The Medical Journal publications the Research Topic Report written by Dr. Phung Manh Cuong

Research Topic Report written by Dr. Phung Manh Cuong. Scientific research is a crucial activity in the field of healthcare, aimed at enhancing the quality of health care for communities. And Gangwhoo Aesthetic Clinic, currently a leading reputable address, has achieved a remarkable milestone. The first publication by Gangwhoo’s in-house physicians has just been released in the Vietnamese Journal of Medicine, a specialized medical journal.


Research Topic Report written by Dr. Phung Manh Cuong

An study named “SURVEY OF ANATOMICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF TERMINAL-TYPE FACIAL ARTERIES CONTRIBUTING TO INTERVENTIONS IN THE FACIAL REGION” was just published in the Vietnamese Journal of Medicine. Dr. Phung Manh Cuong, the medical director of Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, and his associates carried out this study.

The Vietnamese Journal of Medicine, published by the Vietnam Medical Association, has two editions: Vietnamese and English. It serves as a valuable resource for various scientific topics, research, education, and medical practice both domestically and internationally.

The study focused on clarifying issues related to vascular complications in commonly encountered facial artery branches, including those in the nasal dorsum, nasal spine, nasal tip, and eyelid region. It provides valuable anatomical insights into facial arteries.


Research Topic Report written by Dr. Phung Manh Cuong

Dr. Cuong has extensive training and specialized understanding in surgical anatomy, which allows him to comprehend the subtleties of intricate systems like blood arteries and nerves, some of which have diameters as small as a few millimeters. Shorter recovery periods and better cosmetic results for procedures like eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, and face lift are made possible by this understanding.

This research project not only marks a new milestone but also inspires the medical community in Vietnam and specifically the physicians working at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital


Research Topic Report written by Dr. Phung Manh Cuong

Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital isn’t just aiming to be a 5-star standard Korean beauty center; it also plays a vital role as a talent incubator, nurturing the capabilities of our medical professionals. By doing so, we elevate the quality of healthcare and beauty services for our community.

Lê Hiền, Founder of Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, shares, “Gangwhoo isn’t only about enhancing our clients’ beauty and happiness in life; it’s also a place where physicians have opportunities to work and conduct research.

Our doctors actively learn from talented colleagues both within and outside Vietnam, keeping up with the latest technologies and techniques. I’m honored that Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital’s physicians contribute to the Vietnamese Journal of Medicine.”

Gangwhoo takes pride in assembling a team of experienced doctors with deep expertise. They proactively propose quality-improvement solutions, directly applied in our aesthetic services.


Particularly, we use 4K endoscopic technology in our operations to provide accurate, natural-looking outcomes while reducing bruising after surgery.

In addition, our medical staff receives frequent training from Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, which includes extended internships in France, the US, South Korea, and other countries. Prominent academics are often invited to deliver internal training sessions.

Our highly skilled doctors at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital will keep making a big impact in the future by doing insightful scientific research that will improve Vietnam’s medical environment even more.

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