Firin Nano Collagen: a State of the Art Facelift Procedure with Thread Rejuvenation Application

Firin Nano Collagen Rejuvenating Thread is a great option for anyone who wants to look younger and fresher, without the risks and costs of invasive procedures.

Firin Nano Collagen

Is Firin Nano Collagen Rejuvenating Thread Facelift Good? Any Impact?

Currently, with the development of advanced technology and science, the technique of facelift with Firin Nano Collagen Rejuvenation thread is said to be an extremely effective method of rejuvenation, painless and affecting the skin. health. Of course that’s when you do it at really reputable facilities that have passed all the evaluation and licensing of the Ministry of Health.

The Firin Nano Collagen Rejuvenation thread facelifts

  • individuals with wrinkled or sagging facial skin due to age or other factors
  • Customers seeking fuller, firmer, and more elastic skin without undergoing surgery.
  • This method may also be suitable for individuals who have previously undergone facelift procedures that were unsuccessful or did not yield the desired results.

Advantages of facelift with Firin Nano Collagen rejuvenation thread

the use of bio-threads that meet the standards set by the Ministry of Health. These threads are able to lift facial muscles and stretch aging skin, resulting in outstanding outcomes without the need for surgery or skin invasion. Overall, the Firin Nano Collagen facelift method offers numerous benefits for those seeking a non-invasive and effective method of facial rejuvenation.

Firin Nano Collagen

  • Firin Nano Collagen represents a groundbreaking approach to achieving a youthful and radiant appearance without any discernible cosmetic indications.
  • This innovative technique is highly effective in addressing issues such as sagging skin, wrinkles, and skin aging, resulting in firmer skin.
  • Unlike surgical skin tightening procedures, Firin Nano Collagen Facelift is non-invasive and does not cause discomfort or unsightly scarring. This feature reduces anxiety and ensures a swift recovery period.
  • By implanting threads into the skin, this method creates a supportive framework that connects various points on the face, facilitating natural skin stretching and tightening.
  • The Firin Nano Collagen thread facelift is a swift procedure that saves time and enables patients to resume their daily activities with ease. Recovery and convalescence times are also significantly reduced compared to traditional surgery.
  • This technique stimulates collagen production beneath the skin, promoting youthfulness and limiting the skin aging process over time.

How is the Firin Nano Collagen facelift procedure performed?

The Firin Nano Collagen rejuvenation thread facelift procedure is executed in accordance with safety and quality standards, comprising five steps that yield optimal and aesthetically pleasing results.

Firin Nano Collagen

Step 1: Examination and consultation

The physician conducts a thorough examination of the aging and sagging skin, providing detailed information about the procedure, the type of thread, and the achievable outcomes. Additionally, the physician evaluates the situation and offers solutions to ensure the best possible results.

Step 2: General health examination

Before the procedure, the client undergoes a general health examination to ensure that they do not have any hazardous diseases and are fit to undergo facelift cosmetic surgery.

Step 3: Outline and mark the area to be performed

The physician marks the areas of aging skin on the face and determines the points to be implanted. Precise measurement of these points ensures a smooth and natural facial contour.

Step 4: Perform Bio-Thread Insertion

After marking, the physician inserts the thread directly into the marked points. This process pulls up sagging skin in the chin and neck area over the cheekbones, resulting in tightened facial skin.

Step 5: Conclude the Aesthetic and Provide Care Instructions

Upon completion of the facelift procedure with Firin Nano Collagen thread, the client’s results and skin improvement are evaluated. The physician provides instructions on how to care for and rest at home and schedules a follow-up visit to monitor the client’s recovery.

A Formal Review of the Face Stretching Procedure with Firin Nano Collagen Rejuvenation Thread at a Prestigious Location

The establishment in question has successfully met 83 safety criteria set forth by the Ministry of Health and is widely recognized as one of the foremost cosmetic hospitals in Vietnam. For numerous years, the Gangwhoo Hospital has remained a dependable destination for those who seek beauty.

Firin Nano Collagen

Of particular note is the hospital’s employment of cutting-edge technologies, including endoscopic facelift technology, facelift with Diamond thread, Perfect thread, and Face-lifting thermage thread, which have gained increasing popularity. As a result, the Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital has become a bustling center for beauty.

In addition to its technological advancements, the hospital is renowned for its team of highly skilled, reputable, and well-trained doctors.

Furthermore, the hospital boasts a system of equipment and machinery that is entirely imported from leading aesthetic countries such as Japan, Korea, and European nations.

Firin Nano Collagen

Firin Nano Collagen Rejuvenation Thread Facelift How Much Price In Gangwhoo

The cost of a facelift will depend on many factors, such as the condition of each customer, the method that the customer chooses, along the quality factor of each facility. But if you are in need of a specific cost for reference, please refer to the price list below at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital:

Click the button right below to see the preferential price list for skin tightening services at Gangwhoo


Hifu Facial + Neck Rejuvenation Technology VND15,000,000
Hifu Facial Rejuvenation Technology VND13,000,000
Hifu Neck Skin Rejuvenation Technology VND5,000,000

(small area, based on the facial division table)


(small area, based on the facial division table)


A video showcasing a customer undergoing a facelift procedure using the Firin Nano Collagen thread at Gangwhoo is available for viewing.

Pictures of Firin Nano Collagen Rejuvenating Threads at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

Firin Nano Collagen Firin Nano Collagen Firin Nano Collagen Firin Nano Collagen Firin Nano Collagen Firin Nano Collagen Firin Nano Collagen Firin Nano Collagen Firin Nano Collagen Firin Nano Collagen Firin Nano Collagen Firin Nano Collagen Firin Nano Collagen Firin Nano Collagen

Guidelines for Post-Facelift Care with Firin Nano Collagen Rejuvenation Thread

  • It is recommended to retire early and obtain sufficient rest. Avoid sleeping on your side as this position can cause friction and exert pressure.
  • Do not apply makeup or use skincare products without the approval of your physician.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise, and sports that involve excessive movement or high intensity, and refrain from lifting heavy objects.
  • Minimize contact with the facial skin, such as scratching, pressing, or touching, as the newly stretched skin may bleed and cause discomfort.
  • Refrain from sauna or swimming for approximately 1 to 2 months following a bio-threader facelift.
  • Avoid sun exposure due to UV rays, even in normal circumstances, as the skin may still be fragile after a facelift and requires additional attention.
  • Take medication as prescribed by your physician and for the duration specified. Do not use other medications without consulting your physician.
  • Apply a specialized ice pack to the face for the first 2 to 3 days after a facelift.
  • Ensure that the temperature is not too cold, as it may harm the skin.
  • From day 4, switch to warm compresses to reduce bruising. Avoid applying when the temperature is too hot, as it may burn the skin.
  • Avoid applying when the temperature is too hot, it will burn the skin.
  • Limit facial expressions such as laughter, anger, and grimacing.
  • Maintain facial hygiene by changing the bandage 24 hours after the facelift.
  • Elevate the pillow when sleeping and place heavy objects on both sides to prevent turning over during sleep.
  • Limit the amount of water that comes into contact with the skin.
  • Follow up with your physician on schedule.
  • Additionally, avoid consuming foods that may cause itching, poisoning, or leave unsightly scars, such as chicken, beef, seafood, and sticky foods. Refrain from using stimulants such as smoking and alcohol.
  • Increase your intake of vegetables and fruits that are rich in vitamins, proteins, and minerals.

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