As facelift surgery has become more and more common for people who want to upgrade their appearance, “How long will facelift results last?” is one of the most asked questions because everyone cares about whether their money is well-spent. Let’s find out how long the results of a facelift will last via this article.

How long will facelift results last?
How long will facelift results last?

Why does one choose to do facelift surgery?

The skin of all of us will gradually lose its elasticity as a result of the natural aging process, leading to sagging skin and many more aging signs on the face as well as the body. The fight against aging is a daunting task for most women because the facial aging process cannot be quickly remedied.

Facelift offers a new solution to help erase aging and retain youth for all of us. One chooses to undergo a facelift in many cases such as:

+ The facial skin is wrinkled and sagging due to age or genetic

+ People who have tried other beauty methods but it doesn’t work.

+ Those who want a fast and effective way to eliminate unwanted facial flaws such as wrinkles, fine lines, and creases on the face, jowls, and neck.

How does a facelift work?

Despite many different techniques used, the goal of the facelift procedure is to tighten the skin and/or the subcutaneous tissues to draw taut and create a new youthful look for the targeted area.

Facelift incisions typically start above the helix, curve down in front of the ear then back behind the ear into the hairline. This “old-fashion” method allows surgeons to do the procedure easier but leaves quite “ugly” and visible scars. It may affect the facelift results and have a higher tendency to turn into keloid scars.

At Gangwhoo hospital, instead of curving in front of the ear, incisions are hidden behind the tragus. By doing this, the risk of damaging the tragus or promoting keloid scars is lessened and surgeons can maximize the tightening effect. At first, these incisions may be noticeable but they will eventually fade over time to almost invisible. The pleasing aesthetic effect on customers’ faces can be guaranteed.


How long will facelift results last?

Facelift procedures tighten the skin and/or the subcutaneous muscle, to reverse the aging signs and sagging state that naturally occurs as a result of convalescence. Many patients desire to have long-lasting facelift results but this procedure will not permanently prevent further aging as it is a natural process.

How long the facelift results will last depends upon the type of facelift procedure you chose to have, whether it was surgical or non-surgical; your age at the time of surgery, and the characteristics of your skin. Skin type is mainly based on genetics, but external factors such as sun exposure, smoking, drinking, diet, and exercise also influence skin elasticity.

Facelift results
Facelift results

Tips to make your facelift results last longer

Although we can not stop the wheel of time, we may do plenty of things to slow it down and make the facelift results last longer. Following a suitable skincare routine as well as a healthy lifestyle will help extend the aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Below are some useful tips for you

  1. Follow the post-operative care

Your doctors will provide you with a detailed plan to nurse your health back to normal as well as maintain the facelift results.

  1. Avoid sun exposure

New scars and fresh incisions are sensitive to sunlight. Sun exposure is also one of the factors damaging the skin texture and causing wrinkles, dark spots, and pigmentation. Wear a wide-brimmed hat, avoid direct contact with the sun, and use sunscreen to protect your skin during the healing time as well as keep your facelift results for a longer time.

  1. Avoid excessive smoking and drinking alcohol

Chemicals in cigarettes can lead to wrinkles and crepey skin, not only on your face but also on your body while alcohol has been linked to many post-surgery complications as many researchers have found out.

That’s why it’s recommended to stop smoking both before and after the surgery. As for drinking, a little bit of alcohol once in a while is fine, avoid excessive drinking, especially during your healing period to help preserve your facelift results and keep your youthful glow. It may be a good chance for you to break off these unhealthy habits.

  1. Healthy diet and exercise routine

Eating healthy foods that nourish both your body and skin as well as following an exercise routine can also help you extend your facelift results. Load your diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables, lean meat, and fiber-rich food to help your skin heal and avoid potential infection.

Although excessive exercise is not allowed during the early day of the healing process, you can still do light walking and then resume other activities gradually after that. It’s a great help for your healing process as well as maintaining your natural glow.

There are other ways to prolong the aesthetically pleasing results of the facelift procedure. The best way to have a detailed plan is to consult your doctors so they can design a customized post-operative care scheme for you.

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Choosing a reputable hospital to ensure long-lasting facelift results

Team of doctors at Gangwhoo hospital
Team of doctors at Gangwhoo hospital

Choosing a prestigious place to perform the procedure also greatly affects the time to maintain facelift results so you need to do it at a reputable, quality-certified address with modern equipment. Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital has always been one of the safest addresses and uses the most effective facelift technology in the country.

Our team of doctors consists of many experts in the cosmetic surgery field with years of experience and great expertise.

Thousands of customers have come and experienced the service and then left with high satisfaction index.

Medical workers at Gangwhoo will also provide you with helpful post-operative care advice to ensure the long-lasting results of any procedure you choose to do.

Above is basic information on how to make your facelift results last longer. If you need any further details about facelift as well as other procedures, feel free to leave your phone number or contact our hotline/zalo to book a free consultation.


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