reasonable price. What are its advantages? What are the indications? To help customers make the right choice, let Gangwhoo hospital provide you with detailed information below!

Carving Rhinoplasty - The Cutting-Edges Nose Job Technique
Carving Rhinoplasty – The Cutting-Edges Nose Job Technique

Definition of carving rhinoplasty

Carving rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery originating in Korea. A customized nose implant is carved and inserted, covering the tip of the nose to create a natural and refined nose bridge by a professional technique.

It uses autologous cartilage from the ear, the rib, or the septum of customers combined with artificial cartilage. This method is highly appreciated for its long-lasting good result.

Carving rhinoplasty lasts for 45-60 minutes. Customers can resume their daily activities after surgery without having to stay at a hospital.


The characteristic feature of this method is using autologous cartilage, it will not only bring a natural and refined nose bridge but also obtain exceptional advantages as below:

Aesthetically pleasing

The core factor shaping the nose in this method is using autologous cartilage, the tip of the nose is covered and fully protected. Carving implants will become compatible quickly and integrate with our noses, create a natural and harmonious overall.

It helps create an S-line nose shape, follows the golden ratio, and is aesthetically pleasing. The nose shape looks completely natural and won’t show any trace of cosmetic surgery.

Completely safe

During the process, the doctor will perform the surgery with very detailed small cuts to limit the effects on the surrounding areas, so you can be completely assured of any complications or scars after surgery.

With autologous cartilage materials, its biggest advantage compared to other cartilage is the compatibility with the customer’s body and lower risks of complications such as red nose tip, crooked or bent nose.

Carving rhinoplasty uses advanced aesthetic techniques originating from Korea – the starting point of the world’s leading cosmetic and beauty methods. Gangwhoo is proud to obtain many rhinoplasty methods transferring from Korea to ensure an exclusive experience for customers. Besides, high-quality cartilage used at Gangwhoo hospital is FDA approved and imported from The USA so we are your most reliable choice when choosing a safe and prestigious hospital for a rhinoplasty.

Long-lasting refined nose shape

With carving rhinoplasty, customers can be sure to own a high, refined, and long-lasting nose shape over time. Autologous cartilage combined with artificial ones will bring high efficiency and lessen any shrinking or abrasion. Many other factors combined with high-quality cartilage can help you possess a beautiful long lasting nose shape.

Who should undergo carving rhinoplasty?

Everyone wants a nice nose shape and it is believed that a beautiful nose can define 80% of the face’s highlights and somehow improve other flaws. A nicer nose not only helps you be more confident but also be of use in communication, working, and even be more successful in life.

Anyone wanting a more refined nose to have a more beautiful face, carving rhinoplasty is the perfect solution.

– Low/flat nose

– Big, wide nose tips and wings: rougher face, loses its charm

– Upturned nose: For those who believed in feng shui or anthropology, a slightly upturned nose will not be beautiful and bring bad luck.

– Hump or broken nose: Although having a high nose bridge, if there’s a hump or crooked part, the nose will also lose its charm.

– Hawk nose: The characteristic feature of a hawk nose is that the tip of the nose is incurved, and the nose is long. It makes the face lose its beauty.

– Complications from past rhinoplasty: The main cause is poor quality facilities or poorly skilled doctors. Therefore, carving rhinoplasty with autologous cartilage is a suggested method for you to revive the shape of your nose.

How long will carving rhinoplasty last?

Is carving rhinoplasty long-lasting? How long is it? Everybody wants their cosmetic surgery result to stay for a long time. So how is carving rhinoplasty?

It’s hard to confirm because determining whether it will last depends on many factors. Usually, the result will stay for 10-20 years. If using high-quality cartilage and post-surgery care is followed strictly, the result can be kept for a lifetime.

Price list

The current price of carving rhinoplasty is around 15.000.000 VND – 30.000.000 VND, depending on many factors such as the quality of artificial cartilages, doctors’ skills, warranty and post-surgery care policies, the quality of the autologous cartilage. The artificial cartilage has to be high quality and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved to ensure the safety and health of customers.

A safe and prestigious address for carving rhinoplasty

Gangwhoo hospital is known for many modern Korean-originated rhinoplasty technologies that are approved by Health Ministry. Known services include Rib cartilage rhinoplasty, Ear cartilage rhinoplasty, bio-cartilage rhinoplasty, structural rhinoplasty… and carving rhinoplasty.

Moreover, Gangwhoo hospital has “revitalized” many noses that experienced failed surgery before and were even left with extreme complications. Therefore, customers can put complete trust in us for a satisfying rhinoplasty.

Besides skilled Korean and Vietnamese doctors and modern technology transferred from Korea, the professionalism of a rhinoplasty procedure at Gangwhoo hospital is proved via its five-star international standard facilities.

The computerized 3D AI X-ray photography system used at Gangwhoo hospital can be considered a breakthrough point in cosmetic surgery. Gangwhoo hospital is proud to be the leading unit in applying this system in our rhinoplasty procedure, which helps bring a high-quality experience for customers.

The computerized AI X-ray system creates a detailed 3D image of the nose’s structure to help doctors indicate and design a perfect nose shape.

With all the above information, Gangwhoo hopes to ensure you a safe experience when applying for this service and be more confident with your after images.


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