After people lose weight successfully, there may be consequences, especially on their face and belly, and that’s when they need a facelift after weight loss to fix them. What more do we need to know? Let’s find out via the article below.

Facelift after weight loss
Facelift after weight loss

What is a facelift after weight loss?

Losing weight is a hard journey for many people, but it’s something to be proud of because it takes lots of dedication and effort. But there are some known consequences happened, especially to the facial skin and abdomen. Obese or overweight people often have plump round faces and fullness in their necks. When you lose a significant amount of fat, there are bound to be sagging facial skin, jowls, hanging neck skin, more lines, ceases, and excess skin. Unfortunately, this excess skin can not be covered fully by clothes and there will be another issue with hygiene and self-esteem as well as a negative psychological effect on customers’ moods and energy.

That’s why customers will find a solution in plastic surgery, preferably a facelift and/or a neck lift to draw taunt the sagging and get rid of the excess skin. Doing that can bring back the youthful look and boost the customer’s self-esteem. That’s what a facelift after weight loss is for.

Who needs a facelift after weight loss?

Not all patients who lose weight need surgery. Noticed that a candidate for this procedure needs to have a noticeable amount of extra skin around the face and neck; they also have to be relatively healthy with no serious diseases in their medical history, allergy, or any contraindications to the procedure. It is also crucial to be near or at your goal weight since any future weight-loss efforts could affect your surgical results.

You have to go through a medical check-up and examination so the doctors can be completely sure that you are qualified for the procedure.

Who is a candidate of a Facelift after weight loss
Who is a candidate for a Facelift after weight loss

How can a facelift after weight loss help?

Many patients are surprised to find out their faces look older and gaunter after losing a significant amount of fat. As stated above, there are also some early aging signs like wrinkles, loose jowls, hollowed eyes, sunken eyes, and many deep lines/ceases on the face.

After undergoing a massive weight loss, these issues will happen at an earlier and faster rate, and also escalate to a more serious degree. That’s when a facelift (with or without a neck lift) comes to the rescue.

The facelift has been known as one of the golden standard procedures to fix issues regarding aging signs whether it’s to contour the face, bring back the original youthfulness, or address the sagging state, and help customer match their look with their new healthy body.

To know exactly what procedure you need to apply for, during the consultation, doctors will discuss which parts you are concerned about the most and then give recommendations about whether you need a facelift only or other procedures too if indicated.

Experts can help you understand your specific options and which way is best to achieve your goals. Each patient is different, and the plastic surgeon will have to individualize your treatment plan to best match your desired goals.

Due to a large amount of excess facial skin, a full facelift will be needed. Facelift incisions will start from along the hairline, curving down behind the tragus, moving around the earlobes, and then back behind the ear into the hairline. These incisions allow doctors to maximize the “lifting” effect and also keep the tragus and earlobes away from any potential damage. The remaining incisions will be largely camouflaged by the hair. These incisions help mask any traces of the procedure and outsiders won’t notice it without taking a closer look. There may be an extra incision under the chin to repair the neck muscles in front of the neck.

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The benefit of a facelift after weight loss

Typically, undergoing a facelift after losing a significant amount of fat brings a lot of advantages:

– Remove, lessen and soften deep wrinkles

– Tighten sagging areas

– Remove excess skin, making the facial features more prominent.

– Lifting the heavy jowls

– Lift the saggy cheeks

– Create a well-defined jawline

– Rejuvenate skin

– Bring back a younger and healthier appearance


Many types of facelifts can help adjust any consequences of a massive weight loss; these procedures are just similar to those applied to regular customers. Below is the price list of Gangwhoo hospital so you can grasp a general idea of the expense of facelift procedures.

SMAS Facelift 95,000,000
Surgical Facelift 70,000,000
Facial excess skin removal 50,000,000
Neck Surgical lift 50,000,000
Forehead surgical lift 50,000,000
Face and Neck Thermage rejuvenation lift 20,000,000/session
Face Thermage rejuvenation lift 15,000,000/session
Neck Thermage rejuvenation lift 10,000,000/session
Face and Neck Hifu Rejuvenation 15,000,000/session
Face and Forehead Hifu Rejuvenation 15,000,000/session
Neck Hifu Rejuvenation 5,000,000/session
Face and Neck collagen Thread Lift 70,000,000
Face collagen Thread Lift 50,000,000
Neck collagen Thread Lift 30,000,000
Face and Neck Thermage Thread Lift 80,000,000/session
Thermage Thread Face Lift 60,000,000/session
Neck Thermage Thread Lift 40,000,000/session

Post-surgery care for a facelift after weight loss

Whether you choose a facelift after weight loss or for aesthetic purposes, recovery and aftercare instructions are the same. Patients will need to take time to rest and follow our guidelines closely. Avoid strenuous exercise and activities for at least one month; also follow check-ups as scheduled. Check-up appointments allow doctors to make sure healing is going as planned. There are also instructions on diet and exercises that patients should follow to archived their desired beauty. The lifting results will continue to get better as side effects, like swelling, tightness, and inflammation, subside.

Choosing a reputable address for your facelift after a weight loss procedure

Choosing a plastic surgeon who has specific experience performing facelifts after weight loss, which requires a unique surgical approach will increase the success rate of your procedure. Make sure your plastic surgeon has the skill, experience, and aesthetic sensibility that meets your expectation and helps archive your beauty goals.

Gangwhoo hospital has been in the beauty field for years and established our prestigious reputation with thousands of customers coming to archive their aesthetically pleasing appearance every year.

Our plastic surgeons are skilled with years of experience and expertise. They also attend overseas courses and meetings to update their knowledge about new technologies and trends then apply them to the procedures at Gangwhoo to help customers archive a new appearance.

Above is the basic information about a facelift after weight loss. If you have any requests, please leave your phone number or contact us via hotline/zalo to schedule a consultation and learn more about a facelift after weight loss or any other procedures.


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