Rhinoplasty has been a growing trend but there are many cases of failed surgeries that need fixing. Many also wonder how much the revision rhinoplasty cost and whether they can afford this surgery. So let’s find out the answer to these questions via the article below!

How much does a revision rhinoplasty cost?
How much does a revision rhinoplasty cost?

What is a deviated nose?

A deviated nose is a condition in which the nose is curved, and crooked to the left or right, causing breathing difficulties and a lack of facial aesthetics. The cause can be congenital, an unfortunate accident from the outside, sinusitis, and especially due to failed plastic surgery that leaves complications. The most effective treatment is revision surgery to correct the damaged nose and fix the deviated septum.

How much does a revision rhinoplasty cost?

Complications due to a failed rhinoplasty always require a highly qualified surgeon to be able to handle complex surgical techniques compared to conventional rhinoplasty. Therefore, it is understood that the cost will usually be quite high.

A revision rhinoplasty cost usually ranged from 5 million VND to 80 million VND. Each hospital or clinic will have a different quote for this surgery based on many evaluation criteria.

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What are the factors that determine how much revision rhinoplasty costs?

Many factors determine how much it cost to fix a failed rhinoplasty result, but the main ones are still the following 4 factors:

  • Surgeon’s skills: Experienced and highly specialized surgeons often cost more than those who have just graduated or are not specialized.
  • Methods of rhinoplasty: There are many different methods of revision rhinoplasty, such as fixing the nasal septum or the nasal bridge, removing and replacing the old cartilage, etc. Each method has different difficulties as well as costs.
  • The cartilage used during surgery: Cartilage used in rhinoplasty can be autologous (such as ear, sternum, etc.) or artificial (such as silicone, nanoform, etc.). Autologous cartilage has the advantage of being safe and suitable for your body, but is more expensive and requires more time to harvest. Artificial cartilage is cheaper and easier to choose the desired size and shape, but there is a risk of rejection or deformation after implantation.
  • Equipment and facilities: Prestigious and modern aesthetic facilities often have advanced and safe equipment to support the surgical process. At the same time, luxurious and comfortable facilities also increase the revision rhinoplasty cost.

Surgical methods

Having a broken nose as a result of failed rhinoplasty makes you feel self-conscious about your appearance and face many health-related issues, especially breathing problems. Therefore, the first thing that you need to pay attention to besides how much the revision rhinoplasty cost is whether your surgeon will apply a safe and effective method to conduct your surgery and what it is. Currently, there are several methods that you can apply as follows:

  • Home care: You can use your fingers to gently stroke along the bridge of the nose to help straighten and improve the shape of the nose. However, this method is only effective in cases where the nose is slightly deviated and does not affect the function of the nose. Besides, this solution is not approved by experts as a cosmetic method.
  • Nasal septum correction: This is a method of interfering with the septum between the two nostrils to straighten and improve the breathing ability of the nose. This method is often applied to cases where the nose is deviated due to an accident or genetics.
  • Structural Rhinoplasty: This is a method that interferes with the entire structure of the nose, including bone, cartilage, and skin. This method helps alter existing defects in the shape of the nose, such as a low nose bridge, flat nose tip, or complications that happened as a result of failed rhinoplasty.

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The best address for revision rhinoplasty

With advanced techniques transferred directly from leading hospitals in Korea, Gangwhoo Hospital is well known in the beauty field for its success in rhinoplasty in general and the revision surgery to fix failed nose jobs in particular.

Aesthetic experts with more than 15 years of experience working at Gangwhoo Hospital assessed that fixing a damaged nose is considered a complicated surgery and requires a highly skilled surgeon with many years of experience in the field to avoid causing unnecessary damage to customers who have undergone previous failed plastic surgery.

Revision rhinoplasty performed at Gangwhoo Hospital is accompanied by the support of modern machines and equipment. Prominent is the computerized AI 3D X-ray imaging system, this technology helps the doctor accurately analyze the condition of the nasal bones and choose the most suitable rhinoplasty plan for each customer.

How much does revision rhinoplasty cost at Gangwhoo Hospital?

Depending on the level of damage and deviation of the nose shape of each customer, the surgeon will determine the exact revision rhinoplasty cost for them. At Gangwhoo Hospital, the revision rhinoplasty cost usually ranges from above 7,000,000 VND.

More specifically, Gangwhoo constantly updates our promotional campaign, the revision rhinoplasty cost, or the price of rhinoplasty in general with a variety of choices for customers to consider and choose from.

Revision rhinoplasty cost at Gangwhoo

How much a revision rhinoplasty cost is essential information that customers should search for before considering applying the surgery anywhere, the most important thing when deciding on a rhinoplasty is to learn carefully about where it will be conducted and also need to consider many other factors before “entrusting” your desired future aesthetic appearance.

For more information about rhinoplasty or revision rhinoplasty costs in particular with modern and safe methods according to the standards of the Ministry of Health, please contact Gangwhoo Hospital via the hotline at 1900 5128 or 0901 666 879 for further assistance!


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