What will happen if there’s significant weight loss after facelift surgery? Whether its effect is positive or negative on your appearance. Let’s find out more about it via this article below.

Weight loss after Facelift
Weight loss after Facelift

Ideal candidates for a facelift procedure

The goal of facelift surgery is to resharpen the flaws on your face, by tightening the facial muscles and underlying tissues, redistributing or removing excess fat, and redraping the skin to make it firmer and younger. It can significantly impact a patient’s appearance, sometimes taking away a decade or more from their apparent age.

An ideal candidate is any healthy adult who is not addicted to alcohol or drugs and is preferably a nonsmoker. Most of the time, surgeons will ask patients to try to be as close to their ideal weight as possible and lead a healthy lifestyle to boost the result of their procedure. Also, they should maintain a proper diet and workout routine both before and after their surgery.

Weight loss and facelift results

As stated above, facelift surgery deals with removing or redistributing underlying fat and getting rid of sagging skin; those facial imperfections are the result of the aging process. Therefore, having weight loss after facelift surgery or before it is a critical decision as it can affect the results of the surgery.

Weight loss before a facelift

If you choose to lose weight before applying for a facelift, it’s crucial to set the right timing. Most surgeons recommend patients be as close to their ideal weight as possible to archive the best outcome from their surgery. Also, there shouldn’t be a drastic change between your weight on the consultation and operation day as it may interfere with the surgeon’s surgical plan and requires more time to adjust the plan. So it’s better to lose however weight you want than try to maintain it from your initial consultation day till the day of your surgery.

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Weight loss after facelift surgery

It’s understandable to have weight loss after facelift surgery as you may not have any appetite for a few days following your surgery. But It won’t affect the result much.

Another case is the patient is too motivated after getting a great result from a facelift and decides to do a full-body transformation to match their new youthful appearance.

But a drastic weight loss after facelift surgery is not recommended as it is not a wise decision or a great choice especially if it happens too fast. It may lead to losing fat all over your body, including facial fat that can result in hollowed or sunken areas and skin laxity can be one of the unwanted consequences too.

As previously mentioned, it’s better to lose weight before your surgery but sometimes it’s easier said than done, and your workout plan cannot start until after your facelift procedure. By that time, don’t rush to an extreme diet or an intense workout routine. You are always advised to take it slow resuming any intense activities after any surgery, let alone a facelift. During this period, jumping back to work out right away will cause more harm than benefit, and losing any amount of weight, even if it’s just 2-3 kilos, will unexpectedly affect your facelift results.

How to make weight loss after facelift surgery
How to make weight loss after facelift surgery

How to make weight loss after facelift surgery

If you decide to lose weight after undergoing a facelift procedure, keep in mind that it doesn’t have to come off at once.

Take it slow and be mindful of the timing.

Extreme weight loss at a fast pace is not advisable after any procedure, including a facelift. Because a facelift already removed or redistributed the underlying fat on your face so losing more can distort the shape of your face. If you decide to shred off some kilos, your priority should be to lose them gradually over months or years to make sure it doesn’t strain your body.

You also need to consult with your surgeon so they can design and adjust your weight loss journey to bring the best result. You may have to come back once in a while for a check-up to make sure everything is going at a safe and stable speed.

One of the most important things post-surgery is to follow a healthy diet and know when the right time to resume exercise activities is.

By doing that, patients can avoid the risk of affecting the results of their facelift procedure as well as archive their desired weight.

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