After Injecting Removal Filler, How Long Can You Have Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty by filler injection method cannot bring sustainable results to customers who need rhinoplasty. That’s why the best solution is rhinoplasty surgery. So how long does it take for nose filler injection? Let’s take a look to the following article!

Learn about what is removal filler injection.

Removal filler injection is a non-surgical method similar to injecting filler into a certain position or body part. However, removal filler injection is performed to remove the amount of filler still remaining inside that position. For how long it takes for rhinoplasty after a removal filler injection, it can be understood that the doctor will use a liquefied substance injected inside the nose area to “process” the filler previously injected into the nose.

How is removal filler injection performed?

This method is performed by using a solution containing hyaluronidase to inject it into the area where the filler was previously injected. The substance used for dissolving injections has the function of breaking down the structure and all bonds of the filler. Then gradually liquefy and remove the filler from that part to restore its original shape.

The time to perform removal filler injections is usually quick. It takes only 15–30 minutes for the doctor to complete the dissolving injection process, and about 10 minutes later, they will return to normal activities. This is a non-invasive technique; no recovery time is required.

When should removal filler injections be performed?

Currently, rhinoplasty by filler injection is not recommended by doctors because this method cannot be maintained long-term. In addition, the rate of complications with filler injections is also higher than with rhinoplasty methods from Korea. Specifically, in the following cases, doctors will advise removal filler injections:

  • The nose shape after filler injection is not as beautiful as desired: After nose injection, the nose is uneven, the tip is large, etc. The reason is that the doctor’s skill is not good, so there is a desire to inject removal filler to dissolve it. back to the original.
  • For customers who want a surgical nose lift to have a more beautiful nose shape for a longer period of time, the doctor will prescribe a filler injection before performing the nose lift.
  • In case the customer wants the injection to dissolve, re-inject a new amount of filler to ensure the best results.

Is it possible to have rhinoplasty after filler injection?

The time to maintain a high nose shape after filler injection usually only lasts from 6 months to 1 year. After this time, if you want to maintain it longer, you must re-inject or choose rhinoplasty surgery.

For customers who wonder if they can have a nose job after a filler injection, doctors say that when the filler is completely removed from the nose, you can rest assured that you can have a rhinoplasty.

However, to perform rhinoplasty after a filler injection, you should consider choosing a reputable address to be thoroughly examined by a doctor and identify whether the filler still remains inside the nose or not. If there is any remaining, the doctors will inject it to remove filler to ensure safety.


How long does it take for removal filler injection to have rhinoplasty?

After injecting filler to enhance your nose, if you intend to have rhinoplasty surgery, doctors often advise that you should wait until the ideal time is 6 months after the injection. At this point, the filler inside the nose has dissolved, and you can proceed with rhinoplasty.

However, in case the customer wants to have a rhinoplasty sooner, the doctor will prescribe a dissolving filler injection to remove the fillers inside the nose. For this technique, The doctor usually suggests that 1 week after the injection, you will be able to perform a rhinoplasty.

What are safe rhinoplasty methods after filler injection?

Besides how long it takes for removal filler injection to have a rhinoplasty, many people have difficulty choosing a safe and effective method.

However, rhinoplasty methods currently originate from Korea, with modern techniques focusing on safety and preventing high complications. Some rhinoplasty methods that you can consider include:

Structural rhinoplasty: This is considered a highly effective method thanks to its ability to completely restructure the nose shape, an advantage that conventional methods cannot provide. After implementing this method, you will be able to completely overcome the common defects of the low nose, big tip, and horizontal alar,… helping your nose shape become naturally elegant. This method brings significant results to cases of rhinoplasty, broken nose repair, or deformed noses due to accidents or complications.

Cartilage rhinoplasty: Known to be a safe rhinoplasty method thanks to the use of autologous cartilage to cover the tip. With good compatibility and limiting the risk of red shadow on the tip of the nose, exposing the lift cartilage and overcoming the condition of rough, large nose tip skin, low and short nose.

Korean Rhinoplasty: With the highest-quality biological cartilage material from Korea applied in this method, you will see a clear difference compared to conventional rhinoplasty methods because of the completely different nose shape. Korean natural beauty

A safe and reputable address for removal filler injections and rhinoplasty

Although removal filler injection is not a technique that requires too many complicated techniques or operations, However, if the operator does not consider the correct dosage and the procedure is not guaranteed to be safe, the risk of complications is still very high.

Currently, there are many facilities using filler of unknown origin, or even mixed with impurities, causing many serious risks. Over the past time, there have been many customers who have come to Gangwhoo Hospital with their appearance seriously affected by filler injections at poor quality facilities, causing errors in nose shape, red shiny nose, swelling, and stiffness, …

If you are worried about how long it will take for filler to dissolve after injection or encounter problems that need to be intervened with and fixed as soon as possible to avoid affecting both aesthetics and health, Gangwhoo Hospital is a reputable unit with Vietnamese and Korean doctors with more than 15 years of experience in the profession who will quickly help you clarify your questions and advise you on the best rhinoplasty method. Customers change their appearance and are satisfied when performing rhinoplasty here.

So that you can safely perform rhinoplasty procedures, the hospital applies computerized AI X-ray technology to the rhinoplasty process. Thereby, the doctor can easily identify exactly what defects the current nose shape is facing, thereby providing the best solution, and customers can also easily preview the new nose shape even without surgery.

How long can you have rhinoplasty after a removal filler injection?  has been explained in detail through the above article; hopefully, It’ll help you clarify the details of this issue. If you have any questions related to this issue, please immediately contact Hotline 0901.666.879 for further expert advice.


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