Dr. Tran Kim Thach

Dr. Tran Kim Thach is a cosmetic surgeon at Gangwhoo Hospital. Dr. Tran Kim Thach has actively participated in many intensive training courses not only in Vietnam but also in countries considered aesthetic powerhouses such as the US and Korea.


  • Cosmetic Reconstructive Surgery – Orthopedic – Microsurgery Specialist Level I


  • Deputy of Cosmetic Reconstructive Surgery Department
  • Head of Rhinoplasty Department



  • Cosmetic Reconstructive Rhinoplasty


Dr. Tran Kim Thach studied abroad in the US and Korea to master the most advanced knowledge, techniques, and modern cosmetic methods. This allows him to apply advanced and effective methods in consulting and performing rhinoplasty for customers at Gangwhoo Hospital.

The professionalism and dedication of Dr. Tran Kim Thach has garnered trust and appreciation from many customers. Dr. Tran Kim Thach has been evaluated as one of the leading doctors in the field of surgery and improving nose shape in Ho Chi Minh City

Dr. Tran Kim Thach possesses sophisticated skills in shaping noses to harmonize with the face, meeting the maximum expectatiom and needs of customers. Dr. Tran Kim Thach always listens and advises customers carefully before performing any cosmetic treatment.

Besides, Dr. Tran Kim Thach is also an expert in consulting and performing cosmetic methods to repair damaged noses. Thanks to these methods, Dr. Tran Kim Thach has helped many customers be more confident with their appearance after having their nose repaired.

For Dr. Tran Kim Thach, safety and effectiveness are always top priorities when performing cosmetic treatments. Dr. Tran Kim Thach always uses the most advanced and reliable technologies to ensure the best results for his customers.

5. Training process

  • Graduated as a general practitioner from Tay Nguyen University
  • Graduated Specialist level I in Traumatology – Orthopedics at Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine
  • Graduated Specialist level I in Plastic Surgery – Aesthetics from Pham Ngoc Thach University in Ho Chi Minh City
  • Training at ASAN Medical Cosmetic Center Korea
  • Training at SHIMMIAN Rhinoplasty Cosmetic Center Korea

6. Work experience

  • 2010 – 2015: Dong Nai Provincial General Hospital
  • 2015 – 2021: Taiwan Shingmark University of Medicine and Pharmacy Hospital
  • 2021 – present: Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

7. Membership

  • KCCS
  • Vietnam Cosmetic Association

8. Honors and awards

  • Outstanding Individual Award and Individual Dedication Award for three consecutive years at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital
  • Certificate of Merit from Dong Nai Department of Health
  • Certificate of Merit from Dong Nai Provincial People’s Committee
  • Certificate of Merit from the Department of Health of Champasak Province, Laos

9. Research 

Domestically published scientific report

  • Results of treatment of lower extremity fractures at Dong Nai General Hospital
  • Results of treatment of acromioclavicular joint dislocation at Dong Nai General Hospital

Internationally published scientific report

  • Results of Rhinoplasty using artificial filler materials combined with autologous cartilage, KCCS Conference

10. Language Proficiency


If you are looking for a professional and dedicated doctor in the field of rhinoplasty and cosmetic surgery in Ho Chi Minh City, Dr. Tran Kim Thach is a reliable choice. With experience and in-depth knowledge, Dr. Tran Kim Thach will help you have a beautiful, natural nose shape that fits your face and enhances your unique beauty.

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