Dr. Vi Van Cuong

Doctor Vi Van Cuong, renowned for his exceptional talent, vast experience, and profound expertise, has consistently achieved remarkable results. Moreover, he maintains a professional demeanor and exhibits unwavering dedication and commitment towards his patients.

1. Qualifications

  • Specialist level 1 doctor

2. Current position

  • Cosmetic surgeon

3. Specialties

  • Rhinoplasty surgeon

4. About


  • Doctor Vi Van Cuong – Cosmetic Medical Expert with a groundbreaking vision

Dr. Vi Van Cuong is a general cosmetic medical practitioner with extensive experience within the field of bariatrics. He is in charge of bariatric-related expertise at Gangwhoo Hospital.

With a breakthrough vision and passion for aesthetic, Dr. Vi Van Cuong has extensively contributed to numerous beautiful and safe cosmetic results for customers.


  • Patient-centric – Dr. Vi Van Cuong’s paradigm

Armed with his professional know-how and hands-on surgical experience, Dr. Vi Van Cuong is set to deliver the best result to his clientele. His motto being: “Only the best is good enough, for patients are the foundation of what doctors are”

It is a reminder to him in every decision and action he made and will make to always put the customer’s interests first. Only when the patients feels satisfied with he considered the case accomplished and successful.


Combining professional enthusiasm, experience and dedication to his clientele, Dr. Vi Van Cuong is always committed to working with all his heart and always finding the optimal solution for each specific case. This quality wins him the trust and confidence of every patient he has seen to.

  • Customer satisfaction through excellence in results

Being a patient-centric and talented bariatric expert, Dr Vi Van Cuong consistently deliver outstanding results for his patients.

With genuine passion and dedication to the profession, Dr. Vi Van Cuong always feels most happy when patient are satisfied. It is his greatest pride when efforts are rewarded with trust and satisfaction, motivating him to always strive to improve his expertise and get even better results for his next patient.


Dr. Vi Van Cuong is a dedicated expert and has greatly contributed to Vietnam’s field of cosmetic medicine. His dedication and continuous efforts will be appreciated by anyone looking forward to having plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures at Gangwhoo Hospital.

5. Training process

  • 2013 – 2019: Studying general practitioner at Vinh Medical University.
  • 2023 – present: Studying specialty in cosmetic & plastic surgery at Can Tho University of Medicine and Pharmacy

6. Working experience

  • 2019 – 2022: working at the orthopedic department of Ba Ria-Vung Tau Hospital
  • 2022 – present: Working at Gangwhoo Hospital

7. Member of medical organization

  • Member of Korean College of Cosmetic Surgery (KCCS)
  • Member of Vietnam Association of Aesthetic

8. Language 

  • English

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