Does Alar Base Reduction Make The Nose Higher?

Does alar base reduction method make the nose higher or does it simply slim the ala? To clarify the assessment of this method and avoid misunderstanding that lead to mistake in choosing the right direction to overcome defects, let’s find out the answer through the following article!

Review of alar base reduction

Alar base reduction is considered one of the simplest minor surgeries in nose aesthetics. The reason is that the techniques used in this method are extremely simple and fast but still bring a beautiful nose shape that is balanced and in harmony with the face.

Nowadays, this method is not only chosen when it comes to methods rhinoplasty but also chosen by many people who want to improve defects on the ala to optimize cost but still ensure aesthetics.

Reviewing Alar base reduction method that she performed, a customer at Gangwhoo Hospital was very excited to share: “For the past 24 years, I have always felt unconfident about my nose, so I have limited communication with others. But after researching on many social media sites, I found Gangwhoo Hospital to reduce the ala and now I am very satisfied with my current appearance,…”

  Does Alar Base Reduction Make The Nose Higher?
Does Alar Base Reduction Make The Nose Higher?


Techniques for alar base reduction are popular today

To know if ala base reduction can make your nose higher or not, you need to clearly understand the main techniques transferred from Korea, and apply it to the reduction process to bring the best results, which are being used by doctors at the Hospital. Gangwhoo Hospital encourages choice. Depending on each condition, the doctor will make a decision on the best solution for the customer.

Ala reducing

Ala reducing is a suitable solution for people with thick nose skin and an overall rough nose shape. After undergoing this technique, will help completely remove the soft tissue and skin on both sides of the nose according to the previously measured ratio, helping the overall nose shape become balanced, harmonious, and natural.

Ala rolling

Unlike ala reducing, the ala rolling technique will be performed through an incision inside the nasal cavity. The doctor will pull the base of the nose inwards and then stitch and squeeze the ala of the nose to balance it and create soft, harmonious nostrils.

Complications of ala base reduction may happen

In cases the doctor does not advise the suitable solution ala base reduction to the situation; Inaccurate operation due to lack of professional skills of the operator; Improper care after nose reduction can easily cause the following conditions:

  • Leave scars because the wound is not being properly sutured and poor post-operative care.
  • The two sides of the nose and nostrils are not proportionate or harmonious because the performing process was not careful. Even a little carelessness in the process of measuring the nose structure will lead to imbalance.
  • The ala lacks harmony compared to the overall nose shape because of excessive reduction. In case the customer wants to have it in combination with other nose correction operations, most doctors will lift the bridge of the nose or perform operations to reshape the tip of the nose, septum, etc. before reducing the ala of the nose to create a The most harmonious and natural nose shape.
  • Narrow nostrils lead to difficulty breathing, and nasal congestion, and the nose shape becomes less aesthetic.

Does alar base reduction make the nose higher?

Alar base reduction is often performed in cases where the customer wishes to overcome the condition of wide ala, but the ala is relatively high and may not need improvement. In case the nose shape has too many defects that require intervention, the doctor will examine and consult more carefully on rhinoplasty methods such as Structural rhinoplasty, cartilage rhinoplasty, rib cartilage rhinoplasty,… and combined with Reducing the ala of the nose for a comprehensive correction, helping the nose to quickly change and more beautiful.

As the information shared above Does narrowing the nose wings make the nose taller? is impossible, the reason is that this method only interferes with the alo of the nose and has no impact on the bridge of the nose, so it will not be able to make the nose higher.

However, at Gangwhoo Hospital, with the support of intervention from high-quality biological cartilage material or autologous cartilage removal techniques that are safe for health, doctors suggest Korean standard rhinoplasty methods. will help customers have a high nose shape while still ensuring slimness. Through the combination of rhinoplasty and alar base reduction at Gangwhoo, you can rest assured about “Does alar base reduction make the nose higher?”

Whether alar base reduction will make the nose higher or not, answered by experts in the article


Is nose reduction permanent?

Minor alar base reduction surgery with the ability to handle defects on the ala through the alar reducing technique with quite simple operations, quick and simple implementation time but still guaranteed to bring permanent results for customers. After less than 30 minutes of alar base reduction, customers can rest assured to own a new slim, small nose with standard facial proportions for the rest of their lives.

How much does alar base reduction cost?

The cost of a procedure often depends on many factors, including The reputation of the cosmetic unit, the skills of the doctor, and the machines and equipment are used by the facility. Based on that application, the customer chooses to cut the nose wings or narrow the ala and whether or not to combine any other operations, Based on these things, the doctor will give the best price to the customer.

Currently, alar base reduction at Gangwhoo Hospital only ranges from 6-10 million VND, this is an extremely competitive and reasonable price so that anyone can choose and quickly get satisfied results.

An alternative method of alar base reduction helps the nose higher

For those of you who are interested in whether or not reducing the ala will make your nose higher, experts say that in cases where the current nose shape is too low and the dorsum is not high enough, in addition to narrowing the nose wings, you can consider See more rhinoplasty methods with modern techniques from Korea that are currently being applied by Gangwhoo Hospital such as Structural rhinoplasty, cartilage rhinoplasty, Korean rhinoplasty,…

These methods, combined with highly compatible cartilage materials and professional techniques and skills from the doctor, will give you satisfactory results with a delicate nose shape but still slim and at the right proportions. 

Above are some shares about whether or not alar base reduction will make the nose higher so that all customers who are looking for advice can receive a satisfactory answer. Call now Gangwhoo Hospital Via Hotline (24/7) 1900.5128 or 0901.666.879 to get expert advice and more information related to alar base reduction if you have any questions!


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