Ellen’s Exciting Journey to Reclaim Her Youthful Shine at Gangwhoo

Ellen, a beauty enthusiast, has begun on a fantastic adventure to reclaim her “youthful glow” at Gangwhoo. The aesthetic outcomes were unexpected and beyond expectations. Follow this story to learn more about the interesting facts.

Ellen’s Journey Halfway Around the World to Rediscover Her “Youthful Glow”

Ellen, a woman from New South Wales’ gorgeous coast, embarked on a mission to reclaim her youth and confidence at Gangwhoo. She is a beautiful woman who is usually smiling. However, it is evident that time has left her face with symptoms of age.

Ellen's Exciting Journey

She, like every other lady, did not want her attractiveness to deteriorate with time. She discovered Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital. by luck and determination when she took part in a survey on Facebook. This jolted her awake and convinced her that this is what she needed to do right now.

Ellen resolved to fly halfway across the world to reclaim her “youthful glow” with strong faith and a burning desire for thorough skin rejuvenation. She was quite delighted with the improvement and especially thrilled 14 days following surgery, always expressing her complete contentment with her grin.

Ellen is delighted with Gangwhoo’s service quality and competence.

Ellen first came to Gangwhoo for dental work, but after hearing about the great experiences of other clients, she opted to undergo a facelift. What she had always desired was to blend the rejuvenation with her gorgeous teeth and young features.

An impressive and correct decision when the quality of service and professionalism of Gangwhoo conquered and won the trust of Gangwhoo. This gave her premium service and enjoyed more value than in her home country, Australia. Despite many language difficulties, she was grateful that the interpreter of Gangwhoo excellently helped her go through the process smoothly, removing the language barrier.

Ellen's Exciting Journey

The most comforting and fulfilling aspect she commended was that, despite her fear of pain and needles, she always felt at ease. She didn’t feel any discomfort during the procedure, something she never imagined would happen. More significantly, she had an interpreter at her side who not only assisted with interpretation but also held her hand throughout. This was a wonderful “spiritual comfort” that made Ellen feel safer and more secure than she had ever felt before.

Ellen had a wonderful experience and was extremely satisfied. By expressing deep gratitude, Ellen learned to say a sentence in Vietnamese to express sincere thanks to the doctor who directly performed the Smas facelift for her at Gangwhoo.

Ellen happily said: “I love the doctor, thank you doctor. I am very happy with this result.”

Ellen adores the Vietnamese people and cuisine

Ellen not only discovered her young glow in Vietnam, but she also fell in love with the country’s people and food. During her stay in Vietnam, she took exciting motorbike rides through the bustling streets of Saigon, feeling the city’s energy and dynamism.

Ellen's Exciting Journey

Despite the noise and bustle of the city, she constantly commended the Vietnamese driver’s great driving abilities. A very unique encounter that she experienced was both a trip excursion and an astonishing adventure.

Although the time was not too long, she enjoyed many diverse dishes of Vietnam and she also loved the cuisine of the S-shaped land. Especially as an international person, when coming to Vietnam, she was still supported by useful translation applications.

Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital employs Smas Facelift Technology.

Smas facelift at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. An innovative procedure that resolves the aging defects to the greatest extent possible.

Ellen's Exciting Journey

  • This technique is a perfect combination of muscle lifting and addressing aging signs.
  • The skin will be naturally restored, bringing a youthful and radiant look to the face. After the Smas facelift, the skin will become firm and youthful.
  • This creates a confident youthful beauty, erasing wrinkles and sagging.
  • No need to wait long to see the results. Just after 30 to 60 minutes of implementation, you will feel a significant aesthetic change on your face.
  • The Smas facelift technique is performed using endoscopy, not causing damage to blood vessels and nerves. This ensures your safety during surgery.
  • The recovery process after surgery takes place quickly, helping to reduce bruising and pain. You will be able to return to normal activities quickly.
  • The recovery time after Smas facelift surgery is only from 3 to 5 days, helping you recover quickly and continue daily life without interruption.
  • Doctors at Gangwhoo perform the suturing delicately, hiding the suture line right behind the ear. This ensures no protruding scars and brings natural aesthetic effects. Along with not losing the original earlobe of the ears.

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