Dr. Le Ngoc Tuan Anh

Dr. Le Ngoc Tuan Anh: A Journey of Passion and Excellence in Aesthetic Surgery. Dr. Le Ngoc Tuan Anh is a passionate and dedicated individual in the field of aesthetic surgery. After graduating from the University of Medicine in Hanoi, he embarked on a quest to pursue his passion, continuously honing his skills.

1. Qualifications

  • First level doctor

2. Current Position

3. Specializations

  • Facial Skin Tightening
  • Facial Contouring
  • Facial Paralysis Correction

4. Brief Introduction

Driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge and unwavering effort, Dr. Le Ngoc Tuan Anh has become a leading figure in this field. His journey into aesthetic surgery goes beyond mere qualifications; it’s fueled by passion, belief, and dedication to instill confidence and beauty in thousands of individuals.

Dr. Le Ngoc Tuan Anh


A Proud Journey of Self-Improvement

Dr. Le Ngoc Tuan Anh exemplifies the relentless pursuit of self-improvement. In 2016, after graduating from the University of Medicine in Hanoi, he chose to work and develop his career in Ho Chi Minh City.

But he didn’t stop there. Throughout his professional journey, Dr. Le Ngoc Tuan Anh continued to learn and gain experience by attending courses in various countries, including South Korea, the United States, and other Southeast Asian nations.

With an open-minded, friendly approach, Dr. Le Ngoc Tuan Anh swiftly earned the trust of many patients. His commitment extends beyond personal growth; he actively contributes to societal development, striving to create positive impact within the community. Dr. Le Ngoc Tuan Anh stands as a proud example and a shining role model for those seeking skill enhancement and personal development.

Dr. Le Ngoc Tuan Anh


  • Leading the Way in Facial Rejuvenation

Dr. Le Ngoc Tuan Anh’s years of self-improvement in aesthetic surgery have positioned him as a leader in facial rejuvenation. His expertise in treating facial muscle weakness and facial nerve paralysis allows clients to maintain their youthful appearance and confidence.

Dr. Le Ngoc Tuan Anh


With impeccable skills and a strong sense of responsibility, Dr. Le Ngoc Tuan Anh helps clients overcome muscle weakness and facial nerve paralysis, achieving balanced, youthful aesthetics while ensuring their overall health.

His dedication to patient needs, combined with a friendly and attentive demeanor, sets Dr. Le Ngoc Tuan Anh apart.

  • Philosophy and Responsibility

As an expert in aesthetic surgery, Dr. Le Ngoc Tuan Anh upholds a high level of professional responsibility. His guiding principles are “Heart” and “Vision,” driving his career journey.

He firmly believes that physical and mental well-being cannot be separated during treatment. Healing the soul is as crucial as healing the body. Dr. Le Ngoc Tuan Anh bridges the gap between expectations and surgical outcomes, emphasizing holistic health.

Dr. Le Ngoc Tuan Anh


Aesthetic surgery goes beyond enhancing physical appearance; it also contributes to healing both the body and the soul. Dr. Le Ngoc Tuan Anh places great emphasis on authenticity, empathy, and continuous support for his clients, with the ultimate goal of achieving perfect beauty.

Dr. Le Ngoc Tuan Anh shares, “If you think that cosmetic enhancements are meaningless, consider the risks and suffering that untreated health conditions can cause. Instead, contemplate the transformative power of aesthetic surgery, and remember to nurture your soul and emotions.”.

5. Educational Journey

  • General physician training at the University of Medicine in Hanoi
  • Graduated with honors from the Latin American International Medical University
  • Specialized in Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery at Can Tho University of Medicine
  • Completed internships in South Korea, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Thailand.

6. Healthcare Organization Memberships

  • Vietnam Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (VSAPS)
  • Korean Society of Aesthetic Surgery (KSAS)
  • Korean College of Cosmetic Surgery (KSKCS & KCCS)

7. Research Contributions

Dr. Le Ngoc Tuan Anh’s international scientific publications include:

  1. Assessment of Partial Facial Paralysis Treatment Using Partial Temporalis Muscle Transfer
  2. Effectiveness of Endoscopic Deep SMAS Facelift

8. Language Proficiency

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • French

With these values, Dr. Le Ngoc Tuan Anh is not only a reputable expert in his field but also a friendly companion to his clients. His commitment to their success, combined with his approachable demeanor, has led to countless successful surgeries.

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