Dr. Kevin

Welcome to Gangwhoo Hospital, where we proudly introduce to our customers DR. Kevin – a specialist doctor specializing in breast augmentation, who has significant achievements and in-depth experience in the field of plastic surgery.



  • Plastic Surgery Specialist Level I


  • Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital Head of Mammoplasty, abdominoplasty, gluteoplasty.


  • Plastic Surgery


Kevin As one of the leading doctors at Gangwhoo Hospital, he has achieved much success in improving the physique and confidence of thousands of domestic and international customers. He completed the training program at Thai Binh University of Medicine and Pharmacy and possesses a medical practice certificate issued by the Department of Health, along with a certificate of continuous training from Cho Ray Hospital – one of the leading hospitals in the country. prestigious medical institute in Vietnam.

In addition, DR. Kevin also has long-term training experience in Korea for 5 years. This is one of the leading countries in cosmetic surgery and he was exposed to the latest technologies and methods in this field. Experience and training in Korea helped DR. Kevin master advanced techniques and meet strict requirements from customers, especially in the field of breast augmentation.

With dedication and patience, DR. Kevin always listens and carefully advises each customer, thereby finding the optimal and most suitable solution. He not only focuses on creating perfect beauty but also cares about patient safety and comfort during surgery.

Kevin is highly appreciated by colleagues and leading experts in the field of cosmetic surgery. His dedication and relentless desire have changed the view of Vietnamese aesthetics in the international community. Not only popular in Vietnam, DR. Kevin also attracted the attention and trust of many foreign customers.

Gangwhoo Hospital, DR. Kevin uses advanced technology and modern machinery systems to ensure surgery is performed accurately and safely. He has succeeded in performing many successful breast augmentation surgeries, helping to enhance the natural beauty and confidence of thousands of customers.

With enthusiasm and unremitting efforts, DR. Kevin is committed to bringing maximum satisfaction to each customer and maintaining the reputation of Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital in the field of cosmetic surgery.

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