The Method Behind John Pace’s 20-Year Youthful Makeover with a SMAS Facelift

Can you believe that John Pace regained his youthfulness of 20 years ago thanks to a SMAS facelift? Follow this story to witness the miraculous transformation brought about by the facelift procedure at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital.

Youthful Makeover with a SMAS Facelift


John Pace & His Journey to Vietnam for Skin Rejuvenation

John Pace, a 64-year-old government employee from Australia, was dissatisfied with his current appearance, feeling he looked older than his actual age. His real-life image and the one on his phone were completely different.

When he smiled, his face had many wrinkles and sagging skin, especially around the nasolabial folds, neck, and eyes. He desired a more youthful, firm, and harmonious face. Pace was desperate to find a solution, hoping to salvage his facial appearance.

Youthful Makeover with a SMAS Facelift


He conducted thorough research on the internet and through the website of Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital. After many reviews, he concluded that it was one of Vietnam’s top beauty service centers. He placed his trust in them and embarked on his rejuvenation journey in the S-shaped land.

SMAS Facelift: The End of an Aged Appearance

Upon setting foot in Vietnam, John Pace received a warm welcome at the airport from Gangwhoo’s professional team of interpreters. After a thorough consultation and evaluation by the doctor, he felt reassured and satisfied with the hospital’s professionalism, even before the procedure.

His facelift procedure took about 4-5 hours, with the participation of Gangwhoo’s medical team. With the support of 4K endoscopic equipment and the skilled hands of the doctor, the skin layer and the SMAS layer were separated and the skin surface was tightened.

Especially, when having a facelift at Gangwhoo, not only is the technique optimized to maintain long-lasting results, but the scars are also subtly hidden. The scar is skillfully stitched behind the ear, almost unnoticeable unless someone pays close attention. 

Youthful Makeover with a SMAS Facelift


Only at Gangwhoo, the customer’s ear cartilage is always kept intact, without any deformation or scarring. Although not fully recovered and healed, the result is undeniable – John Pace looks like a completely different person.

His face has almost completely eliminated wrinkles, sagging skin, and nasolabial folds. Looking in the mirror, he is very pleased and continuously praises the doctor’s skills. With the results after the SMAS facelift surgery, he feels like he has gone back 20 years.

‘If you want to look young like me, go for a facelift!’ John Pace shares

John Pace was very surprised and satisfied with the results. He did not expect his face to change so dramatically. With the success beyond his expectations, he is very impressed and continuously expresses his gratitude to the doctor.

He happily shares, ‘If you want to look young like me, go for a facelift.’ Perhaps this is a correct decision, a dramatic change that John Pace or any international customer must acknowledge. Because the results are too excellent and too impressive.


Youthful Makeover with a SMAS Facelift

He is not only impressed with the results but also extremely satisfied with the quality of professional services. When he arrived, he had the face of a 70-year-old man, but when he left, he had the face of a 45-year-old. Not only that, he also brought home traditional Vietnamese gifts.

After being introduced and presented with special gifts from Vietnam such as coffee, lotus tea, conical hats, etc., he is extremely happy. He also shares that he will introduce his friends and relatives to Gangwhoo.

Youthful Makeover with a SMAS Facelift


A special gift imbued with Vietnamese tradition for John Pace

A wonderful result for John Pace’s journey to regain his youth. This is certainly a ‘miraculous’ change that everyone desires. If you feel the same, don’t hesitate to connect with Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital at the hotline: 1900 5128 for FREE CONSULTATION about facelift services.”

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