Gangwhoo: Achieving a perfect 5/5 in surgical safety for several years in a row is accomplished by Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital.

Gangwhoo: Achieving a perfect 5/5 in surgical safety, Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital has once again scored a perfect 5/5 in surgical safety, Continuing to build on its strength as a top-tier cosmetic institution renowned for safety and quality, this year, upholding its pride over many years.

Gangwhoo: Achieving a perfect 5/5 in surgical safety

Gangwhoo: Achieving a perfect 5/5 in surgical safety: Gangwhoo is recognized by the Ministry of Health

Operating under the Ministry of Health’s 83 stringent criteria, Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital strictly adheres to high-quality cosmetic standards year after year. Gangwhoo: Achieving a perfect 5/5 in surgical safety.

Our hospital has complied with and met the benchmarks in cosmetic excellence, affirming our top-tier status. We prioritize surgical safety above all, valuing customer satisfaction, enhancing the skills of our medical team, and continuously innovating and embracing advanced cosmetic trends. Throughout our operation, the hospital has strived not only to gain recognition from the Ministry of Health for safe cosmetic procedures but also to earn the trust of thousands of customers, who see us as a high-quality cosmetic provider.


Gangwhoo: Achieving a perfect 5/5 in surgical safety

The hospital has achieved an absolute score of 5/5 in surgical safety, a testament to our reputable and safety-first operations. Our quality assessment criteria include the following standards:

1. Correct Surgery for the Right Candidate, at the Right Site

We prioritize safety without compromising aesthetics that could endanger lives or pose risks to our customers. All clients are thoroughly examined and assessed before any surgical procedure.

We do not compromise on profit; we only proceed with surgery if the client meets the necessary health and psychological conditions. If not, we ‘decline’ and offer advice to ensure the utmost safety for our clients.

2. Investment in Comprehensive, Surgical-Grade Equipment

At Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, we are deeply committed to investing in modern, cutting-edge equipment. All our devices undergo safety certification and regular inspections. Currently, the hospital boasts advanced technologies such as 4K endoscopy, AI-powered X-ray computing, Laser scalpels, Harmonic knives, Keller funnels, Lipo Ultrasound machines, and more.

3. Timely Preparedness for Emergencies

We are always prepared and responsive in emergency situations. Our medical team is on constant standby, monitoring the health and stability of each surgical case. We have measures ready for any circumstance.

4. A Medical Team with Technical Expertise and Specialization

Our medical staff are formally trained at major universities and continuously update their technical skills and cosmetic trends.


Gangwhoo: Achieving a perfect 5/5 in surgical safety

This year, our doctors have completed internships at Shimmian Hospital in South Korea and participated in major international cosmetic conferences like KCCS, KSAS, presenting on cosmetic topics.

Safe Cosmetics, Chosen by Many at Gangwhoo Hospital

Under the leadership of Founder Le Hien, Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital operates steadfastly with the motto ‘Safe Cosmetics.’ Currently, the hospital is a trusted destination for numerous clients. We have surveyed over 98% of our service users, receiving overwhelmingly positive and satisfactory feedback, Gangwhoo: Achieving a perfect 5/5 in surgical safety.


Gangwhoo: Achieving a perfect 5/5 in surgical safety

Not only domestic clients but also international ones choose us for beautiful and safe cosmetic results. We take pride in having built a reputable image among our clients and affirming that our country’s cosmetic industry is on par with other leading nations.

Directed by Founder Le Hien, the hospital focuses not only on high-quality operations but also actively contributes to the community, supporting those in difficult situations

Over the years, our hospital has been immensely proud to contribute to community and societal development. We’ve launched numerous community projects with meaningful charitable activities such as providing scholarships to diligent students, caring for orphaned children, gifting bicycles and presents to school-going kids, and supporting the Như Nghĩa and Chúc Từ shelters. We’ve also offered free corrective surgeries for those with nasal deformities, ensuring help reaches those in need.


Gangwhoo: Achieving a perfect 5/5 in surgical safety

Thanks to our customer-centric and community-oriented operations, our hospital has the honor of being among the top 5 high-quality cosmetic surgery institutions. We constantly strive for perfection, serving our clients with professionalism and meticulous care. It is for this reason that our hospital has built trust and become the chosen destination for an increasing number of clients.

We are filled with happiness and honor to be the choice of our clients, and we extend our gratitude to those who have supported and continue to support our hospital. We also warmly welcome new clients who, in the future, will choose our hospital to entrust with their beauty aspirations.

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